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Chile a global outsourcing country in digital marketing
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Chile a global outsourcing country in digital marketing


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  • 1.
  • 2. • Decrease your costs in 2-7 times and increase productivity through theI. Outsourcing: outsourcing of your digital marketing needs in Chile. • Expand commercialization into theII. Invest Chile: Latinamerican markets using Chile as a springboard.
  • 3.  Chile because its high qualified, medium-low cost labor force, excellent TI infrastructure, connectivity and macroeconomic conditions is ranked the 8th worldwide country for Global Outsourcing Services. We invite to international marketing online agencies from developed countries (USA, UK, Australia, West Europe and others) to decrease cost and increase productivity through the outsourcing of their digital marketing needs in Chile as:  Development of complete marketing online strategies globally or for Latinamerica  Web 2.0-3.0 Programming and/or Design, SEO services, Webanalytics  Translation services in several languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, others)  Email marketing strategies, email design  E-commerce outsourcing services  Social media outsourcing services  Other digital design outsourcing services
  • 4.  Latinamerica is the fastest growing region in the world in internet users (ref: Comscore 2010), with a population of 600 million and 18 million companies demanding increasingly IT and digital marketing services. The region offers an interesting market potential for global services and digital marketing services providers. Chile being qualified as the 8th worldwide location and 1st Location in Latinamerica for global services, is the natural place to set up central offices to expand then into other countries.
  • 5. An Overview to Invest Chile in Global Services
  • 6. Latinamerica as a whole is the third GDP worldwide One of the fastest growing regions in the Opportunities in world in digital areas as Global marketing Services, IT, Online Marketing Chile is an excellent place to outsource your digital marketingneeds, and also to set up commercial operations to expand into Latin American markets
  • 7. SocialPopulation 16,9 millionsLanguage SpanishEconomyPIB 2009 US$ 164,615 millionsPIB per capital 2009 US$ 14,341Exports 2009 US$ 53,735 millionsImports 2009 US$ 39,754 millions Chile is member of OECD
  • 8. The Industry in NumbersUS$ 844 million in exports in 2008.More than 20,000 people employed inthe industry.The main destinations for ChileanGlobal Services Exports are SouthAmerica (50.4%), The United States(21.1%), and Europe (18.9%).More than 30 companies have startedglobal services operations since 2000.Investments totaling US$ 120.9 millionin Global Services since 2001.Chile is ranked as the number onelocation for global services inLatinamerica and 8th worldwide.
  • 9. Chile was one of the first countries in the TELECOM INDUSTRY STRUCTUREworld to liberalize its telecom infrastructure AT A GLANCEsector, and the first in Latin America toprivatize its companies in 1988. Fixed telephony operators 17 % Long distance carriers 33 % Mobile telephone operators 3%All telecom companies are private. ISPs 54 % Digital lines coverage 100 % Source: Undersecretary of Telecommunications ( restrictions to foreign investment.Regulatory authorities cannot inhibit private-sector initiatives.
  • 10. 10 Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing Needs and/or Invest in Chile1. Economic growth2. Country with low risk3. A open economy and integrated to the world4. A friendly taxation system5. A competitive economy6. Transparency7. Economic freedom8. Good investment environment9. Qualified professionals10. Government incentives up to US$ 2 millions to set up and/or expandsoperations in Chile alone or in association with local companies.
  • 11. Ref: Chilean Central Bank
  • 12. Ref: RankingStandard & Poor´s 2010.
  • 13. Source: Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales - DIRECON
  • 14. Chile has double taxation agreement to Country Company Taxavoid double taxation with over 28countries including: United States, Rumania 16 %Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile 17 %Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Australia, China 25%Spain, Russia, UK. Mexico 28 % Peru 30 % Australia 30 % Brazil 34 % India 30 - 40 % Ref:
  • 15. Country Ranking Ref: World economic forum
  • 16. Ref: 2010
  • 17. Ref: 2010
  • 18. Source: Economist Intelligent Unit, Abril 2010 (
  • 19. Rates of high education Quality of education in Quality of Management Schools Inscriptions Science and Math (2008, scale 1-7) (2007, % of relevant age population) (2008, scale 1-7)Source: UNESCO, World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report.
  • 20. To submit to this grant is required to prepare between e-Andes and the company a good business Plan to enter into theLatinamerican market using Chile as a springboard , defining all investments, human resources, timing, marketing andcommercial costs, with a perspective of 5 years. Prepare this business plan and cost structure can take between 2-4 months. Having defined the business plan, strategy and cost structure with a perspective of 5 years, then we can prepare andsubmit the proposal to the Invest Chile H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 Grants, this preparation takes around 1-2 months, and the answerfrom the government between 1-2 months, so before six months, we can have the answer from the government about howmuch money they are going to give to the Investment, before the investment is done.
  • 21. 1. The Chilean government has over others 40 kind of grants, forcompanies already operating in the country from US$ 0.05-10 millionsgrants, financing human resources, technological infrastructure,innovation projects, other.2. Venture capital in Chile is a 15 years old industry, with 23 privatefunds, having a total of US$ 600 millions to invest in interesting projects.These funds have only invested US$ 100 millions, and the government ispushing them to put the money into projects, as US$ 400 millions wereplaced by the government into the private funds to support thedevelopment of venture capitals in Chile.
  • 22. www.e-andes.comEliodoro Yañez 1742, Providencia Santiago de Chile  2042034