[2011] Citizen services and collaboration in the 21st Century - Holger Schreyer


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e-Democracy Conference 2011 presentation titled 'Citizen services and collaboration in the 21st Century' by Holger Schreyer, Director, Sales Engineering - EMEA Central Kofax Deutschland AG

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  • Many initiatives wediscussedyesterdayandtodayfor e-govand e.-emo, publicparticipationwhichofferbetterinvolvementanddirectinvolvement in processesAll theserequire modern andadequatecommunicationmeansbetweentheusersbeitcitizensor MP or .. Yniandtheprocesses, regulationsamdsometimesexisting ICT systems(Kofax) ICT Government Solutions enable agencies to streamline their capture processes, reduce costs, provide better service to constituents and adopt technological advancements and best-practices with the agility of private industry.
  • [2011] Citizen services and collaboration in the 21st Century - Holger Schreyer

    1. 1. Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century Meeting Government Information Capture NeedsHolger SchreyerDirector PreSales, EMEA Central27th Sep 2011
    2. 2. Capture: Your Onramp to Document Driven BPA Agency Any IT Stakeholders Infrastructure Business IntelligenceAnyone Scan Paper Documents BPM / Workflow Perfect & Enhance Images LOB Applications Ingest Electronic DocumentsAnywhere Classify & Separate “Pages” ERP / CRM Extract & Perfect Data ECM / RM Streamline & Manage CommunicationsAny Format Databases / Archives VALUE Fuel e-Democracy & e-Government Reduce Costs, Speed Processing Enhance Regulatory Compliance Streamline Collaboration and Communication Migrate from Paper to a Paper & Electronic Document Environment Reduce carbon footprintCitizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 2
    3. 3. Conceptual view: process citizen requests, communication Paper Fax Email BPM SMS Understand Decide Portal ERP/LOB/CRM XML SharePoint Office ECM/RM Database PDF What is it? What do I do with it?Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 3
    4. 4. ICT Automation: reduced process time & costPaper FaxEmail BPM SMS Understand Decide Portal ERP/LOB/CRM Understand XML SharePoint DecideOffice ECM/RM Database PDF Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 4
    5. 5. Touchless processingPaper FaxEmail BPM SMS Portal ERP/LOB/CRM Understand XML SharePoint DecideOffice ECM/RM Database PDF Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 5
    6. 6. Kofax Government Solutions Social Services Revenue, Finance Public Health Courts and Justice Benefits & Taxation •Eligibility & Enrollment •Vital Records •County Circuit Courts •Retirement & Pension •Financial Aid •Census Data •District Courts •Tax Form Processing •Food Assistance •Clerks Office •Investigations •Child Support Services •Wills •Collections •Unemployment •Land Records •Licensing •Workers Comp •Deeds •Permitting •Housing •Liens •Health Care •Violations Education Public Safety Transportation Facility & Assets Management •Admissions •Ticket Processing •DMV •Utilities •Transcripts •Inspections •State Road Construction •Water/Power •Exam Processing •Permitting •Traffic Pattern •Buildings •Special Ed/IEP Case •Corrections Coordination •Computers Management •Police •Urban Modernization •Vehicles •Early Intervention (0-5) •Fire Case ManagementCitizen Benefits Enrollment Workers Compensation & Pension FinanceChild Support Enforcement Tax & Revenue Digital MailroomUnemployment Claims Collaboration in the 21st Century Citizen Services and Human Resources Administration Invoice Processing 6
    7. 7. Distribution of Mail• In many agencies, the daily work is initiated by the distribution of the incoming mail to: – Departments – Groups – Individuals• Scanning and image-enabled workflow is only half the answer ICT can dramatically reduce an agency’s operational costs by reducing labor for preparation and post-scan processing Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 7
    8. 8. Manual Processing Collect Channels Mailroom People Walk-In Sort and Batch Scanner Case Workers Applications & On-going Claims Postal Service Cost DecisionSupporting Documents Internal/External Departments & Agencies Delay Fax External Printer Organizations Case Files Licensing Permits Errors Processes Violations E-mail Workflows Admissions Transcripts Reporting Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 8
    9. 9. Automated Digital Mailroom Collect Channel Capture People Walk-In Employees Applications & On-going Claims Scanner Decision Postal ServiceSupporting Documents Internal/External Departments & Fax Fax Server Agencies Classification Extraction Validation Delivery External Organizations Case Files Licensing Permits Processes Violations E-mail Inbox Workflows Admissions Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century Transcripts Reporting 9
    10. 10. Kofax Government Solutions Value Proposition Reduce consumables & administration cost Do more Cost Reduce processing cost throughContainment with less automation of capture, classification, headcount validation, seamless back end integration Accelerate processing time Improved Communicate – notify constituents and Access Increased share or request information in the most Efficiency from 1 week cost-effective way to 1 minute Improved Constituent Satisfaction Collaboration with departments, No need to Improved agencies and clients pack andInformationManagement Cost effective inbound and outbound ship paper communication on one platform filesCitizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 10
    11. 11. Proofpoints: Customers in the Government Sector Landesamt für Besoldung und VersorgungCitizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 11
    12. 12. British WaterwaysLocation: Watford, United KingdomSize: 2200 EmployeesChallenge – Receives annually hundreds of thousands of boat licenses, renewals etc. – Document volume exceeded storage capacity – Staff members spread out across multiple sites without access to stored dataSolution – Centralized scanning of barcoded documents and automated separation and extraction of required information with Kofax Capture, Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS) – Automated validation by SAP look ups, release to MS SharePoint, automated filing – Conversion of 350.000 .tiff files to searchable PDFsResults – Documents available to staff in real-time – Solution saves more than $ 15 million annually in staffing, operating costs – Documentation centrally stored, properly versioned and easily searchable and retrievableCitizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 12
    13. 13. State Of GenevaLocation: Geneva, SwitzerlandSize: 14,000 EmployeesSolution: MailroomChallenge – Suffered from serious storage capacity problems – Low level of transparency to citizens and suppliers – Needed to improve handling of hundreds of thousands of important citizen documents – Needed to improve service-levelSolution – Centralized batch scanning, automated separation, extraction, validation and release to various front- and backend-systems, collation into one digital file – Kofax Capture, Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS), Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM)Results – Increased service level to citizens and suppliers – Reduced errors, quicker response to queries, reduced overhead costs – Storage issue completely solved – Faster invoice processingCitizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century 13
    14. 14. Romania National StatisticsLocation: RomaniaPopulation: 21 Million InstitueChallenges – needed to capture alphanumeric census information with high accuracy – Registration information from millions of documents needed to be processed in very short time – Support 48 census centersSolution – Kofax document processing platform, capture continuous feeding of documents in batches of mixed sizes and weight, Image de-skew in forms – 40 million documents licensed per yearResults – The Kofax solution performed black border removal and eliminated colored boxes in forms – 25 000 census documents processed in 30 minutes (election 2009) – The Kofax solution met every target for greater speed, accuracy and cost-efficiencyProjects – Agency for Payment and Intervention for Agriculture – milk quota study for all romanian counties – National Statistical Institute - Structural survey in agriculture of 2007 – Services Statistical Institute - Eupean parliament election for RomaniaCitizen Nationaland Collaboration in the 21st Century – National Statistical Institute - General Agricultural Census 2010 project 14
    15. 15. Benefits of Automation Operating Costs Responsiveness Misplaced/Lost Files Productivity Fraud Processing Capacity Benefits Delivery Quality Timeframe Constituent Satisfaction Agency Director Benefits Delivery “I want all our Manager processes to be “I want a secure, streamlined – we need reliable and easy to be more efficient and manage process provide better service where my staff focus to our constituents.” on serving our constituents, notCitizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century handling documents.” 15
    16. 16. Kofax at a GlanceSuccessful for more than 20 years – Acknowledged market leader in information capture – Helping customers to optimize/automate their mission critical, document driven business processes.Global presence – 1,100 employees in 37 countries – 800+ Partners – Global professional services organization – Global support organization – Development and product management in the US, Europe, AsiaProven track record – 20,000+ customers around the globe – Significant public sector presence Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century http://www.kofax.com/solutions/government.asp 16
    17. 17. ThankYou!Citizen Services and Collaboration in the 21st Century