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The Seminole

The Seminole






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    The Seminole The Seminole Presentation Transcript

    • The Seminole
      of the Southeast Woodlands
      • Southeast Woodland page 2
      • Homes of Seminole page 3
      • Food of Seminole page 4
      • Clothing of Seminole page 5
      • War page 6
      • Glossary page 7
      Table of Contents
    • Southeast woodlands
      In the south of Florida the land is very swampy . They have moss trees and all different kinds of animals in the southeast woodlands. Animals like heroine that spear fish with beaks. There were lots of great big rocks around the southeast woodlands.
      An animal in the Southeast Woodlands
      This a dawning of the environment
    • Homes of the Seminole
      The Seminole had houses called chickees. The chickees were made out of strong straight trunk from the palmetto palms found in the everglades. Because the weather was often hot and humid the sides had no walls. The roof of the chickees were fronds or leaves. They were two feet above the ground . This was to keep water and mud away. A Seminole village was surrounded by a log wall. The chiefs house was in the middle.
      This drawing a is by Oliver
      This is a drawing of their homes
    • Food of the Seminole
      The Seminole had an easy time getting food. They fished and hunted and ate bull frogs . They hunted all kinds of animals like alligator and deer. They also ate some birds.
      This picture is by Oliver
      This is a picture of one way they get food
    • Clothing of the Seminole
      The Seminole wore all different kinds of clothing. The men mostly wore breech cloths. Besides that they had body piercings and tattoos. Now they wear lose cotton tunics that go down to the men's knees. They use belts and sashes to hold it up. Women wear long skirts and shawls. The women were good at patchwork.
      This a picture of their clothing
      This is a picture of a Seminole man
    • war
      The Seminole had runaway slaves from the USA . The government wanted them back from the Seminole . General Andrew Jackson sent three thousand men to attack the Seminole . He ordered his troops to burn the Indian villages down. The war was over in 1819.
      This a picture of them at war
      Here is another picture of them at war
    • Glossary
      Breechcloth: A form of loincloth consisting in a strip of material (passed between the thighs and held up in front and behind by a belt or string.Often, the flaps hang down in front and back.
      Bullfrog: A large frog with a deep croak.
      Humid: Damp and moist
      Moss: A small, furry green plant that grows on damp soil, rocks, and tree trunk.
      Slave: Someone who is owned by another person and thought of as property.
      Tree: A large, woody plant with a long trunk roots, branches and leaves.