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e-Intelligence is a renowned global leader in the digital marketing space. We’re an award-winning full service interactive agency offering end-to-end web solutions for clientele across multiple verticals. Since our inception in 2005, we are consistently ranked among the top digital agencies! Whether you’re small or large, we have just the right solution for your online needs. We’re here to CREATE, PROMOTE and SUPPORT your business on the Internet!

Our result-oriented approach and a passionate ‘feet-on-the-street’ team help us deliver our services in every possible corner. A combination of intelligence and diligence is what sets us apart from the competition, worldwide. Leading brands seek e-Intelligence considering our rich experience and unparalleled expertise.

So whatever your digital pursuit may be, we are all ears! Visit www.e-Intelligence.in, call on + 91-265-395 4968 or email at info@e-Intelligence.in.

Interactive Online Marketing, Digital Advertising, Online Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Designing, Website Development, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Public Relations.

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e-Intelligence Corporate Profile Presentation (June 2013)

  1. 1. www.e-Intelligence.inAll Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Presentation Outline Our Process Our Work Who We Are What We Do Get in Touch How We Are Different
  3. 3. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in About Us Our Vision Global Presence Our Mission 7 Golden Values Our Team Credentials Who We Are Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Intelligent but not lordly… Techie without the geek… Advanced beyond years…! An award-winning global creative and interactive web agency with deep roots and a proven track record!
  4. 4. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in About Us Ingenious geniuses incessantly infusing creative concepts A one-stop digital full-service interactive marketing solutions agency Unparalleled decade-long online design and promotions experience World-renowned for leading-edge White-Hat techniques
  5. 5. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Global Presence As a truly international company, e-Intelligence has a strong client-base across the world. Through our robust strategic affiliations, we have made our presence felt across North American, European, Asian and APAC regions.
  6. 6. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Copyright © Zosap.com 2012 Our Vision We, at e-Intelligence, envisage ourselves to be the renowned global leader in web interactive marketing solutions industry exceeding customer expectations. Our Vision is to be an accredited, preferred and acknowledged long-run partner for our global clients while ensuring employee growth and satisfaction.
  7. 7. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Our Mission Our long-term mission is to bring our web solutions within the reach of businesses of all sizes and shapes, in every corner of the world.
  8. 8. 7 Golden Business Relations Values Copyright © 2005–2012 e-Intelligence.in Professional and human–centered approach Honesty and integrity Transparency in the process Adherence to client’s policies and privacy Respect for deadline commitments Client satisfaction and value for money Build enduring client relationships
  9. 9. Our Team Our exuberant crew is composed of 50+ world’s best web experts Our combined team experience is in excess of 100 years Our team defines our spirit and affirms our extravagant growth Our incredible staff is tech-savvy, innovative and youthful Our experience is one thing that none of our competitors can imitate Copyright © 2005–2012 e-Intelligence.in
  10. 10. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Credentials We would rather have our credentials speak for us! And they just keep on coming… WEBSITE DESIGN ENTERPRISE SEO REPUTATION MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. SEO Web Design PPC SERM SMM Ranking Recovery What We Do The integrated digital communications solutions Beyond conventions… Exceeding imaginations… And surpassing all inhibitions! Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  12. 12. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Search Engine Optimization Services Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in 80% of all online sales begin with a search engine query! Furthermore, 90% of online buyers do not go beyond the first page of a search engine! e-Intelligence SEO - Driving your website traffic to your door!
  13. 13. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.inCopyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in SEO is an expeditious race… Are you in it to win it? e-Intelligence: Your Digital Accelerator!
  14. 14. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Web Design Services Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in e-Intelligence Web Design - You dream it… We blueprint it! It takes a user only 4 seconds to judge the like-ability of a website! And 8 out of 10 people judge the credibility of a website based on its design! Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Creating an experience, not just a website!
  15. 15. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in www.windowmaker.com Nothing annoys your visitors more than unapparent contact details on your website! e-intelligence: Your Website Conversion Optimizer!
  16. 16. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in SERM Services Rated as India’s top reputation management company! e-Intelligence SERM - Your digital image consultant! Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Word-of-mouth is a double-edged sword! It can make or break your digital existence, in a flash!
  17. 17. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Is your website tapping the power of peer recommendation? e-Intelligence: Your Answer To Digital Popularity!
  18. 18. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Pay Per Click Services Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in e-Intelligence PPC – ‘Process Par Class’! It’s good to be edgy and picky where it counts! Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Your organic optimization process beefed up with paid search marketing can magnify total clicks by around 90% and conversions by up to 50%!
  19. 19. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Online ads grab 20% more attention and 47% higher engagement than TV! e-Intelligence: Your Online Revenue Express!
  20. 20. SMM Services Copyright©2005–2012e–Intelligence.in e-Intelligence SMM – ‘Converting marketing into co-creation’! ROE (Return on Engagement) is the new ROI! Make your brand go viral with e-Intelligence! Copyright © 2005–2012 e-Intelligence.in
  21. 21. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Thanks to Twitter, the 2012 London Olympics, popularly dubbed as the “Socialympics”, turned out to be the most watched games in the history! Are you promoting your business on social platforms yet?
  22. 22. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in www.windowmaker.com One in seven people in the world have a Facebook account, and more than six billion minutes are spent on Facebook every day… Do you wish to be a part of it?
  23. 23. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Ranking Recovery Services Do you think Panda and Penguin are cute, cuddly and harmless creatures…? Think again… or suffer their ruthless wrath! e-Intelligence RRS – ‘Your bespoke Panda/Penguin recovery plan’!
  24. 24. May 2012 June 2012 June 2012 Don’t just take our word for it! View our Penguin success stories! Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  25. 25. A premier Texas (USA) based real-estate company reclaims its lost reputation on Google with e-Intelligence’s Penguin-proof plan. May 2012 June 2012 June 2012 Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  26. 26. e-Intelligence saves a renowned criminal defense firm in Florida (USA) from the Penguin’s ferocious fury by repairing the back-links. May 2012 June 2012 June 2012 Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  27. 27. e-Intelligence helps a leading automobile paint company in Queensland (Australia) recover from the mighty Penguin by optimizing the website structure. Who’s next in the black and white update series? May be May 2012 June 2012 June 2012 Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  28. 28. Who’s next in the black and white update series? May be Only Google can tell! May 2012 June 2012 June 2012 Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  29. 29. We Value Your Time Your Budget Matters To Us Communication Is Our Strength Transcendent Experience Exquisite Exposure Inimitable Expertise Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in How We Are Different While all others claim how great they are, we will tell you "How Different We Are"! Choose intelligently… Choose e-Intelligence!
  30. 30. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in We Value Your Time Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Choose us because we defy slowness! Our "Same Day Response" policy ensures faster turnaround time We believe in proactive response, rather than reactive
  31. 31. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Your Budget Matters To Us Choose us because we defy imitation! While others claim to be the cheapest, we provide the highest value on your investment Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  32. 32. Communication Is Our Strength We are well-known for our unrivaled level of corporate communication We talk your language, rather than firing across tons of industrial jargons Choose us because we defy confusion! Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in
  33. 33. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Transcendent Experience 9+ Years of digital interactive marketing experience 50+ Certified in-house web marketing and promotions experts 1,200+ Profitable campaign implementations till date 5,000+ Satisfied global clients across diverse verticals till date 50,000+ First page rankings on major search engines for clients 576,000+ Man hours online marketing experience till date 50,000,000+ ($) Revenue generated by marketing efforts for clients till date #1 Enterprise SEO and Reputation management agency in India
  34. 34. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Inimitable Expertise Designing Tools •Photoshop •Adobe Director •Adobe Dreamweaver •Adobe Illustrator •Adobe Image Ready •Adobe Premier Pro •PageMaker •Flash •Corel Draw Scripting Languages •HTML •DHTML •XHTML •ZHTML •WML •JavaScript •CSS •Flash Scripts Programming Environment •PHP & MySQL •ASP.net & MS SQL •Oracle •HTML •CSS •Joomla! •Wordpress •Magento •Mambo •PHPBB •Python •Drupal •Blogs Other Technologies •Paypal •2checkout •Payment Gateways and APIs
  35. 35. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Exquisite Exposure We are privileged to have clients of all sizes across various industry verticals.
  36. 36. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Our Process 1. Attention–intelligence • Requirement Evaluation • Feasibility Analysis • Information Gathering 2. Idea–intelligence • Solution Recommendation • Solution Adaption 3. Execution–intelligence • Design Creation • Design Refinement • Design Implementation 4. Engagement–intelligence • Full-spectrum Analysis • Best-fit Exertion • Engagement Optimization
  37. 37. All of our clients know that we endlessly work to drive heavier traffic to their websites and ultimately optimize their profits. Portfolio Clients Speak Our Work
  38. 38. Website Design Portfolio
  39. 39. Website Design Portfolio
  40. 40. Website Design Portfolio
  41. 41. Copyright©2005–2012e-Intelligence.in Clients Speak “It took me several years to find the best SEO services, but when I finally came across e-Intelligence, I knew I had found my destination! e-Intelligence has remarkably augmented my profit growth with a 30% rise in ROI. I feel proud to say that, my website now ranks higher on all major search engines! I strongly recommend e- Intelligence to one and all!” Brad H. (Gold Coast, Australia) “We are immensely satisfied and pleased with our partnership with e-Intelligence! e-Intelligence is a perfect and inseparable web marketing part of our business, that always delivers solutions for our particular needs in such a competitive niche! The digital experts, at e-Intelligence, possess a greater know-how and provide prompt services. Simply put, it is a core part of our growth–plans and the brain-center for all of our digital initiatives.” Todd P. (Florida, USA) “The e-Intelligence team has a knack for taking web marketing to the next level! We are very satisfied with our website and SEO achievements. They are constantly keeping our company in top spots and our phones ringing. We look forward to continued success with e- Intelligence and highly recommend them to everyone!” Abhijit B. (Gujarat, India)
  42. 42. +91-265-395 4968 Info@e-intelligence.in www.e-Intelligence.in We are here We are also here AllRightsReserved. We are also here... Follow us! facebook.com/eIntelligence @eIntelligencecompany/e-Intelligence 115557009006058915417/posts