Hair Styling And Makeup Challenges For Asian Brides


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Hair Styling And Makeup Challenges For Asian Brides

  1. 1. Asian Bride Hair Styling And Makeup Tips1 | Asian-Make Up
  2. 2. Hair and makeup are things which would-be-brides putconsiderable importance on because they want to look their bestin their big day, whether on photos or in person. Asian brides areof no exception. While applying makeup and styling hair on anAsian bride is not much different than on other races, it is oftenbest delegated to a professional.The reason for this is that professionals would know how to workwith the various shades and undertones of Asian skin and how tostyle your jet black hair. Also, most Asian women have almond-shape eyes, have eyelids without creases, and stubbornly sparseeyelashes can make applying eye makeup challenging for some.Asians also tend to have thinner lips, and some would-be-bridesmay want to make them appear fuller without having to undergosurgery or have lip injections. An experience bridal hair stylist andmakeup artist can solve these problems and give you the look youwant. Asian bridal makeup artists can, for instance, make use of black eyeliner and black mascara as these help bring more attention to your eyes and make them appear better in pictures. They can apply light beige shadow on your brow bone to give the impression that your eyes are larger.Hair stylists who have previous experience with Asian women areknowledgeable of traditional hairstyles. If you are a bit moreadventurous, they can also give you a modern Asian hairstyle.2 | Asian-Make Up
  3. 3. Pointers in Selecting a Hair and Makeup Artist If you don’t have one yet, ask people you trust who recently got wed if they can recommend a hair or makeup artist. Many of these professionals advertise online through directories or through their own websites, making learning about their services relatively convenient. Look at the makeup artist’s or stylist’s portfolio to see if you like their work. When reviewingsamples of their work, look at how clean and creative their worksare. It would not be enough to just read about these expertsthough, you have to talk to them in person so you can ascertainwhether or not you can establish a good rapport with them. You’relikely to be nervous on the day of your wedding, having a makeupartist or stylist who is high-strung would only add to your anxiety.Ask for credentials and how long they have been in the businesstoo.Remember to schedule for trial makeup and hair styling sessionmonths ahead so if you are not happy with what you see you stillhave time to improve the look or to find another beauty expert.3 | Asian-Make Up