2014 Technology Predictions


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e-Zest - today highlighted the top technologies and trends predictions that will be strategic for most organizations in 2014.

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2014 Technology Predictions

  1. 1. Technology Predictions for 2014
  2. 2. BYOD will need serious attention The unexpected consequences of bring your own device (BYOD) policy is making organization to rethink their computing device strategy from ground up. They need to balance flexibility with confidentiality and privacy requirements.
  3. 3. Browser and HTML5 will rule the game 2014 will see start of browsers as a mainstream enterprise application development environment as Javascript’s improved performance will begin to push HTML5. Developers will have to think of applications in fragmented building blocks and an adaptable programming structure that assembles them into optimized content for each device.
  4. 4. Internet is expanding and connecting things Internet is now expanding to include field equipment, and consumer items such as cars and televisions forming ‘internet of things’. The combination of data streams and services created by digitizing everything creates four basic usage models for managing, monetizing, operating and extending.
  5. 5. Hybrid cloud will see the light Organizations will need to bring together personal clouds and external private cloud services. While creating cloud strategy organizations should design it for hybrid future in mind. This will enable them for easy integration or interoperability.
  6. 6. Era of personal cloud The shift will happen in user dependency from devices to services. Users will use array of devices to access and share content stored on personal cloud. Hence organizations will look for options to manage and secure access to cloud and content on the cloud.
  7. 7. Web-scale IT Delivery of IT services today is not only limited to size and scale but also includes speed and agility. If enterprises wants to keep pace then they will need to emulate the architectures, processes and practices utilized by leading cloud providers. Developers will have to think of web-oriented architectures that are very flexible and resilient with capability of quick recovery in case of failure.
  8. 8. Cloud and mobile will combine The intersection of cloud and mobility will accelerate new application value for those companies that choose to go beyond the basics. People on-the-go will see a rapid increase in collaboration with this unique combination being evaluated by organizations.
  9. 9. Security tops the IT and Business Agenda Mobility, social, DevOps and cloud adoption have effectively opened the enterprise and invited new business risk into today’s workplace. The rapidly expanding and collaborative open enterprise diminishes IT control and requires the organizations to find the delicate balance of enabling and protecting the business.
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