[2011] Opening of the e-Democracy Conference 2011 - Vasko Kronevski


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Opening of the 2011 e-Democracy Conference by Vasko Kronevski, CEO Nextsense

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  • Honourable Minister Ivanovski,Excellencies,Distinguished Members of Parliaments, Governments and Official JournalsDear Guests, Partners, Speakers, Media representativesDear Ladies and Gentlemen,
  • Welcome to beautiful Ohrid and thank you for your participation at the e-Democracy 2011.Ohrid conference on e-Democracy gathers distinguished Members of Parliaments, Governments and Official Journals, experts from international organizations, academia and business, to engage in dialogue on the role that ICT can play in improving the democracy.Last year e-Democracyconference achieved great success and had significant impact on the improvement of e-Democracy. It was a splendid opportunity last year to host the first regional Conference dedicated to the promotion and development of e-Democracy. The participants have encouraged us even more to get involved in the sharing of the e-Democracy cause and the enhancement of regional democracies.
  • Driven by the outstanding success of the previous conference, with the same enthusiasm and even greater expectations, this year again we host the e-Democracy Conference 2011 in the city of Ohrid, Macedonia.With e-Democracy 2011 we carry forward the discussions about the role of ICT for fostering the democracy in the 21st century. Motivated by the previous results, this year we are even more determined to promote e-Democracy values, debate about the challenges of good governance and the ways to overcome them by using state-of-the-art ICT solutions. We strongly believe successful e-governance is about restructuring existing business processes; providing solid government-citizen interaction and strengthening the bonds between governments and their stakeholders. 
  • The conference team, Nextsense and our conference partners were active during the past 12 months to promote and prepare the 2ndOhrid conference on e-Democracy. We have met many of you and identified many national and regional ICT initiatives for improving democracies in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,It gives me a great pleasure to be here today to inaugurate with you the e-Democracy 2011 conference. The organizing partners of this conference developed a central theme for this conference, ”ICT, a driver for improving democracy”.It reflects common goals of politicians, policy makers, companies and citizens, all seeking for ways to provide ICT a prominent role in strengthening democracy in South East Europe and in the rest of the world. This two-day event will pay particular attention to future and emerging technologies for e-Democracy and its focus on regional engagement in such pivotal areas as integrated legislative information systems, civic participation, open government, legislative development process, legislative compliance, standards and technology readiness.
  • Many countries are starting the discussion on electronic promulgation, and planning to make investments in technology to make the logistics of legislative process more efficient. With this in mind we will focus part of this conference on the solutions for electronic file processing, document administration and process management, thus creating a seamless electronic workflow for the "production chain" of legislation. ….….….….With the usage of ICT, Governments can introduce open and transparent government-citizen interactions and promote a more efficient, agile and accountable administration. They can also integrate multiple government institutions and processes into a distributed and orchestrated process which results in easier process management, increased performance and enhanced efficiency of government processes.
  • The programme of the conference will revolve around the following core workstreams:National wide integrated legislative knowledge managementHow ICT can transform the work of parliament and government Parliament and Democracy in the Twenty-first centuryOpen government e-Participation
  • I would like to thank our co-organizers, the Center for e-Governance Development for South East Europe, and our Conference organizing partnersthe European Union Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)National Democratic Institute (NDI)USAIDGerman International Technical Co-operationRegional Cooperation Council (RCC)our supporting partner Kofaxfor their participation and support in the organization of this conference. The whole conference team would like to extend our hearty welcome to all the participants and we hope to have a successful conference.
  • Today we have 3 distinct presentations of good practice cases for utilizing Nextsense technology in transforming the operations of parliaments and governments.Our local and regional successes would not be possible without our strategic cooperation and partnership with global technology leaders. Our long term partnerships resulted in numerous high-end technology solutions with outstanding customer experience.
  • We invited our supporting partnerKofax to present to you their technology advances and strategies for governments.Our conference partners, members of the International organizations, development and support organizations, will present their programs, practices and support for strengthening democratic institutions, civic organizations and parliaments, promoting citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.
  • I will invite our conference partner, the Director of Center for e-Governance Development, and my dear friend, MrBlazGolob to address the audience. …. (BLAZ GOLOB ADDRESS TO THE AUDIENCE) …Thank you Blaz for your support and continuous efforts towards successful Development of Information Society in South East Europe.
  • I would like to invite the Minister of Information Society and Administration of the Republic of Macedonia, Chair of the National Council for Information Society and person in charge of today’s information society initiatives in Republic of Macedonia, His Excellency Minister Ivanovski, to address the audience with his opening remarks.…. (MINISTER IVANOVSKI ADDRESS TO THE AUDIENCE) …Thank you Minister Ivanovski for your inspiring thoughts.
  • I would like to invite Mr. Chris Henshaw , NDI Macedonia Country Director with extensive background in political, educational and international affairs with great experience in national and regional bodies and government departments, and wide knowledge about the implementation of government directives and new legislation, to address the audience with his opening remarks.…. (MR. CHRIS HENSHAW , ADDRESS TO THE AUDIENCE) …Thank you Mr. Henshawfor your kind words and your efforts for improving regional democracies.
  • …. (FINAL WORDS) …We believe that your contribution to the conference program will allow us to provide valuable insights to the public institutions, how to improve and modernize business and citizens’ participation in public decision-making processes. We invite you to take active participation at the Conference and we look forward to interesting sessions and inspiring and productive discussions. ….….….…. The whole conference team would like to extend our hearty welcome to all the participants and we hope to have a successful conference. At the end of today’s part of the conference we would like to invite you for a dinner, enjoying attractive landscape of the Lake Ohrid, good wine and food, accompanied by charming music. WELCOME TO YOU ALL.
  • [2011] Opening of the e-Democracy Conference 2011 - Vasko Kronevski

    1. 1. e-Democracy Conference 2011Vasko KronevskiCEO, Nextsense
    2. 2. e-Democracy 2010 Testimonials “ “ Macedonia has a very big advantage if compared to the countries in the region, and everything that has been done in this field is highly appreciated by the EU. “HE Ambassador Erwan FouéréDelegation of the European Union,Macedonia Inspiring: It was an honour for me to speak in the name of Microsoft before such a governments, national assemblies, international groups and nongovernmental “ distinguished group of leaders from organizations. Michelle Makaroff EU Global Strategic Accounts Microsoft Corporation e-Democracy Conference 2011 3
    3. 3. Insights from the e-Democracy Conference 2010
    4. 4. e-Democracy Conference 2011
    5. 5. Nextsense Integrated Legislative Knowledge management
    6. 6. ICT, a driver for improving democracy1 National wide integrated legislative knowledge management2 How ICT can transform the work of parliament and government3 Parliament and Democracy in the Twenty-first century4 Open government5 e-Participation
    7. 7. e-Democracy 2011 partners
    8. 8. Conference Agenda 26.09.2011Opening Vasko Kronevski 10:00 10:10 CEO, Nextsense Blaz Golob Director, CeGD Keynote speech HE Ivo Ivanovski 10:10 10:20 Minister of Information Society and Administration, Macedonia Keynote speech Mr. Marlind Myftiu 10:20 10:30 Secretary General, Assembly of the Republic of Albania Keynote speech Mr. Chris Henshaw 10:30 10:40 NDI Macedonia Country DirectorCoffee Break 10:50 11:00Panel 1 Moderator 11:00 12:30ICT as a tool for government Mr. Blaz Golob, CeGDtransformationCoffee Break 12:30 12:45Panel 2 Moderator 12:45 14:00Legislation Management Solutions, Mr. Igor Andonovski, NextsenseRepublic of AlbaniaLunch 14:00 15:00Panel 3 Panelists 15:00 16:50e-Democracy and e-Participation Mr. Robert Scott Heaslet Program Director, NDI Ms. Kristina Kolozova, Deputy Head of Cooperation, SDC Moderator Mr. Simon DelakordaDinner 18:30 20:30 9
    9. 9. Conference Agenda 27.09.2011Keynote speech H.E. Ambassador Alan Brian Bergant 10:00 10:30 Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Macedonia Mr. Jani Makraduli Vice-president of the Assembly of the Republic of MacedoniaPanel 4 Moderator 09:30 10:45Open Government Mr. Jeff Kaplan, Open ePolicy GroupCoffee Break 10:45 11:00Panel 5 Moderator 11:00 12:30ICT Tools Mr. Sanjin Arifagić, Regional Cooperation CouncilCoffee Break 12:30 12:45Final Roundtable Moderators 12:45 13:15 Mr. Jared Ford, NDI Program Manager Mr. Vasko Kronevski, CEO, NextsenseFinal Remarks and Conference Robert Liddell, Chargé dAffaires a.i. Delegation of the European 13:15 13:45Closing UnionLunch 13:45 15:30Training workshop PLANNING, DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING SUCCESSFUL E- 15:30 18:30(with additional registration) DEMOCRACY 1
    10. 10. Blaz GolobDirector of Center for e-Governance Development
    11. 11. HE Minister Ivo IvanovskiMinister of Information Society and Administration of theRepublic of Macedonia
    12. 12. Chris HenshawNDI Macedonia Country Director
    13. 13. I wish you all a successful work atconference and a pleasant stay in Ohrid