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No 239 newslettr daily e-18_9_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )239( 2013/9/18 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 Shells and killed in Damascus MortarshellslandednearAln- taeen mosquein Al-Amaraa area , the Armenians Church and the the cicinity of the- French hospital in Kassa’a in Damascus, led to the deaths of five people and wounded several others and damage in place. To that the Syrian army foun in Shebaa a trench length of 500 m and 200 m long tunnel and the width of one meter and a height of 1.3 m is equipped with aired holes and electricity. And dis- mantled mines and 21 explo- sive device ranging weights Cars loaded with weapons from turkey to Syria between 50 and 70 kg, while continued operations in Bar- zeh , Qaboun , Jobar and Ha- rasta, and destroyed machine guns and automatic rifles in Adra, a car loaded with weap- ons in Husseiniya, in Darya the army adjust a car hide in a secret place shots of gun, anti-aircraft and automatic rifles, detonators, was also killed a number of militants, including “Ahmed alias Abu Khaled,” and a dozen others in Duma, and “Obee Aleonc” inAl-hujaerah, and “IyadAis- sat” in Alvzeabih, while later armed elements in Nabek and East Jbaadin and EastRahibh and Yabroud. the army forces killed and injured militants tried to sneak towards Al-Khodor mosque and east garden in the neighborhood of Salah al-Din in Aleppo, and targeted the headquar- ters of them in Suleiman al-Halabi and Bani Zeid, destroyed cars loaded with weapons coming from Turkey in Al-Atareb south east of Aleppo, and rocket launchers and mortars in Al-Jdaidah , Kwers and Arbid, and clashes with insurgents in the vicinity of Al-Souaika, and destroyed the headquarters of the armed group,includingweaponsandvehicles,inflict- ing deaths in the ranks of Arab nationalities including the Libyan “Mahmoud Haj Omar” “and two Tunisian” Rachid Yeslem”and” Mustafa Salman “and” Maher Jamel “and” Mustafa Araour .
  2. 2. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )239( 2013/9/18 Arabs and foreigners terrorists in the countryside of Lattakia Attempts to infiltrate into Homs Rockets and explosive devices in Deir al-ZourArmy controls on Hamra neighborhood in Hama countryside Syrian army spent the ware- house missiles in (Attarh) in Latakia countryside, and the headquarters of the gunmen “Jabhat Nusra” in (Beida), and four cars in (Al-Samra) and killed several of them in- In Homs countryside the Syr- ian army is facing attempts to infiltrate from Lebanon across sites (Almthuma) and (Adeline) in rural Talkalkh, and neigh- borhoods of (Bab Hood) and (Bab Turkmen) toward neigh- borhoods (Bab Sbaa) and (Bab Turkman) in Homs, also faced the attack on a military post near the village of (Al-Mouk- tria), while ripping launcher rockets the (Dar Kaberaa), and spent on the headquarters of the gunmen’s “Jabhat Nusra” in the (Talbesa) and (Rastan) and the surroundings of the national hospital and “Mustafa Pasha” Mosque in (Bab Hood). Army units dominated on the area between collector Abdullah bin Abbas and Frn Hokan in the neighborhood Baajan in Deir ez-Zor, also destroyed rocket launchers and dismantled improvised explosive devices, in addi- tion to weapons, including homemade rockets at Al- Syrian army targeting headquar- ters of gunmen for “Jabhat Nus- ra” and destroyed 2 vehicles and 6 vehicles in (Kvrenbaudh) in Hama, and media sources said that the army had control on (Hamra) neighborhood in coun- tryside of eastern Hama and de- stroyed the headquarters of the militants of “the state of Iraq and the Levant and the Islamic State of Aleppo and the State of Idlib Islamic” and seized mortars and bases launch anti-tank missiles. Also destroyed three cars in (Abu Aldhor) in countryside of Idlib and locomotive and trailer carrying weapons near the air- port (Nairab), and spent on the headquarters of the gunmen in the vicinity of “Mount forty” and (Kvrroma) and “Ma’arrat Numan”. Abed and Albulel and near the station in “Allabd”, and killed “Saeed Awad sacri- fice” in the neighborhood of the industry While the army inflicted deaths and injuries in Tel Awda and Rahih Qa- mishli countryside and near the dam on the western side of the city of Hasakah. cluding the Tunisian “Abdul- lah Tunisian” and Jordanian “Irfan Mohammed Jamil” and Saudi “Sarhan Fadel” The Egyptian “Aziz Abou El Wafa “and Chechen who nicknamed” Abu Zeid”.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )239( 2013/9/18 Syria turned the State of American to teenager Syria will not preempt the judgments of United Nations American delegation visits the wounded soldiers of army West asserts that the “gunmen of opposition are extremists” Considered the center “Stratfor” intelligence the U.S. that the Syr- ian crisis and after the Russian initiative has transformed Ameri- ca’s superpower teen- ager can stop its speed rush, and described the case allies after the agreement with Rus- Syria considered that the partial results of the team of national investigation which clarified the using of poisonous gas of Sarin, did not add anything new, Dr. Bashar al Jafarry the Syrian permanent Representative to United Nations said in the statement of Syria “Syrian government will look into all of the findings of the report as it does not want to anticipate judgment on the contents of the report.” Al-Jaafari considered that issuing a non-final report would disrupt the comprehensiveness of investigation and confuse the independent, objective and honest scientific dimension of this investigation. A delegation of inter- national Intervention Center headed by the former American Jus- tice Minister, Ramzi Clark refused the arm- ing of gunmen By United States because that causes the “kill- ing of thousands of Amember of national investigation commit- tee about Syria, Karla Deil Pounty stressed that the half of members of “gunmen of op- position” in Syria are extremists, where the British Institution of Defense “I H S jeans” said that about tens thousands of “opponent gunmen” in Syria are “Jihadeen” fight un- der the leadership of brigades belonging to Al-Qaeda and thirty-thousands to thirty-five thousands are extremists. sia, adding that this initiative showed “the need for the United States to support from regional parties desig- nated to avoid disor- der other tremendous in the Middle East and proceed with the disposal of chemical weapons in Syria. Syrians “, asserting during their visiting the wounded of Syrian Arab Army in the hos- pital of Josef al –Az- mee in Damascus that the American People is peaceful and they are against the wars of their government.
  4. 4. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )239( 2013/9/18 Foreign Minister.. we face what is hatched against us Commission for Family Affairs Brazil asks to stop sending weapons Brazilian Foreign Minister LuizAlberto Figueiredo called on the UN Security Council to issue a resolution ending the flow of weapons into Syria which is causing the killing of many innocent people, calling for a political solution for the crisis in Syria instead of the military struggle. Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatri- ates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, discussed with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Ser- gei Ryabkov, and the Russian-U.S. framework agreement based on Syria’s accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). Dur- ing the meeting, Minister al-Moallem stressed mutual confidence between the two sides, highlighting the efforts exerted to face what is hatched against Syria and the Syrian people. For his part, Ryabkov stressed his country’s firm stance on the peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria and rejecting any threats to use force. The Cabinet approved at its weekly meeting yes- terday a bill making a public body called “the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and the population,” based in Da- mascus and has legal fea- ture and financial and ad- ministrative independence associated with the Minis- ter of Social Affairs.