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No164 newslettr daily e-4_7_2013

  1. 1. Terrorists launch shells ofmortarattheneighborhoods ofDamascus A child was injured because of fall of mortar on the houses of peaceful people in Amara neighborhood in Damascus, another shell fell in Al Kasaa which caused material damages. Unites of Syrian Arab Army found two tunnelswere used by terrorists to hide and store ammunition and weapons. Martyrs because of mortars……Armycontinuestheir operationsin the countrysideof Aleppo Two citizens were martyred and others were injured because of mortar shellsonresidentialareas in Aleppo. Units ofarmed forces killed terrorists, including members ofJabhat Al Nusra and smashed their weaponsandammunition. Special authorities kill terrorists in Daraa and Idlib In Daraa and its countryside,units of Syrian Arab Army killed many terrorists in Daraa and Adlib and smashed their weapons.
  2. 2. Elimination of so-called "Sharia" inDeiral-Zour Unitsof armed forcesclashedwith terrorist groupsin the neighborhoods ofJubaila inDeir ez-Zorandeliminated on so- called"Sharia". President Al- Assad: Syria is homeland for everyone, so we hold out in the face of sedition Mr. President Bashar Al –Assad asserted in an interview with Al Thawra Newspaper that the homeland is pertinence and the pertinence meansculture and both of them form the identity….. Mr. President added “when we have the same pertinence, we will have the same homeland which is for everyone”. Mr. President clarified that the gaps in our societies are because of Al Ikhwan Muslimin; these gaps are reinforced after independence through the bad role of them in some Arab countries including Syria.
  3. 3. Mr. President Al-Assad asserted that the experiment of rule of Ikhwan Muslimin is loser before it starts, because this kind of rule is not compatible withthe nature of peopleand the project of Ikhwan is hypocriticalproject which aims to create sedition in Arab World. In another context, Mr. President Bashar Al Assad indicated thatthe real revolution is a popularrevolution has internal reasons and is not imposed by foreign parties, so what happened in Syria because foreign parties. President al-Assad said, "You cannot deceive everyone all the time, particularly the Egyptian people who have a civilization dating back to thousands of years and clear pan-Arab nationalist thought." The President added that after a year the image has become clear for the Egyptian people and the performance of the Muslim Brotherhood helped them uncover the lies made by the Brotherhood in the beginning of the popular revolution in Egypt." Future of Egypt without Mursi
  4. 4. Egypt's General Command of the Armed Forces announced the Future Roadmap for Egypt during the upcoming stage in consultation with political national forces and figures. The General Command decided to depose President Mohammad Morsi and commissioned the Higher Constitutional Court to rule the country during the transitional period until a new president is elected. In a statement issued by the General Command of the Armed Forces, the Future Roadmap stipulated for suspending the constitution temporarily, the head of the Higher Constitutional Court to be sown in before the General Assembly of the court and holding early elections. The statement called on the Egyptian people to keep committed to peaceful demonstrations and to avoid violence, warning that the Armed Forces would strongly and decisively confront any violation of peaceful acts according to the law. The statement added that the Armed Forces would remain far from political action. International conference of scholars calls to let the Syrian people decide their own fate Theparticipants in internationalconference of scholars which is organized by theFederation ofscholarsof Levantcondemned “allexternal interferencein the affairs ofIslamic nation, particularly the American
  5. 5. interventionand called Arab states which supplyterrorists by money and weaponsto stop that and asserted on the need toletthe Syrian people todecidetheir own destiny throughdemocraticelections. Al-Zoubi: Egypt's security and unity 'national duty' Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said that Egypt's security, safety and unity are a national duty, affirming that the crisis there can be overcome if Mohammad Morsi realized that the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people want him to go. In replay to journalists' questions on Wednesday, al-Zoubi said that the Egyptian people ''have long come of age politically,'' stressing that the nation has to side with the Egyptian people against the terrorism of Muslim Brotherhood. The minister added that ''Hamas is faced with a decisive choice: it is either a resistance movement or a Brotherhood organization…It cannot have them both…Muslim Brothers are US tools, while resistance is against Israel and US hegemony.'' He added that Hamas has to dissociate itself from Morsi's regime and to not repeat its outrageous stance on Syria by siding with terrorists. Leaderof French Left Party: Franceis under risks because of Hollandandhisgovernment
  6. 6. The leader of French Left PartystressedthatFrenchPresidentFrancoisHollande and his government endangerFrancetonewrisksthroughits pressure withBritainontheEuropeanUniontolift the ban onsupplyingarmstothe" opposition "in Syria." Lavrov: US recognizes that unifying opposition key of political solution to crisis in Syria The United States has recognized that the key of the political solution process for the crisis in Syria is unifying the opposition on the base of Geneva communiqué issued on June 30 , 2012, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said. "Our partners in Washington recognize that the most important thing is unifying the Syrian opposition on the base of Geneva communiqué, " Lavrov told a press conference following his meeting with US counterpart John Kerry in Brunei on Tuesday. Lavrov and Kerry discussed the preparations for holding an international conference on Syria in Geneva and the bilateral relations. The two Ministers exchanged views on the outcomes of the tripartite meeting held last month in Geneva in the framework of the preparations for the international conference on Syria.
  7. 7. For his part, Kerry stressed the US and Russia's commitment to holding the international Conference, likely in August. Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister GenadiGatilov said that Lavrov, Kerry meeting is the continuation for the preparations for holding the international conference on Syria. Education Minister: UNESCO informed of education sector losses by terrorism Minister of Education, Hazwan al-Wazz, said that the terrorist acts have affected the educational and administrative cadres, as 227 people were martyred including 101 students, in addition to kidnapping others, adding that the Ministry, nonetheless, secured the reach of students to exam centers. The Minister's remarks came during the Minister's meeting with the National Committee for Education, Science and Culture members on Wednesday. Dr. al-Wazz stressed the importance of keeping informing the UNESCO of the damages and losses that the state's sectors -particularly education - are being encountering due to terrorism that has targeted hundreds of schools and cadres for two years, the latest of which is targeting an education staff members while they were transferring exam papers in Nubbol City in Aleppo. The Minister reviewed the activities of the Syrian delegation participating in the 191st session for the UNESCO Executive Council
  8. 8. held recently in Paris, particularly to foil Turkey's attempt backed by the USA and Canada to freeze Syria's membership in the UNESCO. The Syrian delegation refuted the Turkish delegation's allegations on what they considered as 'Syria's (the member state in the UNESCO) violation of the signed agreements' and charters' contents. The Syrian delegation unmasked the conspiracy's details that is hatched against Syria prepared by the USA and its allies from some Arab and NATO countries along with the Zionist entity in the forum of the UNESCO. Minister al-Wazzcrarified the terrorist groups' attempts to hit the social fabric, deplete the national economy, destroy the infrastructure, target the national media and to assassinate the scientific and educational cadres. For his part, the Secretary-General of the National Committee for Education, Science and Culture, Dr. Nidal Hassan, stressed that the Committee has informed the UNESCO of the attacks launched by the armed terrorist groups n order to shoulder its responsibility. Patriarch John X stresses the need of Political solution to the crisis in Syria Patriarch of Antioch and all East for Greek Orthodox John Yazigi stressed the importance of finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria.
  9. 9. Meeting Austrian Ambassador in Damascus Isabel Raucher charge d' affairs of the European Union Michel Ryan in Syria and political advisor at the European Union Commission in Damascus AnisNakror, the Patriarch pointed out to the importance of finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria and to consolidate the language of dialogue, in addition to renounce the language of violence. He called for working to release the abducted bishops and all abducted. During the meeting, discussions dealt with the general situation in Syria. Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade: Importwill be done inaccordancewithpriorities Deputy Minister ofEconomy and Foreign TradeDr. Abdul SalamAliasserted that there is notany complexityor prevention of theimport processat this stage,butit is a process of organizingaccording topriorities. 600 million SYP is the profit ofCement in Tartous The Director of general company of Cement in Tratoussaid that the companymadeaprofitof more than600million Syrian poundsduring the first halfof this year.