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    Electricity[1] Electricity[1] Presentation Transcript

    • How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity? He was shocked!
    • Father of Electricity Benjamin Franklin
    • Curiousity led Franklin to investigate electricity!
    • Key, Kite, Leyden Jar helped in discovery
    • Franklin invented the lightning rod
    • Lighning would strike the rod not the house. With Without
    • Volta discovered first battery!
    • Did you know?
    • Electricity and magnets are related!
    • Michael Faraday Produced electricity by placing a magnet through copper wire
    • Electromagnet http://www.fossweb.com/modules3-6/MagnetismandElectricity/activities/electromagnet.html See how it works! He produced an electromagnet!
    • These items use electromagnets. Can you think of more?
    • Electricity : energy produced by moving electrons.
    • Cause Electricity Moving electrons
    • Edison and Westinghouse created the first power stations.
    • Electrically charged particles flow from powerstations into homes. Electric Current
    • Transformation Just as the caterpillar changes to a butterfly...
    • Electricity is transformed into other forms of energy...
    • Light Energy
    • Heat Energy
    • Mechanical Energy
    • Sound Energy
    • Measuring Electricity
    • Measure of electric pressure VOLT
    • The rate that electric current flows. AMP
    • The amount of electricity an object uses. WATT http://www.engineeringinteract.org/resources/siliconspies/flash/concepts/electricity.htm Check it out:
    • Static Electricity Build up of negative charges
    • Lightning Negative static charges jump to positive charges
    • Circuit Path that electric current flows
    • Series Circuit One goes out, they all go out!
    • Series Circuit http://www.engineeringinteract.org/resources/siliconspies/flash/concepts/simplecircuits.htm Great activity Check it out!
    • Parallel Circuits Buildings and homes are wired this way.
    • Parallel Circuits When one path is broken...
    • The other paths work!!!
      • http://www.engineeringinteract.org/resources/siliconspies/flash/concepts/buildingcircuits.htm
      Build your own circuit!
    • Conductors allow electricity to flow through it.
    • Good Conductors
    • Insulators do not allow electricity to flow!
    • Good Insulators
    • Protect yourself Use Insulators
    • How is electricity generated?
    • Electricity is generated from energy resources.
    • Renewable Resources can be replaced in a human lifetime.
    • Biomass
    • Geothermal
    • Hydropower
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Nonrenewable Resources cannot be replaced in a human lifetime.
    • Coal
    • Natural Gas
    • Nuclear
    • Petroluem
    • Nonrenewable Resources play a major role in our society.
    • This trend must change!
    • R R R Go Green!
    • Reduce Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
    • Reduce Use less paper towels.
    • Reduce Use online billing to replace paper bills.
    • Reduce Use energy saving lightbulbs.
    • Recycle Recycle paper and plastic.
    • Recycle Recycle aluminum cans.
    • Reuse Reuse towels to save water.
    • Reuse Reuse cardboard boxes for storage.
    • Make a difference!