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No 224 newslettr daily e-3_9_2013

  1. 1. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Information The Directorate of Electronic Information Page NO.1 The army is targeting terrorists from “Jabhat Al-Nasra An units of army killed the ter- rorists from Libyans and Jor- danians nationality are belong- ing to “Jabhat Al-Nasra”, in In a series of operations against their gathering in the country- side north-west and south to Damascus and East Gouta, and an official source said that the units of other army destroyed a dens and equipment to gunmen on a road (Kabouri) in (Kudsia) and left many of them dead in their ranks, including “Mazen Al Kadi” and “Ahmed Houra- ni”, as has been the elimina- tion of all of the armed Libyans “Abu Abdullah Rahman” and “Ahmed Alesh” and “Ayman Kurdi” in the eastern mountains of(Al-Zbadani), in addition to the killing a number of armed group of “Jabhat Al-Nasra” in the town (Madaya), while an unit of army is go after an armed group in the town and killed two terrorists from its member. In East Gouta army troops are ruled in an ambush textured on most of members from an armed group belong- ing to “Jabhat Al-Nasra” that tried to sneak through the con- science (Adra) in countryside of Damascus, as well as on the axis of the towns of the (AL- Kasemya) and (Qasimiyah) in Gota, in (Duma) the army forces are destroyed in a series a gatherings of militants and killed the number of militants including the leader of armed groups “Khaled Al-Abdullah” and destroyed their equipment and weapons. The army also carried out series operations in the town (Alzeabih) and killing a number of militants, includ- ing the Jordanian “Ahmed Am- arat” and an army unit on ruled on the Libyans “Raji al-Obeidi” and “Nasser Al-Tijani” and de- stroyed the mortars and heavy machine guns in the towns of (Husseinia) and (Houhera). On the other hand; a rocket-pro- pelled grenade fired by gunmen on a residential building in the (Khalil Mardam Bek) Street in (Abu Rummaneh) neighbor- hood in Damascus which led to material damage but no casual- ties among citizens.
  2. 2. Syrian army units eliminated on terrorist groups in Al-Qa- rabis, Bab hood, in Al-Warsha neighborhoods, and in Talbisa, and destroyed large number of heavy machineguns and ammu- nition in Al-Rastan, Al-Husin village,and Al-Zara farms in Talkalakh, and killed Lebanese insurgents. Official source stat- ed thatArmy unit in cooperation with Border guards thwarted an attempt by terrorist groups to infiltrate from the Lebanese territories through Al- Bahlonia site in Talkalakh countryside killed large number of its mem- bers the other returned to Leba- non. Another units thwarted terrorists’ attempt to detonate 5 explosive devices on Homs – Sadad road were prepared to be detonated remotely. Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 A military source said that the army units are destroyed a mortar in (Allirmon) and rocket launchers, mortars and equipment to insurgents in villages (Al-jdaida) and (Kwers) and wiped out large Rockets, guns and cars loaded with weapons in Aleppo and its countryside numbers of them. It also has been eliminated concen- trations of militants in the area of (Khan Al asal) and units of Army are destroyed weapons and ammunition was loaded in cars for insur- Thwarting attempts to infiltrate from Lebanon gents on the road between (Deir hafer) and on my way (Alcastelo) and (Amus- limh). In the city of Aleppo, army units are ruled on the gatherings of militants in an orchard (Basha) and in neighborhood (Al mouha- jreen), while others of army units are foiled attempts of members of armed groups to sneak into the safe areas in the neighborhood of (Salah al-Din) and caused all of its members dead. A military source said that army units are confronted the armed groups which tried to sneak into the airport (Abu Al-dohor) in the countryside of Idlib and caused to them a large losses, also destroyed the headquarters of the gun- men in the towns of (Rami) ,(Kfarziba) and (Ma’arrat Nu- man) and ruled on all of them. Cars loaded with weapons in countryside of Idlib This is in addition to the elim- ination of members of armed groups belonging to the “Jab- hat Al-Nasra” in the village (Alboydr) and the destruction of cars loaded with weapons and ammunition and heavy machine guns, and destroyed others cars in the villages (Al Shoqer) and (Mhamshan) in countryside of Idlib.
  3. 3. Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Terrorists targeted Horat Am- mouria town in Al-Ghab area by 5 rocket shells, resulted in material damages in citizens’ properties, without causing casualties An Official source said that a rocket shell was fired by terrorists in north- ern Kafarnbuda town fell in Horat Amouria town, while 4 shells landed in the surround- ings of the town caused dam- age to property. The source Rocket shells in Hama countryside added that an army unit de- stroyed terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts affiliated to Al- Nusra front in Al-Ghab, in addition to ammunition and weapons, another unit elimi- nated on 10 terrorists in Al- Hwaija village. A military source stated that army forces eliminated on large number of terrorists mostly of Arabic nationalities in Al-Teffahia and Biet Awan villages included Algerian, Egyptian, Tunisian, and Saudi terrorists. Army units also destroyed terrorists’ head- Egyptian and Saudis in Lattakia countryside quarters and weapon warehouses in Salma town and eliminated on the terrorists there. In Rabeaa, another unit eliminated on 4 ter- rorists and injured 22 others were holed up near the countryside’s development center in the town.
  4. 4. Czech and Arabs citizens re- iterated during a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Prague yesterday solidar- ity with Syria and rejection of the U.S. threats of aggres- sion, describing NATO and the European Union that they are criminals caused thou- sands of deaths in different places of the world. Milan Kraicha the representative of the Czech peace movement stressed that the pretext of the use of chemical weapons is a creation of the United States and its regional allies. Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Al-Assad told the newspaper “Le Figaro” the strong man who is prevent a war and is not fueled it Protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Prague in sol- idarity with Syria “Sergei Verheninn” the Di- rector of the Middle East and North Africa in the Rus- sian Foreign Ministry said that the use of force against Syria will come only coun- terproductive; stressing that Russia’s position is to stand firmly against this approach. In a related context “Alexei Bokshof” a Chairman of the Committee on Interna- tional Relations in the Rus- sian Duma warned from the Russia will stand firmly against the approach of force against Syria repercussions of the United States to launch aggression against Syria, saying “ev- eryone will lose control of the situation when exploding barrels of gunpowder and spread chaos and extremism in the region”, pointing out that ”Obama” is by sending the aircraft carrier (Nimi- tz) to the Syrian coast, the shows that military interven- tion against Syria has been postponed but not canceled. President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with the French newspaper “Le Figaro” that stability of the region depends on the situa- tion in Syria and the strong man who is prevent the war, not who is fueled it, warn- ing that if the United States implemented an aggression against Syria, everyone will lose the control and the re- sult will be chaos, wars and extremism because the is- sue is not relate in Syria but in the whole region social- ly, politically and militar- ily. Assad added that if the Americans or the French or the British have a one proof for they were declared it since the first day”, there- fore; Syria will go to defend its sovereignty and we know that when people defend it- self will win.
  5. 5. Page NO.5 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Arul Manisala, Turkish jour- nalist confirmed that the gov- ernment of the Justice and Development Party in Tur- key incite the Western U.S. military aggression on Syria because it links its destiny and future with it. He said in an article published in the Turkish newspaper “Cum- huriyet” “the military aggres- sion on Syria was proposed with the encouragement of Ankara through a scenario of chemical weapons, pointing out that more than 80% of the Turkish people refuse the The New Czech President “Milos Zeman” refusa to launch any U.S. military strike on Syria, stressing that it would be in favor of al-Qaeda, and he surpris- ing the contradiction that practiced by the West where the support “Al-Qaeda” in Syria while fighting this terrorist organization in Afghanistan. On the oth- Turkish Writers.. Erdrogan links Turkey’ fate with the military aggression on Syria Czech.. Attack on Syria would be in favor of al-Qaeda war against Syria, and they assert that it would be a di- saster will push Turkey into a new swamp. For his part, Turkish journalist Eidmir Guler criticized Erdogan’s continuation to incite to the aggression against Syria. er hand; a new poll in the Czech Republic showed for 74 percent of the opposition Czech for their country to provide military assistance to the United States in the event of launching military aggression against Syria, while some of them went to claim the support of the Syrian leadership in the fight against terrorists. Guler attributed raising the issue of military interven- tion in Syria to the Syrian Arab army’s military prog- ress against armed terrorist groups, because elimination on the armed terrorist groups is a nightmare for the West. Russian military source said that the ship survey “Briozovih” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was docked on Sunday evening at the site allocated to it to carry out its tasks in the eastern Mediterranean and that the ship’s crew will perform its own business is collecting information in the region. The source pointed out that the ship would not fall within the range of Russian ships in the Mediterranean, but will directly operate ac- cording to the plans of the Russian General Staff. Russian reconnaissance ship heading to perform special tasks in eastern Mediterranean
  6. 6. Page NO.6 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Wahhab.. Arab parties send the terrorists in Syria a chemical weapon Syrian Organization for Defending of Hu- man Rights held a press conference in Beirut yesterday to present and disclose the mas- sacres that took place in the countryside of Latakia by armed terrorist groups last month resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of citizens, and the loss of 115 people, in- cluding 68 children, 60 of them younger than ten years. During the conference there was a testimony emphasizes that terrorists used toxic substances and chemical weapons, to put the issue at the hands of humanitarian organizations and the international commu- nity. At the conference there were testimo- nies by the poet Talal Salim who the terror- ists groups abducted his wife and children, and Nawwar Darwish who lost his family, and Jad Allah Qaddour, and the Lawyer Tha- bet Darwish. Abo Omar testified about the chemical weapon used by terrorist groups and how they reached it, he said “ I saw gal- lons of poisonous and chemical substances were written on it <made in Saudi Arabia> and the others <in Turkey>” he pointed out the terrorists were preparing for an attack on an airport near Damascus 6 days ago, and that he know the place where chemical weap- ons are. Abo Omar expressed readiness to go Geneva and Washington and anywhere in Testimonies on the massacres committed by terrorists at Latakia countryside the world to testify, asserting that he has all the evidences that the Syrian Free Army and Al-Nusra front obtain chemical weapons, he preferred anonymity and not to identify the area to not be targeted by free army factions, and remove the effects of the chemicals. The coordinator of the conference the writer and researcher Nabil Fayyad chief of “justice” party said that the Syrian civil society suffers of terrorist takfirist groups and the so-called Front victory who commit the most heinous massacres along Syria by the support of the countries responsible for bloodshed in Syr- ia, pointing out that at the beginning of last month hundreds of citizens in the country- side of Latakia were killed kidnapped and loss, and were subjected to the worst kinds of ethnic cleansing by terrorist groups, he criticized some Lebanese parties which re- joiced for the al-Nusra front Father Maroun Thoma pointed out during the conference to the criminal acts committed by armed ter- rorist groups and takfiris against the Syrian people, from various components and mi- norities in particular, as well as the clergy by murder, kidnapping and violations of human values, he warned that militants are waiting to intensify their criminality when aggres- sion on Syria happen. The leader of party Tawhid Arab Lebanese “Wea’am Wohhab”warnedthatanymis- sile will fall on Syria will drag the whole region to all-out war, where will be answered firmly immediately after the start of aggression, revealing that Arabs side which man- ages the battle in Jordan are the same as that delivered arms to the armed terrorist groups and pointed out that the decision using chemical from these groups was taken after nearing the Syrian Arab army to end the battle Gota. Wahhab stressed that the axis of resistance will never be al- lowed to change the current situation in Syria to interest Altcfhirien and the “Jabhat Al-Nasra” which belonging to (Al- Qaeda), pointing out that the American and French interests in the region without exception, will be a target to respond if Syria came under attack.
  7. 7. Page NO.7 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Egyptian European council refuses any military aggression on Syria Polls in Britain indicate that Cameron is reckless Egyptian European coun- cil confirmed rejecting any military aggression on Syr- ia, pointing out that any ag- gression is a flagrant viola- tion of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. Reuters reported that a poll conducted by “Comers” center (I T V) revealed that 59% of Britons who participated the poll considered that Cameron was reckless when he ordered to hold the vote on military action without knowing whether Parliament members support him.
  8. 8. The Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Pro- tection Samir Qadi Ameen asserted that the institution works to fill the market with school supplies and necessary materials at reasonable prices within the ministry’s plan to mobilize all energies to stop rising prices and prevent mo- nopoly during the current cir- cumstances, and he pointed out that this plan is being circulated in all the provinc- es, he stressed on punishing who manipulate prices. Page NO.8 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )224( 2013/9/3 Egyptian national forces.. The position of the Arab League is droopy and dubious School supplies are available in sufficient quantities and at reasonable prices The second convoy of hu- manitarian assistant offered by the European campaign “Al-Wafaa” arrived yester- day for the affected families residing in the temporary res- idence centers and carrying 500 tons of food and medical supplies, to provide 10 kitch- ens to the Centers for tem- Deputy Chairman of the Ex- ecutive Council of Hezbol- lah Sheikh Nabil Kaouk said that Israel and its allies, the Americans and Westerners should be aware that any ag- gression against Syria will has no result but the biggest victory of the resistance axis and major defeat for Israel. Kaouk.. Any aggression against Syria its result will be a major defeat of Israel 500 Ton of aids for the affected families porary residence in addition to the distribution of clothes and shoes for children, in turn, the general coordina- tor of the campaign Khaled Trani said “The campaign is a giving back to the Syr- ian people” For his part, the Director General of the Gen- eral Authority for Palestinian Arab Refugees Ali Mustafa said “Syria, despite the cir- cumstances, has spent more than121 million dollar dur- ing the first six months of this year as a support for Palestin- ian refugees on its territory. The Egyptian national forc- es confirmed supporting the Syrian people and govern- ment in the face of American threats to launch aggression against it, the powers con- demned in a statement the position of the Arab League on Syria, calling it droopy and dubious, and expressed rejection “of the crime of delivery of anew Arab state to the NATO after it had handed over Libya, and de- manded that the authority of interim rule in Egypt to take supportive stances to Syria without equivocation. Dependence the Republic movement and the Egyp- tian national Alliance and the National Initiative for positive interaction and a number of national public figures signed on the state- ment the Arab Nassiri Egyp-