Insights from Glass Entrepreneur: Developing, Hacking, and Monetizing Apps



Google Glass has captured the attention of entrepreneurs across many industries! Join us on August 14th as CEO and Founder of Pristine Kyle Samani provides some honest insight about what developing on ...

Google Glass has captured the attention of entrepreneurs across many industries! Join us on August 14th as CEO and Founder of Pristine Kyle Samani provides some honest insight about what developing on Glass entails, not just in terms of technical details, but in terms of usability, use cases, market economics, and monetization as a Glass entrepreneur.



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Insights from Glass Entrepreneur: Developing, Hacking, and Monetizing Apps Insights from Glass Entrepreneur: Developing, Hacking, and Monetizing Apps Presentation Transcript

  • Info packed meetups from Austin's best in mobile development & business
  • David Vogelpohl
  • Special Thanks!
  • #AMPDtx Check in & upload photos
  • Food & Beer Sponsored by:
  • Kyle Samani, Founder / CEO Google Glass for Surgery
  • Agenda • Hardware • Software • Development • Usability and uses cases • Consumer vs enterprise • Glass in healthcare • Pristine
  • A Quick Look at Glass
  • Hardware: The Screen • Resolution: 640 x 360 • Appears to be 25” screen from 8’ • Difficult to see outside • Displays up to 40-50 words of text • Does not obstruct line of sight: no AR • Others can tell when it’s on
  • Hardware: The Guts • CPU: TI OMAP 4430 – between iPhone 4 / 4S • RAM: 768MB, 256MB reserved for OS • Storage: 16GB, 4GB reserved for OS • Camera: 5MP, 720P; quality = iPhone 4S • Battery: 4-5 hours heavy use; 8-12 hours light • Wi-fi b/g, bluetooth 4.0 LE • No cellular, no GPS (tether from phone) • Audio: tiny speaker + bone conduction
  • Software: The OS • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich • Current release: XE 7, updated once / month – Custom launcher on top of Android • 2 ways wake from sleep: trackpad, nod head – “ok Glass”, [command] – Chronological timeline • Root-able! Load 4.2.2, connect BT keyboard
  • Glass Pricing and Availability • Google has suggested launch by end of 2013 • Cost of components ~ $120 • 2 pricing strategies – Recoup cost of R&D: $500+ – Sell just above break even: <$400 • Blog post: The price of Glass
  • Inputs • Trackpad • Voice • Camera • Accelerometer / gyro / magnetometer • Proximity sensor: wink! • Blog post: Glass Insights, Input-Output
  • The Marginal Value of Google Glass • Hands free • Always there (friction free) • Heads up display (HUD) • First person camera • Blog Post: The Marginal Value of Google Glass
  • Development: The Mirror API • Push RESTful HTML cards from server to Glass – Limited subset of HTML elements, no JavaScript – No dynamic content – No real-time sensor data – No voice-driven navigation – No local installation, no processing; always latency – No ability to “live in your app” • Big for enterprise • Super easy to develop for
  • Development: Native Java Android (GDK) • Side load native Android APKs via ADB • No support for Glass-specific functions, yet – Head nod – Wear / take off Glass • Buggy, undocumented • No official release date for the GDK
  • Power of the GDK • Native, local processing; no latency • Real time sensor data • 3rd party hardware integration (MYO armband!) • Voice navigation • “Live in your app” • Dynamic content • Access to Android, 3rd party client-side libraries • Coming mid September, supposedly
  • Google’s Development Guidelines • Design for Glass • Don’t get in the way • Keep it timely • Avoid the unexpected
  • Our Development Guidelines • Context is king in eyeware computing • The trackpad is a frustrating piece of **** • Voice is the best navigation method – Every word is a point of failure; short commands • All text should be white on black • Most important content at bottom of screen
  • No Text Labels
  • Major Consumer Apps on Glass • Gmail • Facebook • Twitter • NYT / CNN • Tumblr • All of them are materially worse on Glass
  • Glass for [Hobby] • Most analog hobbies could be better w/ Glass – Cooking – Knitting – Basketball – Golf – Biking / motorcycling – Running • Blog post: Glass for [hobby]
  • Enterprise Use Cases • Anyone that works with their hands all day – Doctors – Factor workers – Warehouse workers – Technicians / field engineers – Retail staff – Florists – Artists
  • Glass vs Smartphone • Glass competes with non-consumption • What’s the killer-app for phones? – At first: phone, text, (email) – Now: Facebook, Twitter, email, maps, web • All of these are materially worse on Glass – Modern phones have robust input mechanisms – How do you consume Facebook on Glass?
  • Why Buy Glass? Consumer Enterprise You use Glass for you favorite hobby(ies) It makes employees more effective at their jobs You LOVE mediocre pictures You live in Northern California You work for / drink Google’s Koolaid You’re a geek like that
  • Consumer Smartphone App Economics • You pay for a phone for killer apps – Phone, text, Facebook, email, maps, browsing, etc • Why not download for free, deal with ads? – No space for ads in the corner on Glass • $3 for more land in Farmville? YES!!!!!! • Why not buy Angry Birds? It’s only $.99
  • Enterprise Smartphone App Economics • BYOD / employer pays for phone + cell service • Your app doesn’t have to justify cost of hardware or cell service • Your app makes / saves $X dollars / employee • You charge some fraction of X
  • Consumer Glass App Economics • I don’t have Glass, and it won’t replace phone • Does [app] justify the cost of wearing Glass? • Should I buy Glass to make [hobby] better? • Your app has to justify the cost of Glass • Glass volumes will be 3% of smartphones • Devs are creating apps now to prep for launch • Race to the bottom?
  • Enterprise Glass App Economics • What can Glass do for my employees? • Can I make / save $X more dollars / employee? • Problem that’s present 8 hours / day = large X • As a dev, your app has to justify the cost of Glass • You only capture a fraction of total $ spend
  • Enterprise App Ramp Cycles iPhone / Android iPad Glass Years after smartphone ramp - 2 5 Mature developer community and tools at launch No Somewhat Yes! Cross platform enterprise IT infrastructure No Somewhat Yes! 2 year cellular contract cycles Yes No No Launch hype Small Medium Ultra Tim Cook: 92% of Fortune 500 companies using iPads 18 months after launch
  • Concluding Consumer vs Enterprise • Significant cost associated with wearing Glass • You don’t need Instagram on your face • Major consumer web apps are writing for Glass • [Hobby] Glass app opportunities • Green field of new enterprise apps – Problems are present 8 hours / day = large $X • Enterprises have $; follow the $
  • The Key Enterprise Verticals • Healthcare • Security (difficult GTM) • Warehouse workers (difficult GTM) • Factory worker (difficult GTM) • On site technicians • Retail • Restaurants (chefs + waiters)
  • Glass in Healthcare • iOS App Store just celebrated its 5th birthday • 85% of doctors use smartphones at point of care • Look to end of 2018, 5 years after Glass launches • Every medical professional in US will use Glass
  • Glass Examples in Healthcare • Outpatient PCPs – transcription, look up info • Hospitalists – communication, authentication • Nurses – communication, scanning • Pharmacists – verify everything • Emergency – communication, sharing, status • EMS – remote guidance by MDs • Home health – self reporting, physical therapy
  • Glass Healthcare Startups • Augmedix - ??? • Pristine – Google Glass for Surgery • Farlo Health – Rapid Response Teams • EverMed – EHR on Glass • Lots of internal university projects
  • • Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses • 3 devs, 1 business • Advisors: 4 doctors, 2 business • In Capital Factory Incubator • Raised $400k seed round • 2 provisional patents filed • Starting first pilots in September • In talk with the biggest medical centers in US
  • • We’re hiring Android devs! • We’re hiring iOS devs! • We’re hiring Node.JS/Mongo devs! • And always looking for more investors
  • • Been designing EHRs for years • Privileged access to EHR integration docs • Write for biggest blog in healthcare IT, HIStalk – Readership includes most hospital CIOs in the US • Speaking at lots of healthcare conferences
  • Thank you! @PristineIO