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‘Skyfall’: long live james bond singapore movies - in sing.com movies

  1. 1. ‘Skyfall’: Long live James Bond - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:41 PM Like 208k Register Login Businesses Food Movies Events Select a movie Select a cinema Search SG HUNGRYGOWHERE SHOPPING MOVIES EVENTS BEST DEALS TRAVEL NEWS MORE Home > Movies > ‘Skyfall’: Long live James Bond See what your friends are reading Most Popular Ah Boys To Men: Part 2 - inSing.com... ‘Skyfall’: Long live James Bond Journey To The West - inSing.com Movies by Wang Dexian Ah Boys To Men: Part 1 - inSing.com... inSing.com - 31 October 2012 12:00 AM A Good Day To Die Hard - inSing.com... Ah Boys to Men Part 2: A perfect... Tweet 0 Like 17 people like this. Be the first of your friends. Subscribe to Newsletter Get e-mail updates on Food, Movies, Shopping and Events in Singapore plus Contests & Giveaways! Given Name Family Name Email Address The names Bond, James Bond Movie details | Photo gallery | Watch trailer | Buy tickets Rating: 4 stars out of 5 It’s a good year for James Bond. He’s celebrating his 50th year in movies, making his easily the longest running film franchise thus far. It’s also been a long four years between this film and the slightly disappointing “Quantum of Solace” of 2008, and anticipation is just ripe. Experts Also read: Adele lends voice to Bond theme for ‘Skyfall’ Food Shopping Movies Beckii Dr Leslie Tay EvelynCOnline Bagaholicboy Movie Lover CinemaChen ‘Skyfall’ is Bond’s 23rd outing on the big screen, and Daniel Craig’s third since taking over the reins ‘The Delicacy’: The Prince Coffee All 5 best French bistros Bagaholicboy:stop- Unknown: A tale of Unforgettable House in from Pierce Brosnan. It is helmed by Sam Mendes, the auteur behind movies like ‘American delectable... Singapore turns Things films twists and Hainanese- motion Fun,... Old school Western ‘ParaNorman’ in When sweet treats Beach Win one delights atcome So many French hot A complicated thriller Besides of these bistros Beauty’ and ‘Revolutionary Road’. The big question on everyone’s mind is: is this really the best Road in unlikely are Neeson. town - hereLiamthe designer numbers! 5 headed other stop-motion here arebypackages. best Bond movie ever? Without hesitation, yes. Even if it’s not everybody’s favourite, it’s easily top five. spots films that give CG... Also read: 10 things to know about James Bondhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/skyfall-movie-review/id-22633f00 Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. ‘Skyfall’: Long live James Bond - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:41 PM ‘Skyfall’s’ opening sequence is excellent—a spectacular action sequence that really sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Throw in more great action set pieces, stunning Bond girls and a memorable villain and you’ve got a great Bond film. Beckii C Cinema... Movie... Bagaholicb... Skyfall catches up with a slightly older Bond, chasing after a hard disk that contains a list of all the identities of operatives MI6 has deployed all over the world. Needless to say, Bond is unsuccessful Featured Series and the drive falls into the wrong hands. M and MI6 come under heavy scrutiny due to this leak and she must once again call upon her most trusted agent, 007 to retrieve it. Problem is ... 007 seems to have lost a step or two. The choice of director; Sam Mendes, has left many fans curious. Not exactly known for action Movie Reviews Movie Reviews movies, Mendes had many fans worried that ‘Skyfall’ would be an all-out talking picture. Well, ‘Upside Down’: Is... ‘Parker’: A bloody... they’re both right and wrong. Mendes brings his unique sense of characterisation to the franchise Food Shopping and delivers what is perhaps the most emotional Bond movie thus far. Critics Reviews New Arrivals Interviews Tech Weekly The director himself has stated that he was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ while New Opening Contests and making this film and it clearly shows. The real world is brought out through the MI6’s struggle in this Giveaways film, a clear parallel to the delicate state of espionage affairs in the real world and the propensity of What’s New the general public to draw up conspiracies these days, resulting in a tight balance between public Movies Events transparency and the profession’s very need to live in the shadows. Trailer Feature Fun For Free Movie Feature Preview Guide Most importantly, the plot places the onus squarely on Bond and M’s relationship, something not Movie Reviews Contests quite explored thoroughly yet in any Bond film thus far. Up to this point, Judi Dench’s M had mostly Interviews Announcement Weekend Guide been relegated to sitting in rooms, overseeing the missions and worrying about Bond surviving. Art and Performing... Here, she is no longer passive, instead taking an active role as the villain who digs up unsavoury secrets from her past, lays them out on the table and forces Bond to choose sides. Search for feature articles Javier Bardem plays Raoul Silva, the antagonist of the movie. While we need to refrain from revealing too much, we need to say this: Bardem grabs you by your collar the moment he enters the film, whether it’s through his hilariously out of place blonde hair or his introductory monologue, he takes your attention and never lets go. His performance is charmingly twisted, with hints of insanity and tragic hurt. Not to mention, he’s kind of funny in a campy way. The many weird quirks in his character were more than enough to elicit chuckles from the mostly serious audience we watched the film with. Most notably, Bardem’s portrayal of Silva is believable and that’s very unlike the evil-for-the-sake- of-being-evil villains we had in the past. There’s a reason and method to what Silva does, and it’ll make even the most hardened soul feel for him. Best part of it all, Bardem’s mighty performance seems to elevate Daniel Craig’s game as well. It’s nice to see a film where the villain doesn’t outshine the hero off the screen completely and that’s exactly the case here.http://movies.insing.com/feature/skyfall-movie-review/id-22633f00 Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. ‘Skyfall’: Long live James Bond - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:41 PM Its not a Bond movie without the Bond girls -- Berenice Marlohe is Severine As for the Bond girls, Naomie Harris’ Eve is the weak link in here. Despite quite a chunk of screen time with Daniel Craig, they never seem to hit it off and the scenes they share feel a little wooden as a result. Thankfully, French/Cambodian/Chinese actress Berenice Marlohe saves the day (Is this chick smoking or what?). Though her role as Severine is small and pretty much a glammed up femme fatale type role, it’s still a great part. Her smoky eyes and figure hugging dresses give the film a sensual sexuality that will surely be one of the talking points of the movie. Also see: Top 10 Bond girls All in all, ‘Skyfall’ is indeed the real deal. People don’t go to 007 movies expecting radical changes. They like the formula—action, hot chicks, fast chicks, cool gadgets, and the works. What Mendes and his team have achieved is to work with that very formula, find some wiggle room and reinvent the franchise while staying true to the history and legacy of James Bond. An emotional, character-centric instalment of the spy franchise, this movie completely justifies the casting choice of Daniel Craig back in ’06 and finishes what ‘Casino Royale’ started then: a grittier and more macho Bond that’s also more human, though not necessarily humane. James Bond looks alive and well on his 50th anniversary—here’s hoping we get more Bond. ‘Skyfall’ opens in theatres 1 November 2012 You might also like Paid Distribution ‘Parker’: A bloody bore ‘Vamps’: All cheese, no Topless women cheer The 20 Hottest Female (inSing Movies) bite popes resignation in Basketball Players Will (inSing Movies) Paris cathedral Wow You (inSing News) (Rant Sports) [Powered by Outbrain] Bookmark Email Print Send to Mobile Share... Share 15 Leave a comment 0 comments Add a comment... Post to Facebook Posting as Dexian Wang (Change) Comment Facebook social plugin Related Content Movie Feature: When Jane Bond meets the James Bonds Movie Feature: Ian Fleming, the man behind James Bond Movie Reviews: ‘Upside Down’: Is ridiculous Movie Reviews: ‘Parker’: A bloody borehttp://movies.insing.com/feature/skyfall-movie-review/id-22633f00 Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. ‘Skyfall’: Long live James Bond - Singapore Movies - inSing.com Movies 2/15/13 5:41 PM Movies Features "Harry Potter" producer goes horror "Les Miserables" tops "Argo" at BAFTAs Ahmad Idham goes "Gangster" "The Grandmaster" to release in US Bryan Cranston fights "Godzilla" Catch the latest Singapore movies now Movies inSing.com About inSing Follow inSing RSS Feeds showing at all cinemas. Read movie Now Showing Business Search About Us reviews, check movie showtimes and Coming Soon HungryGoWhere Contact Us book your tickets at inSing.com Movies. Photo Galleries Shopping Careers Trailers Movies FAQ Showtimes Events Subscribe to Newsletter Latest Reviews Super Deals mio TV VOD News Advertise with us Travel Display Advertising SingNet Business Listing Ads HungryGoWhere HungryGoWhere for Restaurants © 2013 , SingTel Digital Media Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Disclaimers Review Policy Site Map Developer tools Mobile Versionhttp://movies.insing.com/feature/skyfall-movie-review/id-22633f00 Page 4 of 4