Gain Massive Exposure And Money On Twitter


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Gain Massive Exposure and Money on Twitter

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Gain Massive Exposure And Money On Twitter

  1. 1. Gain Massive Exposure and Money on Twitter There are two impressive Twitter related sites that I use to get more retweets for my posts and make money for tweeting other people posts. is a website that allows you to reach an exponential number of followers on Twitter. You can earn free credits or buy credits in bulk. Free credit is given to you once you retweet other people posts. Your account will be credited .5 retweets. Or you can purchase 50 retweets for $5.00. When you first sign up, you receive 5 free credits. Naturally, I don’t like paying for things that you can get for free. But I wouldn’t recommend following what I did for free retweets. I retweeted 120 retweets, just to get 60 credits, because remember you only get .5 credit for each post you retweet. It looked like I spammed all of my twitter followers. I got tweets like this: Gain Massive Exposure and Money on Twitter
  2. 2. Sorry dudes. I really thought I was going to lose most of my followers, but I in reality gain 30 more followers. I am not sure how that happened, but I am pretty sure when my followers log on to their account and see all my 120 retweets I will lose a lot more. If you decide to go the cheap way like me, I suggest retweeting only a couple at a time. Possibly retweet up to 10 retweets every hour. If you don’t care then go for it. The following steps is what I use to gain the maximum exposure for my post on 1) I social bookmark my post with Stumble Upon or Digg. 2) I use the StumbleUpon or Digg URL ( want-to-dominate-craigslist) and 3) I shorten it with ( – to track how many people click on my link. This way I can saturate Twitter AND StumbleUpon/Digg with my post to gain more views. I post a message and use my URL ( and type how many credits I want to use and hit “Submit”. I track my progress daily on and Stumble Upon (under Favorites tab) or (Click on Profile at the top, then “History” tab to monitor “Duggs”). is a website where advertisers compensate Twitter users for introducing a specific URL to their followers. It’s not like or sponsored tweets. Twitterers are paid based on click-throughs, not impressions. You choose the post you want to tweet and it allows you to tweet it from their site. They track how many people click on the URL from your twitter account and credit your account. You can receive your money through PayPal or by check. Gain Massive Exposure and Money on Twitter
  3. 3. Today, I tweeted one post from to see how it works and I earned $0.05. That means that only one person clicked on the link and which was me (just to see if it works) because all of my twitter followers are mad at me for tweeting 120 retweets today. I don’t blame them. Better luck tomorrow. Or maybe I should try again on Thursday when all is forgotten. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Gain Massive Exposure and Money on Twitter