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  • 2. I Believe…… You become what you believe!! WEALTH $$$ Family Car House
  • 3. You are what you eat…… You become what you eat FAT THIN Small Amount Food of food * Illustration copyrighted by © Jane Yau
  • 4. Life Span = Health Span 0 50 60 70 120yrs old yrs old yrs old yrs old yrs old
  • 5. How to maintain your Health Span? 4 PILLARS OF WELLNESS • Balance body pH • Improve blood circulation• Maintain optimum oxygen level • Good immune system
  • 6. Acidic Food Acidic Body Micro Circulation BlockagePoor Immune Poor Oxygen System
  • 7. Health Products1. Balance body pH2. Improve blood circulation3. Maintain optimum oxygen level4. Good immune system
  • 8. What is Ganoderma RG? • THE RIGHT SPECIES: DXN RG, which is also known as Reishi Gano is a kind of mushroom widely known as “King of Herbs”. This mushroom is maroon • THE AGE OF THE PLANT: DXN RG derives from the 3 months old mushroom spores. The age of Ganoderma either is too young or too old will lose the medicinal efficacy. • THE PROCESS OF EXTRACTION: The spores is then extracted by means of Cold Method, preserving 100% ganoderma spores. The shell of the spores is cracked for better absorption in the body. • THE CONCENTRATION 20kg of ganoderma is only able to produce 1kg of ganoderma spores in DXN RG.
  • 9. What is Ganoderma RG? • The main active ingredients of RG are: • Polysaccharides • Triterpenes • Adenosine • Organic Germanium
  • 10. What is Ganoderma RG? The nutrients in ganoderma interact with the body and provide valuable benefits: • Reduce the stickiness of the blood and dissolve the blockage in micro blood circulation • Improve blood circulations • Remove fats and water soluble toxins • Stabilize our emotions/ reduce stress • Enhance immune system • Increase oxygen level in the body • Prevent tissue cells degeneration • Balance body functions
  • 11. What is Ganocelium GL? • DXN GL derives from 18 days old mycelium of ganoderma. • The main nutrients in DXN GL are • Polysaccharide • Organic Germanium • Enzyme beneficial for the stomach • A whole spectrum of vitamins • A whole spectrum of minerals • Content of Polysaccharide and organic germanium in ganocelium is 4 times more than of ganoderma.
  • 12. What is Ganocelium GL? The health benefits from DXN GL: • GL is an oxygen supplier. • Enhance immune system. • It is a brain tonic. • Eliminate water soluble toxins. • Regenerate cell functions. • Reduces sugar level and revives pancreatic functions. • Normalize body functions.
  • 13. What is RG/GL?
  • 14. What is RG/GL? Ganoderma (RG) Mycelium total (GL)1st week (take daily) 1 capsule 1 capsule 1 pair2nd week (takedaily) 2 capsules 2 capsules 2 pairs3rd week ( take daily) 4 capsules 4 capsules 4 pairs4th week (take daily) 6 capsules 6 capsules 6 pairsMAINTENANCE DOSAGE 6 CAPSULES 6 CAPSULES 6 PAIRSModerate ill patients, 9 capsules 9 capsules 9 pairsincrease the maintenancedosage: 9 to 12 pairs 12 capsules 12 capsules 12 pairsSevere ill patients 18 capsules 18 capsules 18 pairsincrease the maintenancedosage to 18 pairs
  • 15. What is Reishilium Powder? • It is a an equally mixed of RG powder and GL powder. • The powder form allows easier consumption through mixture of water. • Cancer or severely ill patients who needs higher dose of RG and GL are able to consume this product.
  • 16. What is Cordyceps? • Cordycep Sinensis is very well known medicinal fungi used in Chinese traditional supplement for nearly 1500 years. • The main active ingredients of Cordycep are: • Polysaccharides • Corycepic Acid • Cordycepin • Amino Acid
  • 17. What is Cordyceps? • The health benefits from DXN Cordyceps: • Enhance cardiovascular health. • Maintain Healthy Immune Response. • Maintain health respiratory functions. • Maintain healthy liver functions. • Maintain healthy kidney functions. • Maintain healthy cholesterol level. • Balance male and female hormones. • Improve memories and enhance your mood. • Natural anti cancer agent.
  • 18. What is Cordypine? • DXN Cordypine is an enzyme composed of fermented pineapple juice and quality cordycep mushroom. • DXN Cordypine works excellently with cordyceps • The main nutrients in DXN Cordypine are • Phosphatase • Oxidase • Bromelain • Rich in Vitamin C, B1 and B6 • Copper • Cordycep nutrition
  • 19. What is Cordypine? • The health benefits from DXN Cordypine: • Anti inflammation. • Relieve muscle and joint pain. • Improve healing power. • Eliminate dead cells from wounds. • Improve respiratory and digestive system. • Reduce viscosity and stickiness in the blood. • Reduce the risk of stroke and blood vessels related problems. • Able to control the spread of certain cancer cells in the body. • Pineapples are rich in manganese. This aids the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening bones in older people and hence reduce Osteoporosis.
  • 20. What is Morinzhi? Endocrine system
  • 21. What is Morinzhi? Pineal Gland Hormone Secretion Melatonin + SerotoninThyroid ThymusFunction Cellular Antioxidant Functions ImmunePancreatic System Function Male/Female Adrenal B-cells Sex Hormones Gland T-cells NK cells Good Health Longevity
  • 22. What is Morinzhi? • The health benefits from DXN Morinzhi: • Good for blood circulation system – dilate blood vessels • Enhance immune system • Respiratory system • Endocrine system • Skeletal system • Central Nervous system
  • 23. What is Spirulina? • DXN Spirulina is a blue green algae – it is complete superfood in which contains high protein and rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty acid that is able to provide your body with necessary nutrients. • DXN cultured Spirulina contains high level of chlorophyll because of all-year-round sunlight in Malaysia.
  • 24. What is Spirulina? • The health benefits from DXN Spirulina: • Assist in growth and development. • Strengthening the immune system and eliminate virus infections. • Act as a blood cleanser. • Lower cholesterol level. • Improve ovarian functions. • Improving gastrointestinal and digestive health. • Enhancing natural cleansing and detoxification • Better antioxidant protection hence reducing cancer risk. • Enable the body to produce new supply of red blood cells. • Improve red blood cells life span. Indirectly level up the oxygen in our body.
  • 25. What is Lion’s Mane? • Lion’s Mane mushroom is also known as Hericium Erinaceus • It is a rising star among natural treatments for some of the world’s most difficult health problems. • The main nutrients: • Glucan polysaccharides • Polypeptides • Fatty acids • Adenosine • Oleanolic acids
  • 26. What is Lion’s Mane? • The health benefits from DXN Lion’s Mane: • Stimulate synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF). • Stimulate induction of interferons hence good for • Alzheimer’s disease • Parkinson’s disease • Dementia • Muscular dystrophy • Other Neurological conditions • Curative problems of the digestive tract such as stomach and duodenal ulcers. • Enhance the function of the gastric mucus barrier, accelerate the healing of ulcers and exhibit anti- inflammatory effects. • Regulate immune system. • Regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • 27. What is Lingzhi Coffee? • Composed of 100% pure coffee beans from Brazil. • Added with Ganoderma that is able to neutralize the body acids hence able to regular blood pressure and stabilize the effects of high and low fluctuations in the body. • As already explained in RG, the Ganoderma Mushroom is a virtuous plant therefore do not contain side effects and improve the body immune system.
  • 28. Thank youTerima Kasih Köszönöm