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Booker stanley

  1. 1. Booker Stanley<br />Polisci 820/365-Afriamr 614/365<br />Dr. Paul G. Adogamhe<br />March 18, 2010<br />Response to McGary Jr. Article on racial Integration/Separatism<br />Howard McGary’s in depth article on, “Racial Integration and Racial Separatism” struck a nerve that I’ve been pondering for quite some time now. The article proposed two different options to alleviate the economic powerlessness, second-class citizenship, problems of personal identity, and lack of self-determination as a result of racial discrimination of blacks in the United States. The options were either separate or integrate. Each proposal made valid arguments on what each thought would be the best approach to dealing with racial issues in the United States. After reading the article I did some critical thinking and decided that in my opinion separation would be in the best interest for blacks.<br />As an African American I have experienced first-hand the struggles of growing up in the United States. So in my opinion separating the races “in order to achieve well being and self-determination for Blacks” (McGary 199) wouldn’t be a bad idea. I feel that integrating is more like assimilating or conforming to a white culture and their values. By integrating we become transformed on the inside, losing any Identity that we once had and adopting a new way of life and culture. The bible speaks about a beast that will control the nations. As I see it white Anglo-Saxon culture has influenced the world in some way or another. In the United States because of Capitalism whites are the forerunners while blacks and other people of color take a back seat. Because of this everything we learn in school and in our society is very Eurocentric.<br />I mostly agree with the late separatists/theorists, Marcus Garvey. He believed that “the only practical means to achieve self-determination for blacks was through separation from whites (McGary 200). Marcus Garvey was labeled as a consequentialist for his views; I guess one could label me in the same category. I just feel that even though some blacks have been given privileges to experience a better life economically, the majority of us are still living in poverty and struggling. I also agree with the mass majority of cultural separatist. They believe that blacks in America suffer because, “they reject their black identity and by rejecting their identity and accepting integration or biological amalgamation deny their own creative possibilities. The separatists believe that this leads to life without a sense of meaning and purpose (McGary 200). All in which are a direct correlation with Blacks conforming and integrating into the white society.<br />Even though we as African Americans have achieved our civil rights, economically we face many problems. I believe that the more rights we have obtained, the more our white society has found other ways to keep us from prosperity. If you look at the African American community as a whole we make up a small percentage of the United States population, but we are the highest percentage incarcerated. Not to mention the highest percentage of people unemployed, the most uneducated and have the lowest quality of living. This would bring anyone, no matter what race you are, a since of hopelessness and discomfort.<br />The article goes on further making claims that other reason for separation is that whites will not make the necessary commitments to accommodate African Americans. For example in our post modern era, dealing with health care. There are a large majority of whites who are economically inclined that will not give up their health care plan to help those who can’t afford it, which are mostly African Americans. This almost becomes a moral issue, but if we look at history the white race has been tyrants when it comes to other cultures. This is another reason for separation. I again believe we have made some progress but not enough. And the question I raise is how much longer do African Americans have to wait before these conditions are eradicated. <br />In the article a separatists remarks, “It is crazy to think that blacks can integrate in the areas of jobs and education. White people can’t make commitments necessary to insure equal opportunity, which are necessary if economic racial integration is to be taken seriously” (McGary 201). Even though there are laws on equal opportunity and affirmative action are they really being taken serious? Growing up I was part of a program that bused inner-city kids out to white suburban schools. It paid its dividends, I was able to earn an athletic scholarship to UW-Madison and now I’m attending UW-Whitewater. I saw firsthand the difference in education from the inner-city predominately black schools to the predominately white suburban schools. Even though I have been blessed with opportunity it would selfish of me to look passed so many who hasn’t. This has also been a problem in the African American community. Those who have been fortunate to prosper economically have moved away from the neighborhoods they once grew up in, and many haven’t been back to help put anything back into the community. Most of them look down on the African Americans who still live in poverty. <br />As the late Marcus Garvey once wrote, “The only wise thing for us….Negros to do, is to organize the world over, build up for the race a mighty nation of our own in Africa. And this race of ours that cannot get recognition and respect in the country where we were slaves, by using our ability, power and genius, would develop for ourselves a nation that would get as much respect as any…. Other…” (McGary 204). I don’t have a solution to the problems that has faced our country to date, but when I read this it makes so much sense. Until then as a black man in America we must play the white man’s game if we want to survive.<br /> <br />