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No201 newslettr daily e-11_8_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )201( 2013/8/11 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Cars and shells in Damascus and its countryside In Damascus an explosive device blew up near the com- mercial Market “Medhat Ba- sha” resulted in two people injured and material dam- ages, also many citizens were killed and other injured due to the fall of mortar shells on The residential neighborhood “Al-Dakhaniya at Damas- cus countryside, and Al-Hal market at Al-Zablatani area and behind the Al-Thakafi Mosque in “Bab Tuma” area.. Syrian army forces are still clash with members of armed groups affiliated to Al-Nusra front at the Eastern Gho- ta, Jobar, Al-Qaboun, Ha- rasta, Duma, Al-Hjera, and Yabroud in Damascus coun- tryside, and confiscated ma- chineguns and rifles in Adra, and eliminated on armed members at “Al-Iskan” ware- houses and Gas filling unit, and destroyed their weapons. Syrian army restores security to Kherbet Al-Baz In Lattakia countryside, Syrian army re- stored security and stability to Kherbet Al- Baz village at the northern countryside, after it eliminated on terrorists and their weapons including heavy machineguns 14,5 mm, anti- aircraft cannon 23mm, and rocket launcher, it also dismantled explosive devices. The army confronted an attempt to infiltrate by Libyan terrorists to villages of Al-Sheikh Nabhan, Oubin, and Jabal Al-Nabi Shaya.
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )201( 2013/8/11 Thermo station Protection forces in the coun- tryside of southeastern Aleppo confronted an attempt by gunmen to attack on the sta- tion. The army also thwarted an attempts to infiltrate into “Al-Sheikh Saaid” plants and “Bustan Al-Zahra” neighborhood, and into the Garage of “Al-Kendi” Hospital. The army continued its operations in Aleppo and its countryside eliminated on the headquar- ters of armed groups including weapons and ammunition, and killed terrorist members of foreign nationalities in many villages, while an explosive device blew up in Al-Sfera at the eastern countryside of Aleppo resulted in the death of citizens and injury of others. In Dier Ezzue the armed forces targeted hideouts of Attempts to attack in Aleppo and its countryside Thwarting attempts for infiltration to Homs InHomsanditscountryside,thearmythwarted an attempt of terrorists tried to infiltrate and at- tacked the military checkpoints in Een Aldan- aneer village inAlmeshrafah region and killed many of them. Also, the army destroys car were carriedweapons and ammunitionin Jorat Alsheiah,Bab Houd ,Alrastan and Talbeisah. terrorists affiliated to Al-Nusra front in some neighborhoods and killed one of the leaders of Al-Nusra front and destroyed their weapons . A bombed Car in the Countryside of Hama Four citizens were killed and others were in- jured because of bombing a bombed car on Alnakour –Albahsa way in the countryside of Hama, while the army faced the terrorists who attacked the military checkpoints in Alraseef and Alazizia villages in Al-Ghab region and it destroyed missile launcher and heavy ma- chine guns. In the countryside ofAleppo, units of the army inflicted terrorists heavy losses in Marat al-Numan and the engineering mem- bers dismantled two explosive devices which its weight 30 kg on Almastomah –Idleb way.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )201( 2013/8/11 The Shipment of weapons To Syria Unit of the Iraqi border guards confiscated a shipment of weapons included 100 Kalash- nikov, 66 explosive devices and 13 contain- ers contained TNT and CIFOR were prepared for smuggling to the terrorist groups in Syria. The Iraqi borders guards arrested 5 terrorists from the leaders of the Islamic state organi- zation in Iraq and El-Sham which is affili- ated to the terrorist Al-Qaedaa organization. Media… A Conflict between the terrorists in Syria The Czech journalist Teresa Spintserova condemned the crimes of the armed terrorist groups in Syria and she denounced the justifi- cations of the western media towards the kill- ing and abducting operations in Syrian villag- es and cities. The crimes targeted the children, women and elders .The Austrian D Press jour- nal revealed that thousands of terrorists on the Syrian –Turkish borders fight for distributing thestolengoods andsaleitoutsidethecountry. Irish Writer …Saudi Arabia spread chaos in the Middle East The Irish writer Venan Kaeingham as- serted that the Saudi authorities cause the chaos in the regions of the Middle East and the north of Africa ,and it pumped mil- lions of dollars for arming and funding the terrorist groups and Al-Qaedaa organiza- tion which destroy the civilizations in Syr- ia, Lebanon and Iraq and other countries .
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )201( 2013/8/11 Land Bank discuss compensation for depositors A source at the Land Bank revealed that compensation for citizens depositors who have lost a significant part of the purchas- ing power of remittances in Syrian pounds and did not withdraw their money since the beginning of the crisis will be determined ac- cording on the rate of inflation and the abil- ity of the public treasury of the state to with- stand those losses and, consequently, it can determine the percentage of compensation not to exceed 40% in the case of approval. wedding ceremony for 15 army members in Lattakia A mass wedding ceremony was held in Lattakia province for 15 soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army amidst huge popular and official presence. “Syria is my dignity” al-Wafaa honors wounded soldiers Members of the voluntary “Syria is my dignity” al-Wafaa organization on Satur- day honored the Syrian army wounded soldiers at Yousef al-Azma hospital in Damascus in appreciation of their sac- rifices and heroism against terrorism.