Esources allows you to have a wider consumer base


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Esources is a UK-based B2B portal, which holds the distinction of being UK’s largest wholesale directory of wholesale distributors, suppliers, and products.

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Esources allows you to have a wider consumer base

  1. 1. Esources Allows You to Have a Wider Consumer Base
  2. 2. • Esources is a UK-based B2B portal, which holds the distinction of being UK’s largest wholesale directory of wholesale distributors, suppliers, and products. • It provides a common platform for wholesale trade suppliers and buyers to come together and give a solid boost to their business. It serves two parties, the buyer and the seller, who are also known as leads. • Reviews of from thousands of satisfied buyers and suppliers will convince you that this B2B portal allows trade buyers and suppliers to find quality leads in the shortest possible time.
  3. 3. B2B: An Overview • B2B or business to business is a type of business transaction that is conducted between two businesses rather than between business and consumers. Exchange of products and services is done among businesses themselves. • A good example of a B2B transaction could that be of a mobile manufacturing firm. A smart phone has different components that may be manufactured by different companies and may be in different countries. • A company in China may be manufacturing the battery, while another in Korea may be developing RAMs and Displays for an American-based smart phone manufacturing firm.
  4. 4. • These all parts and components are purchased and assembled together by the smart phone maker to produce a phone that is sold to a consumer as a single unit. • Esources is an e-procurement site that serves a variety of industries and segments like apparel and clothing, health and beauty, industrial and materials, arts and crafts, automotive and transports, sports and leisure, computer, and software, among others. • This by means is an exhaustive list and you must visit to see the entire list of industries and segments it serves and how can it help buyers and suppliers request proposals and make exchange of products.
  5. 5. How Can It Help? • Such portals are immensely beneficial for both buyers and suppliers. They can register for free on these sites to initiate business activities. • It provides a perfect platform for sellers who can showcase their products, its features, and the cost associated with it to thousands of wholesale buyers online. They can also specify the minimum number of orders that is accepted and delivery mechanism for handing over the products. • Likewise, wholesale buyers and traders too get to choose from hundreds and thousands of genuine and verified suppliers.
  6. 6. • Wholesale manufacturers and suppliers dealing in a wide variety of products or merchandise can register themselves on highly popular and acclaimed B2B portals like Esources to get access to a wider consumer base. • This enables them to market their products to a much wider audience, which will eventually turn into better sales and higher profits for them. • Through Esources, you could engage in global supply of your products. You can request a free listing on this site and reply to buyer’s lead, queries, and requests. • You can also receive alerts on new business request and track the return on investment that your advertisements are generating. This is of utmost importance, as it could help you streamline your marketing efforts as well as your advertising budget.
  7. 7. • As a wholesale buyer, you can register for a free buyer account and list your buy requests for no cost at all. There are hundreds of suppliers listed in the directory. • You can easily hunt for the products or merchandize you are looking for. This will enable saving of time and other valuable resources along with providing you access to qualified sellers who can take care of all your needs at competitive rates. Conclusion • Whether you are a trade buyer looking for legitimate sources or a wholesale supplier looking for verified buyers, you need to immediately register at
  8. 8. • This premium B2B portal allows you to browse the leads in business directory in addition to providing other valuable information like trade events and access to trade-related articles.
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