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Company Profil

  1. 1. Retail Business Software SolutionCloud Computing Maintenance Service COMPANY PROFILE
  2. 2. iNetIndo iNfocomThe HistoryP.T. Inetindo Infocom was established in January 2010.Technology plays major role in every aspectof any business nowadays. Our company consists of people who have extensive proficiencies andknowledge in the IT industry. We have had numerous experiences in IT business, focusing in datacenters, telecom, enterprise, education, and software developments.P.T. Inetindo Infocom is the authorised reseller for all Apple products and we are the second tier ofLenovo, Dell, Juniper and Cisco Network. In March 2010, the company has further expanded itsbusiness sector by opening our first Apple Authorised Reseller store, called Story-i. As of December2012, there are 5 Story-i stores across Indonesia. We have also opened our first Lenovo retail store onDecember 2011 in Solo-Paragon.Over the past years, the company has positioned it self as the IT Total Solution Provider forenterprise computing products in Indonesia. The companys product portfolio ranging fromdesktop PC, notebook, workstation (graphical PCs), server, multi platform network storage, wirelessLAN, LAN/WAN, e-infrastructure, data center and ISP.P.T. Inetindo Infocom “Total Computing Solution” are aimed to be the single source solutionsprovider for all corporate technology needs. We are available to work to corporate customersthroughout Indonesia, starting from installation, maintenance, project management, productsservices, even consultancy. Our portfolio has shown numerous successes in implementation forprivate sector companies, government institutions, F&D clients, schools, etc.Our successes are highly dependent on our dedication, innovation and the high level of technicalcompetence. It is our main interest to give best result-oriented approach, by listening to our clients’needs and deliver the most effective solution. We commit to build a trust and forge a long-termrelationship with our clients. In line with company’s growth and customer needs, P.T. InetindoInfocom continues to expand its presence across Indonesia.Vision and MissionVisionTo become the leader of retail stores and solutions in Indonesia by implementing the latesttechnology.MissionTo deliver quality products and services at the best value for our customersCommitmentP.T. Inetinfo Infocom believes that one of the major keys to success is to build a long-termrelationship with customers through high quality products and excellent services. Each customerhas its own unique requirement and therefore understanding of each individual problem is theutmost important.We try to make it simple for our clients. Our team helps tosimplify hardware acquisition, with highlyexperienced pre-sales and technical teams. In order to find best solution for customer needs, weexecute methodological process that include surveying, consulting, evaluating and implementing.By listening to their issues, we offer the most fitting solutions for their needs. w w w. i n e t - i n d o . c o m
  3. 3. iNetIndo iNfocom Human Resources A solid team is required to deliver the best customer experience. In an ever changing and dynamic market, competent personnel play a vital role in the companys operation. We train our staff to proactively adapt to the broad spectrum of today’s technological and social changes - not only for corporate growth, but to contribute to society at large through their work. To maintain up-to-date technical knowledge, the company has invested in numerous continuous in-house and overseas training, continual education and certification. These experiences are designed to provide increased expertise and skills. Our Group SIGMANET INDONESIA INETINDO SIGMADATA STAR INFOCOM INDONESIA SYSTEM Business Focus Our business focus is divided into four major technology businesses, which are : Authorised Reseller On March 2010 we were appointed as Apple Authorised Reseller which allows us to sell all apple products and its accessories under the name of Story‐i. We concentrate on opening stores across Indonesia where mining, oil and gas, and other industries play major role in surrounding the area. w w w. i n e t - i n d o . c o m
  4. 4. iNetIndo iNfocomStory-i Store Story-i Balikpapan Balikpapan Super Block 1st Floor Elipse Island Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.71 Balikpapan, Phone : 02542 7586888 Story-i Riau Mall Sentra Komersial Arengka (SKA) 2nd Floor Jl. Soekarno Hatta Pekanbaru 28294 Balikpapan Super Block Riau, Phone : 0761 7894108 Story-i Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall 1st Floor No.03A Jl. Yosodipuro No. 133 Solo, Phone : 0271 7882365 Story-i Semarang Paragon City Mall Pekanbaru SKA Mall 3rd Floor Unit 32A Jl. Pemuda No.118 Semarang, Phone : 0224 86579183 Story-i Serpong Living World 1st Floor Unit 1-01 Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav.21 Serpong, Phone : 021 29211930 Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall and many more to come Authorised Service CenterMarch 2012, we were appointed as Apple Authorised Service Center in association with QCD under the nameof GeekZone. Currently, GeekZone services are available for our costumers in all Story-i locations. TM by story-iWe were appointed as Lenovo Exclusive Partner on September 2011. We had opened Lenovo exclusive storelocated in Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall. w w w. i n e t - i n d o . c o m
  5. 5. iNetIndo iNfocom Lenovo Store Lenovo Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall 1st Floor Unit 10 Jl. Yosodipuro No. 133 Solo, Phone : 0271 7882366 and many more to come Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall ViewSoft is a customizable Cloud-based POS system. List of Applications : POS System E-Menu Service Centre Application Finance and Accounting And more to come Our Client THP DEPARTEMEN KOPERASI & UKM W IN E & CIG A R L OU N G E P.T. TRIMITRA HASANAH PRIMA P.T. SENOPATI P.T. WITEC UNIV. 11 MARET w w w. i n e t - i n d o . c o m
  6. 6. www.inet-indo.comPT. Inetindo InfocomCyber Building 6th Floor Jl. Kuningan Barat no. 8Jakarta 12710, IndonesiaPhone: +6221 5290 5160, Fax: +6221 527 4116Email: