Social Media for 2014


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Presentation from e-CBD's workshop "Digital Strategy 2014"

Luke explains how to make the most of social media marketing for your business and maximise the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and more. Learn why it's so important to think in terms of 'goal oriented social media marketing', instead of social media as a marketing miracle cure!

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  • In 2014 social media is dominating internet.
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Social Media for 2014

  1. 1. e-CBD Workshop: Social Media 2014 Luke Garfield Internet Marketing Manager October 2013
  2. 2. What is social media? • • • • • A buzz word? A magic remedy to fix all your marketing ills? Another marketing channel that you should use to make your brand and it’s products and services more visible. A tool. Success can look easy at first glance.
  3. 3. Social Networks (the buzzword ones) Facebook - General: Photos, Videos, Apps. Twitter - Micro blogging, conversational Instagram – Photo sharing YouTube – Video Sharing Google+ - General: Photos, Videos LinkedIn – Business & Professional Networking Pinterest – Online Pinboard – image based Tumblr – Microblogging platform Myspace – A social media memory ...
  4. 4. Which Network Should I Use? • • • What networks do you use on a personal basis? Use a network on a personal level, participate in the medium, check out what others are doing and adapt it for your own use. Work out the network you feel you can reach your audience on.
  5. 5. Set Goals • Some goals might include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. • • • • Make your brand more visible Attract new clients/customers Provide customer support and Q & A Drive more sales online and offline Encourage fans to leave testimonials and reviews of products/services Think about concrete things you can measure Be realistic Be specific e.g. 200 new likes in 1 month Write it down
  6. 6. Who Is Your Audience? • • • • Male, Female or Both Age, Location Interests How do they think/feel about certain things? Can your business join the conversation about these things making you relevant to them?
  7. 7. Get Purposeful. Get Educated • • • • • • Make a posting/tweeting etc. editorial schedule. Set aside time for social media activities. Set aside some time to read about social media marketing (see handout and references). See what others are doing Experiment and measure the success Have a one-on-one social media marketing session with e-CBD
  8. 8. Social Media And Conversions 2013 State Of Inbound Marketing Annual Report –
  9. 9. Social Networks & Customers 2013 State Of Inbound Marketing Annual Report –
  10. 10. No One Wants To Know About My Business ...
  11. 11. Competitions Get a double whammy with your social by creating competitions which not only get you more visible on social but also: build your email database create more content for your website (helping your SEO) other • • • Warning: think out your competition before getting started ...
  12. 12. Do they work?
  13. 13. Measuring Success
  14. 14. Measuring Success
  15. 15. Measuring Success
  16. 16. Social Media Tips • • • • • Post regularly enough but not too much (could you be any more ambiguous?) Post about “other things” not always making the sell - experiment with the ratio of sell and “other”. When you do the sell keep with the tone of the medium. Post/tweet to highlight special dates - tie it in uniquely with your business. Get cheesy - it might actually work.
  17. 17. ● Get Visual - smart phones make it easy - but spend a little time learning how to take nice photos. ● Make a video - smart phones make it easy but spend a little time learning how to make a decent DIY video. ● Run competitions. ● Ask people to check-in. ● Use Facebook ads to promote important posts and have a “Like Ad” running to build likes ($5 per day) Watch Others, Educate Yourself, Experiment & Get Your Hands Dirty
  18. 18. Social Media Is Only One Part Of The Puzzle 2013 State Of Inbound Marketing Annual Report –
  19. 19. Fine