‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies                                            ...
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies                                            ...
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies                                2/15/13 5:38...
‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies                                            ...
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‘The amazing spider man’: swinging good - singapore movies - in sing.com movies


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‘The amazing spider man’: swinging good - singapore movies - in sing.com movies

  1. 1. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:38 PM Like 208k Register Login Businesses Food Movies Events Select a movie Select a cinema Search SG HUNGRYGOWHERE SHOPPING MOVIES EVENTS BEST DEALS TRAVEL NEWS MORE Home > Movies > ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good See what your friends are reading Most Popular Ah Boys To Men: Part 2 - inSing.com... ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good Journey To The West - inSing.com Movies by Wang Dexian Ah Boys To Men: Part 1 - inSing.com... inSing.com - 28 June 2012 1:59 PM | Updated 5 July 2012 12:22 PM A Good Day To Die Hard - inSing.com... Ah Boys to Men Part 2: A perfect... Tweet 5 Like 7 people like this. Be the first of your friends. Subscribe to Newsletter Get e-mail updates on Food, Movies, Shopping and Events in Singapore plus Contests & Giveaways! Given Name Family Name Email Address Face front, true believer! Andrew Garfield is your new friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man Movie details | Watch trailer | Photo gallery | Buy tickets Rating: 4/5 When this reboot of Spider-Man was announced, most fans (like us) let out a huge groan. Our collective Spider-sense was sent tingling with fears that Spidey would be exploited, cut in a MTV friendly way to appeal to a new generation. Experts Sandwiched between two titanic superhero movies (‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’), it Food Shopping Movies seemed like Spidey was going to be the odd one out in the biggest superhero movie summer Beckii Dr Leslie Tay EvelynCOnline Bagaholicboy Movie Lover CinemaChen season yet. ‘The Delicacy’: The Prince Coffee All 5 best French bistros Bagaholicboy:stop- Unknown: A tale of Unforgettable House in delectable... Singapore turns Things films twists and Hainanese- motion Fun,... Old school Western ‘ParaNorman’ in When sweet treats Beach Win one delights atcome So many French hot A complicated thriller Besides of these bistros Road in unlikely are Neeson. town - hereLiamthe designer numbers! 5 headed other stop-motion here arebypackages. best spots films that give CG...http://movies.insing.com/feature/the-amazing-spider-man-movie-review/id-4d523f00 Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:38 PM Beckii C Cinema... Movie... Bagaholicb... Featured Series Movie Reviews Movie Reviews ‘Upside Down’: Is... ‘Parker’: A bloody... Food Shopping Critics Reviews New Arrivals Interviews Tech Weekly New Opening Contests and Giveaways What’s New Movies Events Trailer Feature Fun For Free Movie Feature Preview Guide I dont suppose I could convince you to come down here and fight like a spider? Movie Reviews Contests Interviews Announcement Well, were happy to report that our fears have not been realized and that ‘The Amazing Spider- Weekend Guide Art and Performing... Man’ is actually kind of amazing. And while its not the fresh breath of air that the original ‘Spider- Man’ was back in 2002, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is arguably executed better. Search for feature articles A much improved cast stands out as the biggest and best improvement, with Andrew Garfield proving to be a much more likable and expressive Peter Parker. Unlike Tobey Maguires meek, mopey and somewhat one-dimensional take of Peter Parker, Garfield has some spunk to him. He quips a whole lot more and he also skates, making for a much cooler Parker. Hes a still science nerd, so its very believable that hed get picked on. But he sure doesnt back down. Garfield plays the part just right, with the amount of heart that a young teenager with bright aspirations would have, but also with the vulnerability of a young man on the cusp of adulthood. It helps too that his chemistry with Emma Stone is a lot more convincing than Tobey with Kirsten. Spideys first love, Gwen Stacy is here instead of more well-known Mary Jane Watson, and her shyness is the perfect foil for Parker, their budding teenage romance is rather adorable and handled well by Marc Webb, the director of ‘500 Days Of Summer’, who in hindsight was the perfect choice for such material. As Spidey fans know, Peters heart belonged to that blonde student way before he ever met Mary Jane Watson Great supporting performances from Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben and Denis Leary as Captain Stacy are also a bonus. Leary as Capt. Stacy, playing Gwens dad who disapproves of Spidey thehttp://movies.insing.com/feature/the-amazing-spider-man-movie-review/id-4d523f00 Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:38 PM vigilante and Peter the boyfriend, has one of the better story arcs in the movie. That sense of freshness of the cast does help to give what is a pretty well-known story a little more compelling. The first act is pretty standard Spidey origin stuff between him and Uncle Ben. Much of the first half will seem similar to those who have the 2002 outing fresh in their mind, but its necessary though, as the cementing of Peters relationship between him, Uncle Ben and the rest of his world would serve to be the basis of the tragedy soon to follow. And once that deed is done, the plot really takes off. It turns out that Peter is the catalyst that transforms the venerable Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys IFans) into a giant green lizard-man; guilt kicked in and that’s what spurred Peter to save the day as Spider-Man Then, the action truly takes 2012 Summer Superhero Movie Poll centre-stage, with the action scenes bouncing off the screen. Spidey swings, crawls and Which superhero movie will be the biggest hit of the poses like he was drawn straight summer? out of the comic book panels. The Avengers The 3D works very well here. The Dark Knight Rises We always thought the Sam The Amazing Spider-Man Raimi’s swinging shots were really awesome, but the ones here jump out of the screen with Submit even more dynamism and energy. Maybe Webbs choice to Powered by Google Docs have actual stuntmen swinging Report Abuse - Terms of Service - Additional Terms through the city paid off. But theres no doubt that its helped in some way by Garfields (and various stuntmen) commitment to adapting their body language and movement to be like that of a spider in their scenes when hes moving or fighting as Spider-Man. The Lizard is also great, conjuring memories of another ferocious green transforming monster from earlier this summer. We thought that Dr. Connors was too much of a weird creepy guy from the trailers but we’re happy to say that there is still an element of that unwilling monster element at play here. All in all, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a winner. For the most part, it’s the classic story everyone knows, with a few cosmetic changes and a stronger focus on the romance. It’s a romantic, coming of age superhero flick -- its not quite the dark “Dark Knight-meets-Spider-Man” movie we were rumoured to receive but thats fine with us. Spider-Man and Batman are different characters completely, and this as an edgier expansion of what Sam Raimi did with the original movies, and it just plain works. Now with the origin story out of the way, we can look forward to new Spidey adventures, some of which are hinted in the movie. Maybe, theyll introduce MJ for a teenage love triangle? Who knows? We cant wait. Bring on the sequel. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ opens in theatres 29 June 2012 You might also like Paid Distributionhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/the-amazing-spider-man-movie-review/id-4d523f00 Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Swinging good - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:38 PM ‘Vamps’: All cheese, no A Haunted House: Who ‘Sexercise burns a You’ll never eat crabs bite needs ghosts when paltry 20 calories per again: Barry Levinson’s (inSing Movies) youre terrified of women session eco-freakout ‘The Bay’ (inSing Movies) (inSing News) (Grist Magazine) [Powered by Outbrain] Bookmark Email Print Send to Mobile Share... Share 7 Leave a comment 0 comments Add a comment... Post to Facebook Posting as Dexian Wang (Change) Comment Facebook social plugin Related Content Movie Feature: Batman versus Spider-Man: Who will save the day? Movie Feature: What The Flick: The Amazing-ly (Skinny) Spider-Man Movie Reviews: ‘Motorway’: Neither fast nor furious Movie Feature: Zombies get new lease of life in ‘ParaNorman’ Movies Features "Harry Potter" producer goes horror "Les Miserables" tops "Argo" at BAFTAs Ahmad Idham goes "Gangster" "The Grandmaster" to release in US Bryan Cranston fights "Godzilla" Catch the latest Singapore movies now Movies inSing.com About inSing Follow inSing RSS Feeds showing at all cinemas. Read movie Now Showing Business Search About Us reviews, check movie showtimes and Coming Soon HungryGoWhere Contact Us book your tickets at inSing.com Movies. Photo Galleries Shopping Careers Trailers Movies FAQ Showtimes Events Subscribe to Newsletter Latest Reviews Super Deals mio TV VOD News Advertise with us Travel Display Advertising SingNet Business Listing Ads HungryGoWhere HungryGoWhere for Restaurants © 2013 , SingTel Digital Media Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Disclaimers Review Policy Site Map Developer tools Mobile Versionhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/the-amazing-spider-man-movie-review/id-4d523f00 Page 4 of 4