8th period exit tickets


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I asked the students to write a question or comment as they walked out the door. This file is what they'll see tomorrow - as a way of sharing their comments and my responses with the whole class.

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8th period exit tickets

  1. 1. 8 Period Algebra 1 thExit Ticket Comments 7/23/2012
  2. 2. • Are we gonna do any major projects?• Perhaps one or two… let’s see how it goes.
  3. 3. • Ms. Evans you’re a fun teacher and I know this will be a great year!• It’s not all about fun, and some days may not be… but, I agree – this will be a great year!
  4. 4. • Do you have your name tent in front of you yet?
  5. 5. • Thanks for refreshing my memory on the integers. You seem like a very nice teacher.• You’re most welcome! Wait until my evil twin emerges! Muahahaha• I mean, thank you!
  6. 6. • Is Algebra easy?• Depends, do you do your work? ;-)
  7. 7. • Have you turned in your Integer Review to the mail slot over there?• Hint: Find the Turning In column and your period
  8. 8. • This day was amazing. I had all fun teachers.• I’m glad you had such a great day.
  9. 9. • Are you a nice teacher?• If you work for me, we’ll get along well. Slack off, and you’ll see that evil twin I mentioned earlier.
  10. 10. • ACK! There’s a quiz? YES, there’s a quiz!• Take this time to prepare – ask questions!
  11. 11. • Thank you for explaining the signs; it really helped.• It’s nice to help when it’s so appreciated.
  12. 12. • Is Algebra gonna get really hard?• It does get more complicated… but, I wouldn’t say HARD exactly… Stay on top of your work and we’ll get you through it!
  13. 13. • Today was an alright day. You are a really cool teacher.• Why, thank you! I like to enjoy my work… isn’t that what life’s all about?
  14. 14. • After the quiz, you will be taking notes (I’ve done most of the work for you – this time.)
  15. 15. • I learned this stuff already.• Lucky you! Next time, move to a place where someone is struggling and help out! We’re all teachers, sometimes.
  16. 16. • Mrs. Evans makes math fun.• That’s my plan! And, if you hear my voice explaining something in your head… even better! I will haunt you forever…. 
  17. 17. • The HW is pretty easy for me. Is it going to increase or…? (I’m not complaining, just asking.)• Today was clearing out the cobwebs. We’ll advance pretty soon.
  18. 18. • How can you find out what our agenda is for today?• Hint: it’s over there
  19. 19. • I have been very nauseous all day, and I struggle with math a lot.• I’m sorry you didn’t feel well! I hope you feel better today. If you need help, PLEASE see me before or after school, or go to the library for tutoring.• Make yourself known to me so I can give you extra help.
  20. 20. • I like this class.• Yay! My job is complete… well, almost. We still have that pesky math to get through.
  21. 21. • I was late to all classes.• Do you need a map? It’ll get better.
  22. 22. • What kind of bird is that in the corner?• That would be the very rare blue stuffed flamingo marionette bird.
  23. 23. • Did you bring supplies? THANK YOU! Put them on the appropriate shelf by the back door.