Product portfolio 2011


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Product portfolio 2011

  1. 1. Product TeamsConsumer Mobile Merchant Card-Linked Operations Biz Intel Cross-functional teams made up of Engineering / QA / Product Management / Interactive Design• Buy With • Android App • Merchant • Merchant • Short-tem • Internally Three • iOS App Connect Connect sustaining automated• Refer-a- Reporting Reporting development reporting • Mobile Web friend • Voucher • Voucher features for: App• Boutiques Redemption Redemption • Bug fixes • Marketing• Map • Merchant Portal Portal • Support for • Finance Discovery Android and iOS app for • Automated • Automated internal tools •• Consumer Product mobile commission commission like deal Identity and • Sales redemption reports reports production Profiles BoostYourBu BoostYourBu and• Packages siness Sales siness Sales customer and deal Site Site service types Focus areas for each cross-functional team Platform - Ruby on Rails / MySQL Scalable solution support by in-house systems team
  2. 2. Product Development – the BWM Approach• Small, cross-functional teams mapped to valuestreams• Agile, lean development process• Visible product & project performance data• Fast cycles with feedback• Value & outcome orientation• Empirical vs. deterministic product management
  3. 3. Product Development – Process• Collect data and analytics• Gather qualitative feedback from customers• Revisit market opportunities Review Roadmap and decisions• Evaluate competitive signals• Assess alignment with corporate strategy
  4. 4. Product Development – Team Disciplines Members from each Product Managementfunctional team combine •Opportunity & solution identification, product to form cross-functional performanceproduct teams mapped to specific value streams. Quality Engineering User Experience •Solution definition & •Usability analysis, interface correctness Each Functional team has design, solution definition specific objectives in addition to executing against a cross-functional roadmap. Middleware Presentation Layer Engineering Engineering •Solution definition, design, •Solution definition, design, & construction & construction Systems, Program Mgmt, Mobile development not displayed
  5. 5. TeamsConsumer Social and Initial Experience Sharing, Social Recommendations, Group Buying, Landing pages and on-boarding, Consumer life-cycle optimizationsMobile/API Team Smart phone applications (iOS, Android) - merchant, consumer, Mobile optimized web application, New inventory types on mobileOperations Team Maintain integrity of existing systems and applications, Implement small feature enhancements, Respond to platform and business emergencyDeal/Merchant Team New deal types (introductory, vertically based, private) , Travel, Personalization of deal delivery (hyper-local, behavioral targeting) Merchant portal – campaign ROI assessment, campaign management and reporting, redemption solutions, Merchant identity & profile – real time consumer interactionCard-Linked Offer Team (CLOG) Card-linked deals creation and delivery platform Payment processing eco-system integration and transaction monitoring and eventsEmail Team Daily deal optimizations, transactional campaigns, win-back campaigns, continuous optimizationConsumer Deal Display and Personalization Team On site engagement, Personalization, optimization/Testing of Deal Presentation, Purchase process testing and optimizationBusiness Intelligence & Customer Insights Team User, Merchant, Deal lifecycle reporting
  6. 6. Teams Team Team Members Status / To be hired Consumer Social and Initial Eric Price (prod. expert), Eric Lee (uex) Fully Staffed Experience Jennifer Goncalves (fed), Leo Shemesh (dev/facilitator), Dan Rodriguez (dev), Steve Tom (QA), Mike Gamba (dev)`` Mobile/API Team Chris Knappick (prod. expert/facilitator), Mike Hill (dev) Front-end developer Mike Castleman (dev), Eric Galperin (dev), Vanessa Torrivilla (uex), Steve Tom (QA) Operations Team Jon Li (prod. Expert), Paul Prior (dev/facilitator), Aditya Fully Staffed Mukherjee (dev), Amadeus Junqueira(fed), Michael Olaya (uex), Fela Johnson (QA) Deal/Merchant Team Seth Rosen (prod expert), Gabe Heafitz (dev), Zack Product Manager Hannes (fed), Gui Weinmann (dev/facilitator), Jennifer Feddersen (uex) , Joe Austin (QA) Card-Linked Offer Team Bjorn Larsen (prod. expert), Eric Lee (design), Eric 1 Backend Dev, 1 Front (CLOG) Galperin (dev), Kris Helenek (dev), Gavin (QA), Joe Austin End Dev, 1 UEX (QA), Dan Kwok (facilitator) Email Team Evan Frank (Prod expert), Anna Boyadjieva (uex), Matt 1 Backend Dev, 1 Front Flight, Jared Brewer End Dev Consumer Deal Display and n/a 2 Backend Dev, 1 Front Personalization Team end Dev, 1 UEX, 1 Product Manager, ½ QA Business Intelligence & Seth Rosen, Rob Mayer (db engineer) 1 Dir of Business Intel, 1 Customer Insights Team database dev, 1 backend dev, 1 Analyst
  7. 7. Roadmap Team July August September October November December Consumer Social and Initial Experience Initial Exp / Profile / Progress Social Connects / FB 2.0 Facebook App / Merchant ID Events` Mobile/API Team Map Discovery / Deal Mobile Web New Inventory Types` types (CLOG, Travel, etc) Social Innovation Deal Types Merchant Apps Deal Team New Inventory Type 2 Platform Enhancements (dates, Hyper-Local / More Deal Display Travel Channel reservations, etc) Intro Deals Card-Linked Offer Team Onboarding Card-linked Loyalty Mobile Discovery Analytics/ Merch (CLOG) Basic System Integration Self Serv Analytics v1 Credit Card Direct Feeds Email Team No Team Daily Deal Redesign Recurring Specialty Preference Center Winbacks, Birthday, etc) Emails Transactional Redesign` Merchant Team No Team No Team Post-campaign Pre-campaign` experience experience Merchant Self Serv / Identity Engagement Maximizations** Consumer Deal Display No Team No Team No Team Purchase Process and Personalization Team Optimizations Personalization 1.0 Business Intelligence & Customer Insights Team Departmental Consumer Consumer Merchant Deal Lifecycle: Predictive Support Lifecycle: Email Lifecycle: Visits Surveys Pipelines Reporting
  8. 8. Consumer Web Products
  9. 9. BuyWithThreeBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Encourages and incents viral sharing • Automated refunding of purchased deal if 3 around specific BuyWithMe deals friends buy the same deal • Progress tracker allowing sharer to see how close they are to free deal • Integration of social context for both sharer and sharee, including display of pictures and names of friends who bought with them and a customizable message from the sharer
  10. 10. Refer-A-FriendBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Encourages and incents viral sharing • Automated distribution of BuyWithMe credit around the BuyWithMe site when a friend joins the site and buys first deal • Invite tracker allowing sharer to follow status of invited friends, including tools enabling sharer to remind invited friends to sign up and buy
  11. 11. Personalization EngineBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Consumer can view deals in order of •Deals include hyperlocal tags (ie Manhattan their geographic relevance to them for NYC) •Deals are displayed in order of proximity to a user’s zip code •Flexible architecture that allows for integration of other variables (category prefs, past behavior, etc) over time
  12. 12. Merchandising OptionsBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Merchants can run a deal with multiple • Fly out that displays multiple package options package options (i.e massage + facial) in an elegant and scaleable way, while• Customizable deals allow for: maintaining the visual consistency of the deal • External purchase (i.e page ticketmaster) • Seamless selection and purchase of one or • Choose location at checkout multiple packages per transaction • Require shipping information
  13. 13. Map-based deal discoveryBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Consumer can view deals in a map based • Integration with Google maps to display deals format and easily identify and discover in map view deals in categories and locations that are • In-page deal summary pop up relevant to them • Deal sorting by category
  14. 14. Mobile Products
  15. 15. iPhone and Android AppBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Easier mobile deal discovery and • City landing page and deal display purchasing • Mobile optimized and streamlined purchase• Access to voucher on-the-go process• One-click redemption of vouchers sends • ‘My Account’ and voucher sections with one- info to merchant portal click redemption• Increased engagement with push • Integration with social sharing and notifications BuyWithThree
  16. 16. Mobile Web AppBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Easier mobile deal discover and • City landing page and deal display purchasing • Mobile optimized and streamlined purchase• Maximize mobile email delivery process• Consumer access to vouchers on the go, • ‘My Account’ and voucher sections without the an app • ‘Get the App’ call to action
  17. 17. ChannelsBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY•Consumer can discover and shop deals •Admin tools to create deal “boutiques” thatmerchandised around specific themes (ie group deals together around a themedinner + a movie, travel, motherss day, etc) •Flexible UI options for advertising and merchandising boutiques on the site
  18. 18. Merchant Tools
  19. 19. Merchant Connect ReportingBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Merchant visibility into: • Customer Acquisition focused data & graphs • Consumer spending behavior • Customer Retention & Engagement focused • Consumer visitation recency & data & graphs frequency • Demographic reporting with consumer • Consumer life-time value density heat map overlay• Detailed visibility into active campaigns • Consumer card-linked purchase tracking
  20. 20. Redemption ToolsBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Tool for merchants to validate voucher • Voucher and customer name lookup. and track redemptions in real-time. • Export into excel• Method to integrate with POS systems. • Track notes• Real-time credit-card based redemptions • Foreign voucher import allows merchants to (in-development) use own POS numbers on vouchers.
  21. 21. Sales Site – Boost Your BusinessBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Showcase BuyWithMe’s value • Embedded merchant testimonial and press proposition videos• Inbound interest capture • Contact form linked to• ***** • Content pages with overview of value- propositions and BuyWithMe process
  22. 22. Partner Tools
  23. 23. Cobrand ExperiencedBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Partners can feature exclusive and • Complete functionality of BuyWithMe’s core relevant deals to their audience through web application and social features our co-branded group commerce site. • Ability to upload 3rd party logos to maintain look and feel • Ability to change background and text colors • Full lead and user tracking and analytics • Co-branded onboarding page
  24. 24. Feeds, Widgets, and APIsBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Complete access to BuyWithMe’s deal • Full Deal API data, enabling partners to easily • JSON and XML deal feeds that can limit customize the deal presentation and market distribute the deals through their • JavaScript deal widget and signup widget channels. library with support of the most popular IAB ad unit specifications
  25. 25. Internal Tools
  26. 26. Deal Production ToolBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Simple to use and scalable project • Complete Merchant and Deal CMS with management tool to accommodate deal integration to Salesforce life-cycle from contract to calendaring to • Production tracking and publishing publication. management system • Multiple-package deals • Multiple location deals • “Foreign Vouchers IDs” for integration with merchant POS systems
  27. 27. Customer Service ToolBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Real-time purchase and customer data to • Ability to lookup customers purchase and provide provide customers with best-in- redemption history class support. • Integration with in for refund • Integration with Salesforce to track merchant and customer support issues • Discount Code engine
  28. 28. Reporting SuiteBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Self-service access for company wide • Data warehouse with nightly processes for business intelligence for reporting on: quick report viewing • User life-cycle • Reporting Services front-end for self-service • Merchant life-cycle data and report extraction. • Sale commission reports • Automated morning excel files • Deal and finance • Partner reporting
  29. 29. Platform
  30. 30. Logical System Architecture internal user merchant consumer partner internet internet internet internet Internal Tools Merchant Portal Consumer Web API/Services Layer Merchandising & Social Sharing Card linked platform Payment processing Personalization Services components Voucher & Redemption Payment AB Testing Secure credit card storage Transaction processing rails Processing Content Management Event Notifications Rewards processing Rules Engine Deals Merchants Consumers Credit Cards Transactions21
  31. 31. System Component Architecture Core Card linked lb1 lb2 lb1 lb2 http http http/https https https/sftp Consumer Secure Merchant/ Workers WWW 1 - 3 Worker 1 1-6 consumer 1 - 2 internal 1 - 3 1-4 Secure 1 - 2 Database master Database slave API 1 - 2 Database master Database slave Encrypted Encrypted database master database slave21
  32. 32. Platform MonitoringBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• A comprehensive monitoring system for • NewRelic -Third party monitoring plugin optimizing platform performance. • Nagios - Engine Yards monitoring • Monit - Unix process monitoring solution installed per host • Alertra - 3rd party, external monitoring of website accessibility
  33. 33. Email
  34. 34. Email Product SuiteBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Customers and merchants receive a suite • Scalable email platform leveraging industry of email communications based on user leading ESP, CheetahMail. actions, geography, and customer life- • Ability to segment and target deals to cycle to ensure high engagement. customers based on interest, location, and actions • Integrated social sharing functionalities • 16 automated consumer action-triggered emails for engagement and re-engagement
  35. 35. Testing and TrackingBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Email Team can analyze campaign • User level data tracking performances in order to deliver more • Extensive ability to segment and test emails personal and relevant deal experience. for iterative optimizations
  36. 36. Current Focus
  37. 37. Consumer - IdentityBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Manage personal identity and • Improved information architecture and user- friends, laying foundation for more social experience of account page buying and interaction • Introduced concept of “My Friends”• More complete information allows for: • Improved ability to manage subscription and • Greater customer insights to deal preferences merchants • Addition of progress meter to incentivize • Ability to deliver more targeted completion of valuable actions offers to consumers
  38. 38. Deals - TravelBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Expand deal types and revenue potential • New multiple image carousel for display by addressing product needs of travel venues and amenities merchants in the travel industry • Better display of offer terms and packages• Better deal display for customers, making within the deal page and email it easier to understand and decide to buy • Travel date selector and voucher flexibility for travel products more flexible booking and packing options• Attract new merchants allowing for • Landing experience for national/affiliate packaged travel deals traffic
  39. 39. Merchant AppBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• New redemption option for merchants • New voucher bar code scanner using phone’s without the need for desktop internet camera access. • User reporting and insights for mobile• Reliable method for merchants to close reporting. the paper voucher loop. • Integration with card-linked products and• Improved merchant access to deal demand generation controls (future performance and customer insights. iterations)• BWM achievement of competitive parity .
  40. 40. On The Spot!BENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• Relevant, always-on deal discovery based • Map based-deal discovery on users’ location • Category filters and preferences.• Allow merchant to control demand and • Voucherless, real-time redemptions time-of-day• Same-day redemption
  41. 41. Frictionless Redemption Major Credit Card CompanyBENEFIT FUNCTIONALITY• New redemption option for merchants • Partner with major credit card company to using credit card rails generate ‘virtual credit card numbers’• Automatically validate voucher numbers • Load credit and merchant ID to virtual credit and prevent fraud card numbers via API.• Ability to have instant or always on deals • Display virtual credit card numbers on• Feedback look to BuyWithMe and vouchers merchants for insights and follow-up • Mark vouchers as redeemed after cashier’s engagement authorization
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