The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies                                            ...
The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies                                            ...
The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies                                            ...
The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies          2/15/13 5:39 PMhttp://movies.insin...
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'The bourne legacy': no damon, no problem singapore movies - in movies


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'The bourne legacy': no damon, no problem singapore movies - in movies

  1. 1. The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies 2/15/13 5:39 PM Like 208k Register Login Businesses Food Movies Events Select a movie Select a cinema Search SG HUNGRYGOWHERE SHOPPING MOVIES EVENTS BEST DEALS TRAVEL NEWS MORE Home > Movies > The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem See what your friends are reading Most Popular Ah Boys To Men: Part 2 - The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem Journey To The West - Movies by Wang Dexian Ah Boys To Men: Part 1 - - 8 August 2012 5:31 PM | Updated 14 August 2012 12:33 PM A Good Day To Die Hard - Ah Boys to Men Part 2: A perfect... Tweet 0 Like 2 people like this. Be the first of your friends. Subscribe to Newsletter Get e-mail updates on Food, Movies, Shopping and Events in Singapore plus Contests & Giveaways! Given Name Family Name Email Address Movie details | Photo gallery | Watch trailer | Buy tickets Rating: 3 stars out of 5 Five years after the original Bourne trilogy wrapped up, we finally get a new installment in the tension-filled spy world of Jason Bourne. This time though, our familiar hero isn’t here. Matt Damon declined to reprise his role, as did director Paul Greengrass (‘The Bourne Supremacy’, ‘Ultimatum’) ... so what did Universal Pictures do? Experts They put a new spin on the plot. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ isn’t so much a reboot or continuation of Food Shopping Movies Bourne’s tale, but more like another chapter set in the same CIA-centric universe. We get a Beckii Dr Leslie Tay EvelynCOnline Bagaholicboy Movie Lover CinemaChen completely new leading man and character, Jeremy Renner playing agent Aaron Cross, an agent ‘The Delicacy’: The Prince Coffee All 5 best French bistros Bagaholicboy:stop- Unknown: A tale of Unforgettable House in of Operation Outcome, yet another one of the CIA’s improved agent enhancing programmes. In the delectable... Singapore turns Things films twists and Hainanese- motion Fun,... Old school wake of CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy and Jason Bourne’s expose of Operation Blackbriar in Western ‘ParaNorman’ in When sweet treats Beach Win one delights atcome So many French hot A complicated thriller Besides of these bistros Road in unlikely are Neeson. town - hereLiamthe designer numbers! 5 headed other stop-motion here arebypackages. best ‘Ultimatum’, the CIA has decided to cut the cord on a bunch of black ops programmes, including spots films that give CG... Outcome. That pretty much means killing the field agents, including Agent Cross who then decides to enlist the help of Dr. Marta Shearling (Rachel Weisz), a scientist who worked on Outcome, to Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies 2/15/13 5:39 PM expose his superiors. But, although it tries to begin afresh, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ is kind of inaccessible. For a start, the spectre of Jason Bourne is very much alive, as the plot of ‘Legacy’ is based completely around Beckii C Cinema... Movie... Bagaholicb... ‘Ultimatum’. Even though Bourne doesn’t appear in this film at all, references of him through photographs and other characters are peppered throughout. This means that even though Jeremy Featured Series Renner is a great leading man and action star, his role is diminished quite a bit. And, without knowing the ins-and-outs of the previous Bourne movies, the plot of ‘Legacy’ is too complex to follow. Movie Reviews Movie Reviews ‘Upside Down’: Is... ‘Parker’: A bloody... Food Shopping Critics Reviews New Arrivals Interviews Tech Weekly New Opening Contests and Giveaways What’s New Movies Events Trailer Feature Fun For Free Movie Feature Preview Guide Movie Reviews Contests Interviews Announcement Weekend Guide Art and Performing... Search for feature articles Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton go face to face Fans will be happy to know, however, that the strengths of the prior films are still present here. Screenwriter for the first three films, Tony Gilroy steps up to the director role for this movie and has managed to carry on the Bourne-world’s trademarks ! the visual style (yes, shakycam action) and the realistic portrayal of the CIA, which is even more real here than in the previous movies. More importantly, Gilroy beautifully preserves the sense of the underdog trying to evade the CIA giant. Renner and Weisz are great together on screen, despite Aaron Cross’ slight blandness as a character. The pair is easily the best thing about the movie, and, if there’s a sequel, we’ll watch it just to see more of them together. With this movie, Gilroy had the unenviable task of having to balance widening the story and Bourne mythology without making it look like a cash grab. He also had to do it in a way that could leave open the possibility of Matt Damon returning to the franchise. The result is a decent, if unspectacular, attempt. And while Cross might still be standing in the shadow of Jason Bourne for the most part, there is great potential in not just him, but also Weisz’s Dr. Shearling and Edward Norton’s Eric Byer characters as well. This manages to lift the film just a tad above mediocrity. On its own, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ is a perfectly capable spy action movie. When compared to the high standards that the original trilogy set though, it does pale a little. But in true Bourne style, it does have a spectacular chase. The climax of the movie involves a sprawling chase that takes place on foot and bike through the tight maze of inner city ghetto Manila, The Philippines. And that’s all we’ll say about that. Think about it. ‘The Bourne Legacy’ opens in theatres 8 August 2012 You might also like Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies 2/15/13 5:39 PM Paid Distribution ‘Parker’: A bloody bore ‘A Good Day to Die ‘Sexercise burns a ‘Saving Lincoln,’ (inSing Movies) Hard’: Crash and burn paltry 20 calories per Directed by Salvador (inSing Movies) session Litvak (inSing News) (The New York Times) [Powered by Outbrain] Bookmark Email Print Send to Mobile Share... Share Leave a comment 1 comments Add a comment... Post to Facebook Posting as Dexian Wang (Change) Comment Dylan Teo · Top Commenter Personally... this new guy look smaller and less trained than Matt. Just dont have the spymaster feel to him. He look more like a green horn to me... aka new bird than a killer spy. Reply · Like · Follow Post · August 10, 2012 at 12:00pm Facebook social plugin Related Content Movie Reviews: The Dictator: A comedic dud Movie Reviews: Movie Review: GUNS N’ ROSES Movie Reviews: Happy Feet 2: Master of Tap returns Movie Reviews: Contagion: An Infectious Thriller Movies Features "Harry Potter" producer goes horror "Les Miserables" tops "Argo" at BAFTAs Ahmad Idham goes "Gangster" "The Grandmaster" to release in US Bryan Cranston fights "Godzilla" Catch the latest Singapore movies now Movies About inSing Follow inSing RSS Feeds showing at all cinemas. Read movie Now Showing Business Search About Us reviews, check movie showtimes and Coming Soon HungryGoWhere Contact Us book your tickets at Movies. Photo Galleries Shopping Careers Trailers Movies FAQ Showtimes Events Subscribe to Newsletter Latest Reviews Super Deals mio TV VOD News Advertise with us Travel Display Advertising SingNet Business Listing Ads HungryGoWhere HungryGoWhere for Restaurants © 2013 , SingTel Digital Media Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Disclaimers Review Policy Site Map Developer tools Mobile Version Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. The Bourne Legacy: No Damon, No Problem - Singapore Movies - Movies 2/15/13 5:39 PM Page 4 of 4