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  1. 1. Introduction,<br />Hello how are you? My name is ………….. I’m with clear the new mobile high speed mobile internet! Have you happen to hear about us or seen us around town? (yea I think I’ve seen a couple signs) GREAT basically we are going around testing signal in your area to see if everyone is prepared to receive our new 4g network. My job is to go to people’s home and make sure that when they turn the 3g grid off you still have the internet through our new 4 g technology.<br />(In between you want to make a minute of small talk try not to go right into can I use an outlet.)<br />Asking for the sale,<br /> Now do you happen to have an outlet that I can plug this into so I can start testing the signal inside your house. (Once you get in the house start talking about the three benefits price mobility speed) So who are you guys currently with for all of your services, (we have Comcast) great yea I noticed that the last few people I have been talking to have been paying around 130 to 160 are you rite around there as well, (yea I think we are just about paying 160) wow ya know we are offering our triple plays for only 84.99 a month that even includes HBO and Showtime, and we actually let you pick the services you want like some carriers make you have a land line to get that special deal we on the other hand will not we will let you mix and match between all of our services and our price will not double in 6 or 12 months and im sure you know that is the worst feeling get that first outrageous bill. Wow I’m rambling on I get really excited let me move on.(then let them know the different plans) Ask some fact finding questions like what tv package do you have? Or do you have any movie channels? (Find out exactly what they need then place them in the right plan for them and give them A estimated price) Now we are going to be able to give you everything you have right now plus more for only 00000 dollars that’s like 40 dollars less then you are paying rite now IM SURE YOU CAN MORE THEN APPRECIATE THAT. ANYWAY YOURS SIGNAL STRENGTH IS GREAT DO YOU HAVE A COMPUTER I CAN HOOK THIS UP ON SO YOU CAN SEE THE QUALITY OF OUR NEW 4G SERVICE, (yea rite here , now go to the group site and play the Clark Howard video clip), ok great now I’m going to play you a video clip to show you the consistancy of our product this is Clark Howard he is a consumer advocate for channel 2 news in Atlanta Georgia , we actually could not have paid someone to do a better commercial for us.(once you get to this point Clark Howard will do a lot of the selling for you)now did you notice that video started to play it did not buffer at all!! Now since your signal strength is so well I would love to get you on a seven day free trial of our services so you can play around and see how you like it. ( ONLY SAY THAT IF THEY ARE STILL NOT SURE IF THEY ARE SURE JUST GO TO THE SALES PORTAL AND START ASKING THE QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO KNOW then start to go to the sales portal) ok just a couple questions (they might say well wait what are you doing then you just reassure them that we are just giving you a 7 day risk free trial, then if you see there excitement go down stop and try to get it back up or say ya know why don’t we make a appointment so that I can give you a couple of days to think about this or talk it over and you know ill actually leave this with you without filling out any of this paper work so you can play with it, don’t always push them to hard cause you’ll push yourself out of a sale sometimes you need to push a little bit but you will know when you’re talking yourself out of the sale.) Then you will go through the sales portal you might get some objections like with the credit check so just let them know it is a soft credit check 99% of the time I won’t even need your social security number these are just some rebutles for the most common objections. Once you get to this point there really is no script that you can follow its now more of a conversation that you are having answering questions and turning around any objection that they might have.<br />