Social boomarking isn’t just delicious

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  • 1. Social Boomarking Isn’t Just Delicious…It’s Helpful!
    Dianna K. Wiggins
    DLS “Let’s Get Social” Series
    July 20, 2010
    Delicious: diannawiggins
  • 2. A look at the “old ways”
    Tied to one point of access
    Prone to browser crashes
    Gets cumbersome and “unruly”
    Limited to just my use
    Note: The benefit is being able to jump from site to site without leaving the browser session.
  • 3. Benefits of Social Bookmarking
    It’s EASY to get started and it makes your life easier too!
    It’s “social” – grow your knowledge about more on the Web through the “power of many.”
    It’s out on the Web, so you can access your bookmarks from anywhere using any machine.
    It makes sense to you as you build your own naming/tagging scheme.
    Eliminates needless searching for “something you saw.”
    Comes with handy tools that make it even more useful.
    Integrates with other Web curation and syndication tools.
  • 4. It’s easy (and free) to get started…
    Trending bookmarks on the front page to get you started!
    Note: Try to be consistent in your branding, and avoid “funky” names that won’t be recognized.
  • 5. It’s “Social”
    My Network
    Their Recent Bookmarks
    Benefit: Cover more of the Web by adding others to your social bookmarking network. Access and subscribe to their bookmarks!
  • 6. Bookmarks Are “In the Cloud”
    • Portability - Not dependent upon any one browser or machine
    • 7. Example: Can use same tag for links and pull them up for presentations
    • 8. Can reference bookmarks on site as the need arises
  • Bookmarks Make Sense For YOU!
    Tag Cloud View
    List View
  • 9. Handy productivity tools build workflow and eliminate needless searching….
    Bookmarks Sidebar
    Access and Add
    Delicious Menu Bar
    Search and Browse
    Delicious Bookmarks Bar
    Manage & View Most Recent Tags
  • 10. Saving a new bookmark
    • Tags suggested and used by others
    • 11. Space for notation and keywords
    • 12. Can mark as private from network
    • 13. No spaces in tags
    More sophisticated sites may offer aggregation and syndication choices or “Share This” buttons
  • 14. Other ways to add to Delicious…
    Browser Add-Ons like Firefox Firestatus that allow you to post from your browser.
    Syndication tools like that allow you to post to multiple social media channels at once.
  • 15. Delicious as a search tool…
    Suggested filters
    Top bookmarks
    Bubbles up expertise
    Related tags
  • 16. Questions?