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Spring2010mwschedule 100110213643 Phpapp01

  1. 1. WkMondayHW/ReadingsWednesdayHW/Readings11/11—Introduction to the class. Discuss class blog and individual blogs; Essay requirements.Set up individual blog at Blogger.com. Post profile. Read Beverly Faryna, “Who Am I?: Finding Identity and Voice in Composition”; Record a response to the reading on your blog as the first post.Ch 1, “Writing: A First Look,” pp. 3-11.1/13—Rhetorical Triangle; Look at an ad and discuss relationship between writer/audience/text; Introduce Illustration Essay. Find ad/essay/cartoon and compose outline for Illustration Essay. Ch. 3, “Planning and Drafting Your Paper,” pp. 45-50. Ch. 8, “Illustration: Making Yourself Clear,” pp. 127-131.21/18—No class; MLK Holiday Ch. 16, “Effective Sentences,” pp. 269-282.1/20—Thesis Statements; Review examples and tentative thesis statements (See questions on pg. 131); Work in groups on outlines.“Shitty First Drafts” (posted on the blog); Complete rough draft of Illustration Essay. Ch. 4, “Revising and Editing Your Paper,” pp. 55-76; Ch. 17, “Eliminating Flawed Diction,” pp. 301-304.31/25—Discuss “Shitty First Drafts” and review the writing process; Bring in polished draft for peer review.Revise for final draft of Illustration Essay.1/27—Illustration Essay Due; Introduce Rhetorical Appeals42/1—Visual Rhetoric; Analyze Time.com photo essaysCh. 10, “Comparison: Showing Relationships,” pp. 155-167.2/3—Introduce Comp/Cont Essay; Groupwork comp/cont two pieces of visual rhetoric“Writing the Lead and Ending” (posted on the blog); Find two pieces of visual rhetoric to comp/cont; Ch. 15, “Paragraphs,” pp. 247-268.52/8—Freewrite; Introductions and ConclusionsWork on Rough Draft of C/C Essay2/10—C/C Essay Peer ReviewCh. 11, “Cause and Effect,” pp. 169-182. Complete revisions of C/C Essay.62/15—Comparison/Contrast Essay Due; Watch Merchants of Cool; Outline the causes/effects2/17—Discuss Merchants of Cool; Cause/Effect Essay; Practice outlining and topic sentences.72/22—Group work on C/E Essay; Deciding on topics; Assigning responsibilitiesWrite a rough draft of your C/E paragraph.2/24—Group work on C/E Essay; Organizing; Writing the Introduction and Conclusion.83/1—Group work on C/E Essay; Final revisions.Ch. 13, “Argument: Convincing Others,” pp. 201-237.3/3—Draft of C/E Essay Due; Discuss Argument Assignment and Research PaperPrentice Hall Reference Guide (PHRG), “Finding a Topic,” pp. 325-331.93/8— TBAPHRG, “Searching for Information,” pp. 334-351.3/10— Information Literacy WorkshopCh. 18, “The Essay Examination”103/15—No Class; Spring Break3/17—No Class; Spring Break113/22— Rhetorical Analysis of U2; Discussion of Midterm; Strategies for writing a Timed Essay3/24—Midterm Timed EssayReview PHRG, “Documenting in MLA Style,” pp. 410-447.123/29—Review MLA guidelines3/31— Library/Research Day PHRG, “Evaluating Sources,” pp. 357-368.134/5— Evaluating research for the Research PaperFinish Argument Assignment and Annotated Bibliography.4/7—Argument Assignment and Bibliography Due; Structuring the Research PaperPHRG, “Collecting Information,” pp. 368-377. “Using Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism,” pp. 378-403.144/12—Incorporating Sources; ParaphrasingWork on First Draft of Research Paper; Reading TBA4/14—Debate; Putting Sources into ConversationReview Sample Student Papers, PHRG, pp. 447-463.154/19—Revision of Sample Student PapersComplete First Draft of Research Paper.4/21— Research Paper Peer ReviewComplete Revisions of Research Paper.164/26—Last Day of Class; Research Paper DueFinal Exam TBA: Research Presentations<br />Class Blogs:<br />You will be required to create and maintain a blog for this course. Blog posts will be due every week by Sunday at midnight. The topics for the posts will be announced in class/and or posted on the class blog (www.deannadixonsenglish101.blogspot.com) by no later than Tuesday. Use the blog as a tool to help you succeed in this class! Blog assignments can be completed up to two weeks late for partial credit. After the two weeks, they will not count towards your final grade. Use the blog posts, as an easy way to boost your grade, in addition to allowing you an additional for expressing your thoughts in writing. Also at the class blog, you will find copies of handouts, assignment sheets, and links to helpful resources. <br />