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No175 newslettr daily e-16_7_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )175( 2013/7/16 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 The army continue military operations Restoring the security to Baklid and Sankara and seizing American, Saudi and Turkish weapons in the countryside of Idleb Eliminating on Saudi and Libyan terrorists Syrian army forces destroyed a hideout of the armed terror- ist groups’ leaders and large amounts of heavy machineguns at the Eastern Ghota, it also dis- covered a 400 m tunnel from “Al-Qaboun” to the “industrial Jobar” area. Some citizens in- jured by a mortar shell fired by the terrorists yesterday afternoon fell on the “services center” at the neighborhood, the forces also destroyed a hideout of the armed InthecountrysideofIdleb,unitsof the Syrian army destroyed many hideouts of terrorists are affiliated to Jabhat Al-Nusra and it seized a factory for making explosive Discovering a tunnel links Al-Qabun with Jobar.. Two citizens injured by a mortar at Barzeh in Damascus terroristgroups’leadersincluding the terrorist, weapons and ammu- nition at “Jobar” neighborhood, it also eliminated on terrorists near “Daya” company in Harasta and In the Eastern Ghota, and destroyed weapons and ammu- nition. Army forces also clashed bombs and American, Saudi and Turkish weapons and equipment and it restored the security and the stability to Baklid and San- kara villages in Areha and Jesser Al-Shoughor. Also, the units de- stroyed many heavy machine guns caliber 9mm, anti-air craft cannon caliber 23mm and it confiscated 4 mortar and machine guns caliber Syrian army forces eliminated on terrorists in “Daraa”, destroyed their heavy machineguns and ammunition of Saudi and Libyan nationalities. with a terrorist group in “Dara- ya” killed and injured its mem- bers, destroyed its weapons and equipment. Two citizens injured by a mortar shell fired by the ter- rorists fell on citizens’ houses at “Masaken Barzeh” in Damascus, today morning. 14mm ,RPG and large amounts of weapons. Other units seized 9 Saudi tents and large amounts of American and Turkish supplies, 35 explosive bombs. The units thwarted an attempt of terrorists for bombing six explosive bombs were connected with wireless re- motes to denote it on the way of Alkarmeed – Almastomah.
  2. 2. Syrian army forces carried out operations against Al- Nusra front terrorists’ dens at many towns in Al-Ghab at Hama countryside, in- jured and wounded the all. They also destroyed heavy machineguns and a terrorist group’s den affiliated to Ahrar Al-Sham- Al-Nusra front, and eliminated on a large number of its members. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )175( 2013/7/16 Destroying weapons coming from Turkey Thwarting terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate Elimination on Yemenis, Saudis and Iraqis terrorists AT Lattakia countryside The destruction of weapons and ammunition warehouse for terrorists in Deir Ezzour Qualitative operations against Al-Nusra front terrorists’ dens Syrian forces in Aleppo de- stroyed weapons and ammuni- tion loaded in cars coming from Turkey, killed and injured many of Al-Nusra front’s terrorists, it also destroyed mortar cannon and eliminated on 7 terrorists in “Hretan” at Aleppo. Army forces clashed with terrorist groups at “Al-Rashdeen” neighborhood attempted to infiltrate into the safe areas in Aleppo city. At the western countryside of Aleppo army forces destroyed weapons, ammunition and hideouts of the terrorists. Other forces elimi- nated on terrorist groups’ leaders south-eastern Al-Sfera and in the surroundings of Aleppo central prison. A number of terrorists were killed and injured in an ex- plosion at a hideout which they have been using to store weapons and ammunition and manufactur- ing explosive devices at “Bani Zaid” neighborhood in Aleppo. Syrian army unit foiled ter- rorist group’s attempt to infil- trate from Al-Qarabees area , killed and injured many of the terrorists. At the northern countryside of lattakia, the Syrian army forces destroyed weapons and ammunition warehouse of Al- Nusra front’s terrorists, killed two Yemeni, a Saudi and Iraqi terrorists.Syrian army destroyed weap- ons and ammunition ware- house for terrorists in Deir Ezzour, killed and injured many of them. Another unit destroyed a hideout the ter- rorists used it to store ma- chineguns , ammunition and highly explosive materials in Al-bu Kamal at Deir Ezzor countryside and killed 10 ter- rorists were inside.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )175( 2013/7/16 During his meeting with the members of the executive office, the Prime Minister Doctor Waeel Al-Halaki asserted that the most important factor in the process of reconstruction Syria is build- ing the human on the right bases. And the government will focus on the developing of human re- sources to raise the spirit of coop- eration, originality and upgrading the thinking and increasing the knowledge of the citizens to par- ticipate in the process of develop- ing and reconstruction of Syria. Governor of Aleppo Moham- med “Wahid Akkad” said yes- terday, during a meeting with the delegation of international humanitarian organizations of the United Nations, the arrival of convoys of food and fuel to the people of Aleppo as a result of the the rapid practical measures which taken by the government and the province to enter these basic materials to Aleppo. Maria Bruno responsible of Humani- tarian Affairs referring to that a convoy of aid provided by the delegation to help those affect- ed and the delivery of aid to the needy people of the province. The Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mo- hamed Yehia said during a meeting with jour- nalists yesterday that he is working to bring about colleges Applied Sciences in Syrian universities in Damascus and Latakia and Al-Halaki.. Reconstruction of Syria begins by building the Human Food convoys.. To Aleppo Minister of Education.. Opening the New Colleges of Applied Sciences For her part, made it clear in the Office of the United Nations Re- gional Coordinator for Humani- tarian Affairs in Damascus, that the delegation’s visit toAleppo it is listed the context of the efforts of the international humanitarian organizations for help. Bruno re- fers to that humanitarian aid con- voy which accompanying a del- egation consisting of 14 trucks carrying food and medicine to be distributed to citizens, and she certain on humanitarian or- ganizations desire to strengthen its presence in the province and have a greater role in helping af- fected. Hama, and its income will not less than 75% of the graduates of secondary vocational insti- tutes technological while continuing to accept the 3% top colleges and high schools, in col- leges counterpart.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )175( 2013/7/16 The Scientific of the national team Syrian wins a bronze medal in the World Physics Olym- piad in Denmark via “Osama Yagi”, also they have a certificate of appreciation who won a his teammate “Ghadir Shaaban”. Abdul Rashid Abbasi acknowledged leader of the Pakistani Taliban with the arrival of 120 armed of movement to Syria to fight alongside the terrorist groups, while about 150 others will arrive to the Syrian territory during the current week, explaining that the insurgents established a command center to coordinate attacks in Syria. Assistants in American Congress announced, that it was spending about $ 27 million to train more than 800 fighters for “the Syrian opposition” in Turkey so far. The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui said: “The goal of its visit is commu- nication with the Syrian authorities about what exposed children from violations resulting from the current crisis and the need for Truth about their reality for the United Nations can get ac- curate information. During a meeting with the Minister of Education Dr. Hezwan Alouz and Dr. Ansaf Hamad, the head of the Syrian Commis- sion for Family Affairs and Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Osama sumac, by each one separately. Syria.. Wins bronze in Olympiad World Physics Taliban.. 120 gunmen access to Syria Washington.. 27 $ million to train “the Syrian opposition”….. Zerrougui.. The need to investigate the facts of reality of the children