Feb 26th health and wellbeing dmu games festival


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Feb 26th health and wellbeing dmu games festival

  1. 1. Feb 26th Health and Well-Being 10:00 – 16:00 (Registration from 09:30)Venue :- Clephan Building Room 3.0 De Montfort UniversityFREE Registration at :- http://dmugamesfeb26.eventbrite.com/#Speakers :-Time Speaker Topic10:00 David Wortley Welcome Introductions and Hosting David Wortley is a Research Fellow at De Montfort University co-ordination the Games Alliance Middle England (GAME) project. He was the founding Director of the Serious Games Institute and is also a freelance consultant on the strategic use of immersive and emerging technologies such as serious games, virtual worlds and social networks. His mission is to help organisations and individuals, leverage the power of these technologies for competitive advantage and business/personal development10:15 Lucia Pannese Virtual Environments for Games Based Reflective Learning focused on health applications Lucia Pannese has more than 15 years management experience in innovation & research projects with a special focus on technology enhanced learning solutions. She is the Founding Director of imaginary, a leading European Serious Games developer where she acts as CEO and manager for international (research) activities. Lucia is heavily involved in European research around Serious Games and digital interactive technologies for learning and training across several sectors, particularly health and care, smart cities and societies, culture and business. With numerous Italian and international publications and presentations about Serious Games, learning and training, she is often invited at international conferences dealing with the Serious Games and digital interactive technologies topics.
  2. 2. 10:45 Jacqueline Cawston Drugs or Games? – a look at the development of Games for Health Jacqueline Cawston’s role is to develop global and national consortiums in the new digital media arena. She manages a multi million pound portfolio of projects, linking industry with academics and cutting edge digital media companies. Working with serious games, virtual worlds, augmented reality and related digital media technologies for pc, mobile and tablet she has developed a wide range of projects in health, education, arts and heritage including health games for autism and dating violence and cultural projects with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and the Robben Island Museum in South Africa about the story of Nelson Mandela.11:15 David Fried Virtual Rehab: Interactive Technologies in Healthcare David Fried is the General Manager of Virtualware UK, a company within the Virtualware Group that designs and develops interactive and immersive installations for a wide variety of sectors. As a trained architect, he worked in Canada, the UK and Spain before deciding to open his own company specializing in interactive marketing solutions in 2003. David joined Virtualware Group in 2011 bringing a decade of know-how and real world experience of touch technologies and interactive content development to the company. Since then he has headed up the company Innodevices which develops proprietary interactive solutions for Virtualware Group as well as being responsible for the UK market.11:45 Duncan Lawson Putting gaming into healthcare , what can we learn ? Duncan Lawson , born and educated in Scotland, graduated with Bsc Hon,s Degree in Plymouth , and went windsurfing building one of top teams in the UK in the early ‘80’s , where he learnt many of his marketing and business skills. He is the Founder of Fithealth Ltd and purchased Instyle Aerobiking, and rebuilt the company to fund the development of what has become the Webracing™ concept. Developing integrated cardio fitness products that link in virtual world over web, with ability for activity data to be recorded and collated on central server database. He recently combined his medical knowledge with interactive fitness to kick off research into Parkinson’s disease.12:15 Lunch and Networking
  3. 3. 14:00 Tre Azam Using brainwave technology in serious games Tre Azam is founder and CEO of MyndPlay; a London based brainwave technology and immersive media solutions company and creator of the Worlds first mind controlled interactive video and movie platform. Tre has always had a passion for the mind and qualified as a therapist in 2010; which is how he came to combine his 2 passions of media and the mind to create MyndPlay. Tre however is most famous for his part in the BBC Apprentice in 2007 and his subsequent radio show on LBC.14:30 David Burden Virtual Worlds for healthcare training David Burden (aka Second Life’s Corro Moseley) is one of the world’s most respected developers of virtual world applications, particularly in Second Life. His fantastic knowledge and understanding of the potential of virtual world technologies is perfectly matched with his modesty and generosity of spirit in supporting the activities of the Serious Games Institute. David’s company, Daden Ltd has pioneered and developed many important applications for virtual worlds, including the ability to visualise real world data in three dimensions through the Datascape virtual control room application within second Life. David is a deserved winner of a number of international awards for his work and his evangelising for virtual worlds has played an important role in developing the West Midlands global presence in this sector.15:00 Cat Oxley and Kate Developing an immersive 3D sling and hoist simulation Owen Cat Oxley, Learning Innovations Lead at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). In 2007 Cat established GOLD – GOSH’s Online Learning & Development portal, enabling all staff to have access to learning and educational resources 24/7, at work or home. Her role involves the design, development and implementation of online learning, games-based learning and the use of social media/collaborative learning within the NHS. Cat’s passion for online learning encourages staff to use and experiment with the emerging technologies bringing into their day-to-day activities learning as part of the Trust’s educational strategy.
  4. 4. Kathleen (Kate) Owen, Back Care Advisor has worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) since August 2005. She trained as a nurse, qualifying many years ago in adult general nursing. Kate’s current role is to devise and undertake appropriate moving and handling training and training programmes for all GOSH employed staff, to undertaken on- site and small group training. Another dimension to Kate’s role is to advise and give assistance regarding complex moving and handling issues along with product information and advice. Kate also develops the Trust’s policy, procedures and guidelines for moving and handling, along with investigations of moving and handling accidents and incidents when required.15:30 Panel Session The future of immersive technologies and games for health16:00 Close and Networking