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  • Nivea daniel and sotarious

    1. 1. NIVEADANIEL YEHESKEL-HAI HTW University of Applied Sciences Bachelor International BusinessSOTARIUS DURUOHA B12 MarketingProf. Dr.Holger LüttersWS 12/13 1
    2. 2. CONTENTCompany InformationBrand ElementsThe Four P’sNivea’s “Beauty is” campaignSWOT AnalysisDiscussion Questions 2
    3. 3. COMPANYINFORMATIONNivea – Most recognized skin and beauty care brands in theworld (Nivea, 2010)Introduced in 1911 by Belersdorf, which is today controlledby Tchibo AG.Available in over 200 countries.Core values: “Security, trust, closeness, credibility.” (Fasse2009)In 2011 Nivea generated a revenue of 2.5 Billion euros. 3
    4. 4. BRAND ELEMENTSName • The brand has derived its name from the Latin word Nivius meaning ”Snow White”.Logo • The original NIVEA tin was replaces by a much simpler blue and white tin in 1925.NIVEA Blue • The unique color is the “lcovart NIVEA Blue B65711”. This color was developed in a complex color mixing process for NIVEA. • Blue: Sympathy, harmony, friendship and loyalty. • White: External cleanliness as well as inner purity, • Blue and White: Ideal for honest and appealing brand. 4
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    7. 7. PRODUCTNivea.deNivea expanded from offering just one cream to filling everymarket opportunity. • Example: NIVEA SUN Face Whitening Cream 7
    8. 8. PRICENIVEA prices always appear competitive with brands, such asDove, Johnson & Johnson or Labortoire Garnier, which may besituated next to them in the shops. However, among these thebrand takes care that it does not appear to charge less so that theimage of being a quality brand remains believable for customers. 8
    9. 9. PLACE Found Everywhere • High-status retailers. • Supermarkets • Discount pharmacies 9
    10. 10. PROMOTION• Direct Marketing • TV Ads • Periodic Mailing • Bill boards• Non Traditional Marketing •Nivea Beach ball @ European beaches. • Blue Santa Clause giving Nivea creams.• Event Marketing • Sponsored beauty contests in diverse market, Poland, UK and Thailand. 10Annual Report, 2007
    11. 11. NIVEA BEAUTY ISCAMPAIGNNivea crowed sourced information online and offline inworkshops around the globe to find out what woman relate tobeauty.Result “well being, personality, and interpersonalexperience.” (Rousseau, 2007)They then used this information. to create their futurecampaigns. 11
    12. 12. AIMS OF THECAMPAIGN Create a Further Connect with common strengthen thethe consumer. appearance of image of the the brand. brand. Create more Increase Nivea awareness and skin care Recognition knowledge. 12
    13. 13. RESULTSNivea was ”able to report a 9% increase in the companysglobal sales 2007 – well ahead of the markets average growthrate of 3-4%. (CMD Global, 2008)In response L’Oreal changed their slogan from “Becauseyoure worth it” to “Because we’re worth it. “ in order tocreate more consumer relationship to the brand. 13
    14. 14. SWOT • Thick creams lead to the brand being associated with a winter cream. Weakness • Very strong competition. • Association with being a budget • Great positioning. brand. • Very good brand image.Strength • Efficient distribution network. • Used world wide. • Entering new emerging markets with Focused products. Opportunities • Being aware of costumers needs and wants • Other brands beginning to follow the Nivea philosophy. Threats • Not many sub-brands, one scandal can destroy the entire brand image. 14
    15. 15. DISCUSSION QUESTIONSShould Nivea expand into other beauty fields such as makeup ? If yes, should it remain under the brand name ?In your opinion does it hurt the brand image to sell creamswhich chemically lighten your skin under the philosophy ofpure and cleansing ? Is it ethical to sell a cream with 50 spf ifthe market demands it, even though it is a proven fact thatanything above 20 is harmful for the skin. 15
    16. 16. SOURCESBeiersdorf Homepage (2010) Homepage (Online) available (accessed at: 12/14/2012)CMD global, 2008 “Smoothly does it“, CMD Global (Online)available at: (accesses at 29/10/2010) Euromonitor (2007)Fasse (2009) „NIVEA“ Word Document (Online) available at: (accessed at:12/14/2012) 16
    17. 17. SOURCESL’Oréal (2010) Homepage (Online) available at: at: 12/14/2012)NIVEA Homepage (2010) Homepage (Online) available (accessed at: 12/14/2012)NIVEA Annual Report, (2007) “Annual Report 2007”, (Online)available at: at:12/14/2012)Positioning: Analyse how the two brands NIVEA and CHANELhave been positioned in their respective markets. Availableat: at: 12/14/2012) 17