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No141 newslettr daily e-11_6_2013

  1. 1. Hundreds of Gunmen surrendered to the authority in DairAlzourHundreds of gunmen surrendered to the authority to regularize their situation in DairAlzourduring the last days .Also, the army clashed with armed terrorist groups in Alsinaa district in thecity and they killed many of them while the others were injured .The units of the armydestroyed a hideout of the terrorists with their weapons and ammunition in Alhimedia district.while another unit killed many terrorists in Almariaa village in the countryside of the city.Finding a Tunnel contained ammunition and weapons in HomsIn its continuous operations against terrorists and their gatherings, unit of the army eliminatedmany terrorists who stole and killed the people in Gandar village in the countryside of Homs.And another units of the army killed large number of terrorists and found a field hospital and atunnel contained amounts of weapons and ammunition in WadiAlsaeeh andAlboiadaAlsharkia and one of the hide outs.Restoring the stability and the security to the villages in the eastern country side of HamaIn the eastern countryside of Hama , the members of the Syrian Arab army restored thestability and the security to many villages like Misaada,AbouHnaia,solba and koleebAlthourthrough many operations were accurate and the units of the army eliminated the lastgatherings of Jabhit Al-Nusra’s terrorists and “KataabAlfarouq” and they destroyed their hideouts ,their weapons and their ammunition that included missiles ,heavy machinegun and RPGshells.On the other hand, the terrorists from Jabhit Al-Nusra targeted the health center and thehouses of the people with mortars in the eastern countryside of Hama, yesterday .The terroristscould sneak to the western district of Alsaan and they abducted a family which is consistent offather and mother and two children.The Elimination of terrorists in Hrasta andJairoudIn the countryside of Damascus ,unit of the army killed many terrorists and injured the others inmany operations they executed yesterday in Harasta and Alshoufinia and Jairoud andconfiscated ammunition , weapons and US-made medical equipment of the terrorists and
  2. 2. destroyed a hideout contained ammunition and weapons in Domma and killed terrorists arefollowed “KataabshohdaaDomma “ .Confronting Terrorists tried to attack Meneg airport and the central prison in AleppoIn Aleppo, units of the Syrian Arab army confronted armed terrorist groups tried to attackMeneg airport and the central prison and killed many of them ,while the other were injured.Also, the units destroyed their weapons ,mortar and heavy machine guns ,and heyeliminated many terrorists attacked the central prison in Aleppo and killed many of them anddestroyed gatherings of terrorists near Alkondali oil station .The Competent Authorities seized weapons and ammunition inside the hide out of terroristsin Batraia Avenue in BaniasYesterday, the competent authorities seized amounts of weapons and ammunition were hidedinside a hide out of the terrorist group in Batraia Avenue in RassAlnabeah in Banias city. Theseized weapons contained many of automatic military rifles and sifor highly explosive materialand clothes with jabhit Al-Nusra slogan and sowrds.The Elimination of Terrorists Tried to ambush for the Informational team of SANA in thecountryside of HomsUnit of the Syrian Arab army eliminated an armed terrorist group tried to ambush for theinformational team of SANA in the entrance of Alhusenieah village in the countryside of Homs.The army has got information about the attempt of terrorists for targeting SANA team. Thearmy got information by break through their lines of communication and the army thwartedtheir attempt before they executed it and killed 6 terrorists and destroyed their weapons andammunition.
  3. 3. Al-Halqi the Syrian Economy is stable and strong and carries out its commitments towards theSyriansThe Prime Minister Dr.Waael Al-Halqi asserted on the importance of the role of the popularorganizations and trade unions particularly the medical in confronting the crisis against Syria.Al-Halqi pointed during participating in the exceptional financial General conference of theSyrian Doctors Syndicate that after 27 months of the global war against Syria, the SyrianEconomy is stable and strong and carries out its commitments towards Syrian citizens, notingthat the government pays the employees’ salaries which cost 497 billion Syrian pounds.The Prime Minister confirmed thatthe government has agood stockofforeign exchangeprovidesthenecessities of lifebasic, andpointed out that theSyrian productionof wheatduring the currentseasonwill increaseto5.2 milliontons,in addition to astrategic stockpileof thesebasic materialfortwo years.Peoples Assembly listened to the Finance Ministrys answersPeoples Assembly listened to the Finance Ministrys answers to the written questions submittedearlier by MPs, during a session on Monday chaired by Speaker of the Assembly, MohammadJihad al-Laham.The parliament member Mujeeb Al-Dandanwondered about the fate oftaxesandfees of who areinareas of conflict and the possibility to exemptthem.The parliament member Suheel Farah noted to the absence of compatibility among thefinancial and monetary political, and asserted on the need to take measurestoreduceconfusioninthe exchange rate,noting thatthere has been nomoveby the ministriestoheadeast, especiallythefinancialagreements.Lavrov: Syrian Opposition Responsible for Delaying Geneva 2Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said that the Syrian opposition is responsiblefor delaying the holding of the international conference on Syria in Geneva.In an interview on CBS TV, Lavrov said that the US officials admit that the "Syrian Coalition" isnot ready to negotiate and cannot even decide who to represent it.
  4. 4. The Levant Union Scholars: QaradawifatwasandWahhabiArabia Saudi are unrelated to ourreligionThe Levant Union Scholars stressed that the fatwas of Al-Qaradawi,WahhabiMufti of SaudiArabiaand the statement ofthe Muslim World Leagueonincitement tobloodshedandatonecategories ofMuslims, isn’t related to the principles ofour religionand is contrary totheQuranand theProphet Mohammadapproaches, and serve theenemies of the nation.Al-Meqdad emphasized on Syria readiness to find a solution for the Egyptians involved in theevents in Syria.Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. FayssalMikdad on Monday met the Egyptian mediadelegation currently visiting Syria and discussed with its members current developments in Syriaand the region.Dr. Mikdad emphasized the historical relations between the people in Syria and Egypt, addingthat Syria is prepared to find a solution for the issue of Egyptians involved in the events in Syria.For their part, the Egyptian journalists voiced their keenness on Syria and its sovereignty andindependence, expressing solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of the terrorism targetingthem which is manipulated by western countries and their pawns in several Arab countries. Theyalso decried the suspect role played by the Arab League in this matter.Chechen President Calls Chechen Youth Not to Be Involved in Fighting in SyriaChechen President RamdanKadyrov called on his countrys clergymen to work to raiseawareness among the Chechen youth to prevent their involvement in fighting along with thearmed terrorist groups in Syria."What is taking place in Syria is not for religion, but for the authority and the resources."Kadyrov said during a meeting with Chechen clergymen on Monday.He added that the youth from the poor families in Europe are heading to Syria for looting andviolence.He reiterated the need to prevent the involvement of the Chechen youth in the crisis in Syria.
  5. 5. Meanwhile, armed terrorist groups affiliated to al-Nusra front and led by Chechen gunmenkidnapped the Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Archbishops of Aleppo, Yohanna Ibrahimand Paul Yazigi north of Aleppo.Jibril: the Victory will be ally for Resistance AxisSecretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command, Ahmad Jibril, stressedthat the resistance axis will be victorious against the US-Zionist aggression on Syria. Syrias steadfastness will foilthe conspiracy hatched against itIn an interview with the Syrian T.V. on Monday, Jibril said that "Syria is invincible" because it offered lots ofsupport to the Arab nation as it supported the Palestinian factions, maintained Lebanons unity and defended thePalestinian camps in the face of the Israeli aggression.Muaalla.. Exams aregoingwell in the Syrian UniversitiesMinister of High Education Muhammad YehyaMuaalla asserted that exams are going well at allthe Syrian Universities, the Minister added that the EuphratesUniversityexamsconducted inaccordance withthe calendar thattheuniversityhassetup,and pointed outthat the BoardofHigherEducationhas takenseveraldecisionstook into account thestudentsspecial anddifficultconditionsinSyria.The Education Ministry..Implementation of courses for students of primary and secondaryeducation for two monthsThe Ministry of Education called upon all directoratesinallgovernorates to implementintensivecoursesfor students of primary and secondary education whom the current situationsprevented them to continue studying at their schools this year, the Ministry announced that thecourse will last for two months, starts at 23of this month until 23 August, and will focus on thesubjects as Arab Language, English, Math, and Sciences.Syrian ArabAirlinesissueda newpricelistforforeignclipsandraisedomesticpricesSyrian ArabAirlinesissueda newpricelistforexternally-section andraiseddomesticprices about 10 %, theNew prices includedabout14externally-section, are: Moscow, Yerevan, Cairo, Alexandria, Iran, Algeria,Dammam, Doha, Jeddah, Kuwait, Dubai- Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Amman,Baghdad-Najaf – and Erbil.
  6. 6. Futuristic vision of political and party life in a seminar at the University ofDamascusThe seminar which was in RidaSaeed hall in the Damascus university yesterdayand it was entitled “Futuristic vision of the political and party life “ focused onreviewing the reality of the crisis and the political and party life in Syria.The dean of political science college Ahmad Alnasouri in his lecture , under thetitle ”The international and regional range of the crisis in Syria “ , asserted thatthe conspiracy on Syria is related with international and regional interests and themost prominent interest is for establishing the project of “the New Middle East”and break and fragmentation the axis of resistance in the region as a service for theIsraeli entity.