Community on the Inter-Webs: Then, Now and Tomorrow


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Community on the Inter-Webs: Then, Now and Tomorrow

  1. 1. Community on the Inter-Webs Then Now and Tomorrow dan zelikman -
  2. 2. dan zelikman pencils, books, dirty looks - New England, Sweden, Australia bally total fitness - sales manager/trainer out post tripping - team leader/guide forex capital markets - media planner/buyer anthology marketing group - director of digital - marketing/community host
  3. 3. a new online news service providing hyper-local news to the state of Hawaii began by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of ebay reporting on Hawaii, Honolulu, government, money, education, land fact checks, topic pages, discussion threads no ads, only focused on our members no anonymous comments #becivil developing a community of civic-minded people who care about Hawaii’s issues discussions between members a focal point of
  4. 4. Then
  5. 5. Then the Internet is a global data communications system. It is a hardware & software infrastructure that provides connectivity between computers in contrast, the web is one of the services communicated via the internet. It is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs and now... a community of people.
  6. 6. Then how many years did it take to reach 50 million users? radio: 38 years television: 13 years
  7. 7. Now we all get tangled in the web. we work, play, educate, communicate, entertain, purchase, watch, read and share we like keeping in touch, keeping up, keeping track, keeping busy, and keep on keeping on... we connect. ...but to what? ...and why?
  8. 8. Now there are over 500 million members tops on Facebook, which would make it the 3rd largest country for weekly traffic in the U.S after China and India social media in Christmas of (community) 2009, Kindle e-books has overtaken outsold paper books porn as the #1 web activity
  9. 9. Now how many years did it take to reach 50 million users? internet: 4 years iPod: 3 years one billion applications were downloaded on Apple products in 9 months
  10. 10. Now ...have more followers than the populations of:
  11. 11. Now one out of eight couples married in the U.S have met on the web 80% of companies use social media for recruitment 95% of them use LinkedIn 200,000,000 blogs and growing 25% of search results for the worlds top 20 largest brands are links to user generated content
  12. 12. baby boomers ages 46 to 64... with a population of 80MM value shifters - cause supporters, Beatles, Stones, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Obama, dual wars in the Middle East & Vietnam worker-bees - buzzing blackberry, social status depends on professional achievements independent doers - fortune 100 companies, leading political and social movements, philanthropy competitors - always need to win, thrill of the race, helicopter parents
  13. 13. gen X ages 26 to 46... with a population of 50MM pragmatics - information age, data & practical approach = results, understand media/marketing, optimistic cynics thrillers - surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, skydivers, X-games, new olympics disenfranchised - feel like the middle child, boomers wise, gen Y coming of age, gen x? quality seekers - willing to pay more for good quality, evangelists for their brands
  14. 14. gen Y ages 16 to 26... with a population of 76MM connectors - facebook, myspace, iphone, pop culture, reality TV forerunners -Twitter, Tumblr, Ning, intellectually curious, green issues, opinionated, blogging escapists - escape the hectic world into a quieter digital world, youtube, world of warcraft, online gaming, adult swim free thinkers - imaginative, new & off-beat communities, pitchfork, different but quality
  15. 15. gen Z ages 6 to 16... with a population of 23MM speed demons - want it yesterday, instant gratification, smart phone, sluggish = useless, brazen careerist community organizers - chat, instant message, social, Facebook, Tumblr, Orkut open books - privacy is lame, only money is secret, live-blogging, live-chat, live-stream, live-life micro miners - short attention spans, short, concise, essential, boing-boing twitterfied, byte-sized
  16. 16. Now avg. daily circulation at 379 U.S. newspapers plunged -10.6% in the April-Sept 09’ period from the same 6-month stretch from 2008 driven in part by high price increases imposed by publishers scrambling to offset rapidly eroding advertising sales The Los Angeles Times, which was over 1 million subscribers not that many years ago, fell -11.05% to 657,000 The Boston Globe, the supposedly premier paper in all of New England, fell -18.48% to 264,000 The San Francisco Chronicle dived by -25.82% to 252,000
  17. 17. Tomorrow social = community = web customer is the focus, models will change subscription models allow for customer centric experiences good customer experiences will create evangelists evangelists will promote good brands one to one communication will be key good brands will flourish, customer will win
  18. 18. Tomorrow niche entertainment crowd-sourcing augmented reality P2P mobile payments vending 3.0
  19. 19. Tomorrow 2D/QR codes there’s an app for that digital storefronts giving goodness mobile contact-less payments
  20. 20. Mahalo technology news bytes to all of you.
  21. 21. dan zelikman - @danzelikman @civilbeat or on