Door to Door Pitch
This pitch has been used time and time again and has proven effective to get into the door. Start by st...
Door to Door Pitch
BENEFIT #2 (Mobility)
Do you have a home computer, laptop or both? (If they have a laptop, continue. If...
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Door To Door Pitch


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Door To Door Pitch

  1. 1. Door to Door Pitch This pitch has been used time and time again and has proven effective to get into the door. Start by standing up straight with your chest and head up showing confidence. Turn to the side and stand opposite the door handle. Take a couple of steps back to create some distance between you and the door. INTRO - WHO Hi, I’m ___________ from Clear high speed internet Just real quick…Are you currently with us by chance? We’re the new high speed internet company that you’ve probably seen advertised all over town with bill- boards, tv commercials, radio ads. I think we’ve even sent you a few things in the mail. WHAT WE ARE DOING We recently just installed a new tower in the area (point in the direction of the tower) that is now covering your neighborhood and my job is to make sure the residence in the area are receiving a strong enough signal. Do you have an outlet that I could just plug this in real quick to test the signal strength? (Be wiping your feet off) [If they don’t let you in, go through each of the three benefits and attempt to get in the home again. ] [ If they do let you in, you will want to go over the three benefits while your hooking it up to the computer and/or searching for the You Tube Videos. Use their current modem to do a better demonstration on how the new upgraded modem is different and more advanced.] BENEFIT #1 (Faster and more constant speeds) Are you familiar with the benefits of upgrading your Internet to Clear? One of the major differences with clear is that you have a wireless modem. (Show them the modem and point to the back) You’ve probably noticed that this modem only has two cables, the power wire here that goes into the wall and this cable that connects to the computer. You’ll notice that the black cable wire is miss- ing which is what your current modem uses to receive the signal. This new modem with clear runs on a new technology called Wi-Max that transmits the signal wirelessly to this modem from a tower near by. (Use Hand Gestures) There are several benefits to this new technology. First, have you ever noticed that the internet slows down at certain times during the day? Well that’s because the way cable internet works is that your share that cable connection with everyone else in your neighborhood, and the cable only has a certain amount of bandwidth to transfer the data so when ev- eryone is online at the same time, your internet is going to slow way down. This modem, however, connects wirelessly so you have a direct connection with server which means your internet speed will not only be faster than cable internet but the speeds will remain constant throughout the day.
  2. 2. Door to Door Pitch BENEFIT #2 (Mobility) Do you have a home computer, laptop or both? (If they have a laptop, continue. If not jump to benefit #3) What’s also very nice is that you literally could unplug this modem, tuck it under your arm, take it to a friends house or the airport, plug it in, and have internet instantly. Now most people who really want mobility end up using this smaller device (show them the usb device) that plugs into the side of your laptop are requires no plug into the wall. Currently we have over 300 towers that cover virtually the entire city of Las Vegas so you can take the internet literally anywhere you go. BENEFIT #3 (Save you money) Who are you currently connecting through? Ok so your paying about $55 dollars a month for your connection is that right? To get the same speed with Clear you’ll only pay about $35 a month for the same connection. It’s much less expensive because it’s newer technology and we don’t have to pay to rent the cable space. However if you’ve ever wished the internet was faster you can go with our $45 dollar plan that will get you unlimited speeds. In fact if you have an outlet near by I’ll just plug this in to see what type of a signal you’re receiving out here and then I can show you a demonstration real quick so you can see how fast it is for yourself? Where’s an outlet? INSIDE THE HOME (Plug in the modem) Wow, you’re getting ____ bars of service, that’s a very strong signal. In fact, where Is your computer I’ll plug this in so you can see how fast it is. (Pull up a You Tube Video and play it for the cus- tomer.) DISCOVERY » Do you have wireless network in the home? » Do you use Mac’s or PC’s? » If you could take the internet anywhere, how would that benefit you? STARTING THE SALE Great! Now all I have to do is verify that your address has been updated in the system. (Pull up the sales por- tal at and enter your id and password) So what’s your address? All I need to do is enter your name, telephone number and a birth date and the system will tell me what I’m able to offer you today for free? So what’s your birthday!