How To Become a Vice President for Enrollment Management


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This presentation provides a career track for financial aid administrators seeking to become the top enrollment officer.

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How To Become a Vice President for Enrollment Management

  1. 1. How to Become a Vice President for Enrollment Management John W. Dysart President The Dysart Group, Inc. Douglas E. Clark Vice President for Enrollment Management Ferrum College
  2. 2. History Financial Aid professionals are uniquely qualified to head enrollment management operations but are significantly underrepresented in leadership positions. The Dysart Group, Inc.
  3. 3. Landing Leadership Positions: Inherent Qualifications Additional Preparation Identifying Opportunities Application Realities Your Resume and Interviews Making a Difference The Dysart Group, Inc.
  4. 4. Inherent Qualifications: Particulars of Craft Understanding Revenue Data and Details-Controlling Function in Management Influence Recruitment Promote Retention Knowledge in the Trenches Government Relations Constituency Relations The Dysart Group, Inc.
  5. 5. Additional Preparation: Mentors Meetings and Participation Ask Questions List Serves Newsletters and Publications Conferences College Board and ACT Participate in Recruitment Travel The Dysart Group, Inc.
  6. 6. Additional Preparation: Education Professional Organizations Experiment Within FA Parameters Title Change Teach a Course Professional Development Project a Professional Image The Dysart Group, Inc.
  7. 7. Identifying Opportunities: Apply NACAC List Serve and Web Site Headhunters The Chronicle of Higher Education Networking (Participant Lists) The Dysart Group, Inc.
  8. 8. Application Realities: Leaving Your Current Institution Educational Barriers Apply at Peer Institutions High Risk Institutions The Dysart Group, Inc.
  9. 9. Your Resume and Interviews: Emphasize Enrollment Success Your Influence on Yield Controlling or Increasing Revenue Predictability Efficient Processes Elements of Strategic Plan Supervision Skills The Dysart Group, Inc.
  10. 10. Your Resume and Interviews: Limit Financial Aid Jargon Experience Utilizing Data Analysis Know Your Numbers Know The Institution (IPEDS) The Dysart Group, Inc.
  11. 11. Making A Difference: The way to have the greatest influence on student success, institutional longevity and societal outcomes is to pursue leadership positions! The Dysart Group, Inc.
  12. 12. Publications and Conferences Publications Publications Conferences NACAC Annual Enrollment Manager Transcript Conference Austin, TX AACRAO Annual Journal of College College & University Admissions Conference Boston, MA 2006 Fundamentals of College Admission University Business The Snowmass Institute Counseling Aspen, CO The Dysart Group, Inc.
  13. 13. Organizations and Grad Programs Graduate Graduate Organizations Programs Programs National Association of College and University University of Miami University of Michigan Business Officers National Association of Nova Southeastern College Admission Drexel University University Counselors American Association of University of California, Collegiate Registrars and Harvard University Berkeley Admission Officers The Dysart Group, Inc.
  14. 14. Publications: Publications Publications Publications Leaving College: College Student Retention Rethinking the Causes How College Affects Formula for Student and Cures of Student Students Success Attrition E.T. Pascarella and P.T. V. Tinto Alan Seidman Terenzini University of Chicago ACE Praeger Jossey-Bass Press Postsecondary Four Critical Years Education Business Officer A.W. Astin OPPORTUNITY Josey-Bass What Matters in College: Journal of Student The Chronicle of Higher Four Critical Years Revisited Financial Aid Education A.W. Astin Josey-Bass The Dysart Group, Inc.