Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery


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A twenty slide presentation on how to best design and delivery your future presentation or ignite presentation. The slides include and describe the proper ways to make your presentation memorable and interesting to anyone who is listening and watching your presentation.

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  • The best way to have a great ignite presentation is to start by picking out a topic you can talk a lot about. You then need to prepare each slide and pick something that is relevant, interesting and something worth sharing to your peers. It’s important to prep yourself in the beginning to have a better presentation in the end.
  • Its best to practice your speech numerous times in order to be perfect. You should not just wing the presentation because you wont no if it will last for the whole 5 minute limit.
  • In order to have an affective presentation you need to make sure it has structure and not just all over the place. You should have an introduction, body, and a conclusion. This will allow the audience to follow along with the presentation and know what is being talked about.
  • Keep your audience focused and engaged in your presentation. This can be done in many different techniques.
  • You should not swear in your presentation. This is unprofessional and can be disrespectful towards others in the audience.
  • You should try and keep your hands out of your pocket because it makes you look not as interested and enthusiastic about your presentation, which will then make your audience not feel as interested.
  • You should never keep your eyes on the slides or at your notecards. Instead you should always be facing the audience and speaking to them. This is the best way to keep there attention and stay toned in listening to you give your presentation.
  • You should practice your presentation enough so you don’t have to use notecards. Notecards can be distracting to both the audience as well as yourself. You should have enough information and pictures on your slide to help you remember what to talk about if you forget.
  • You only have five minutes to give your presentation so you want to make sure there is a point to your presentation and your slides are there to back up your point.
  • You want to limit the text on your slides. Otherwise the audience will pay less attention to you speaking and more attention to reading what is on the slides.
  • You need to be able to pick a font that everyone can see and read from anywhere in the room.
  • Its important to make eye contact with the audience so they are getting full attention. It can sometimes be distracting on the speaker to look into someone eyes, the best place to look is slightly above or below there eyes.
  • Humor can be used to break tension in both the audience and can also help the speak connect with the audience better.
  • You need to pick an appropriate color that everyone in the audience can easily see. You don’t want the text color to blend in with your pictures.
  • You should have little to no animation on your slides. This can be very destracting to the audience and takes up a lo of time.
  • Visuals are very helpful to illustrate the point you are trying to make in the presentation. It allows the audience to understand and follow along better.
  • Charts, graphs and tables can be a great way to present information if they are used properly.
  • Clipart should not be used in a presentation. It does not look professional and most likely everyone has seen those pictures before at some point.
  • Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery

    1. 1. Best practices in presentation design and delivery
    2. 2. Preparation /2940822173
    3. 3. Practice
    4. 4. Speech Structure
    5. 5. Entertain Your Audience
    6. 6. Don’t Swear
    7. 7. Keep hands out of pockets /4192492140
    8. 8. Face the audience 1088059@N00/4288730620
    9. 9. Don’t hold your notecards
    10. 10. Speech that has a point
    11. 11. Limited Text
    12. 12. Font /5522195438
    13. 13. 78315839@N00/1074000287 Eye Contact
    14. 14. Use humor effectively
    15. 15. Color /3749326230
    16. 16. Minimal Animation
    17. 17. Use Visuals /2120417193
    18. 18. Charts
    19. 19. No Clipart Used Microsoft Clipart
    20. 20. References 1. 10 Tips to Give and Ignite Presentation 2. How to Prepare an Ignite Presentation? 3. 10 Things that you can do to make your presentations for effective 4. The Top Ten Things You Can Do To Improve Your Next PowerPoint Presentation 5. The 10 most important things to teach your PowerPoint users -teach-your-powerpoint-users/ 6. 10 Tips for a Killer Presentation 7. 10 Proven Ways To Give A Great Presentation
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