Expenditure Reduction Proposals


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Presented to the CUSD School Board on November 9, 2011.

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Expenditure Reduction Proposals

  1. 1. ExpenditureReduction ProposalsDevin Vodicka, Ed.D.November 9, 2011
  2. 2. Background Information• Carlsbad Unified School District faces a projected fiscal deficit of $10.6 million in 2012-13.• San Diego County Office of Education will re-evaluate district budget at First Interim to determine if the budget should be certified as positive, qualified, or negative. • First Interim Report is due December 15, 2011.• Qualified or negative certification results in decreased local autonomy.
  3. 3. Expenditure Reduction Efforts• Finding ways to save money has been an ongoing focus for years.• At least 73 strategies from “Doing More With Less: A Guide to Effective Resource Management in California K-12 Education” have already been implemented.• Class size has increased in grades 1-3.• K-6 Home Study program was eliminated.• General education Summer School was reduced (High School) and eliminated for grades K-8.• Deferred maintenance budget was reduced.• Site and department budgets have been reduced.
  4. 4. Reducing Expenses• Positions have been eliminated or vacated: • Director of Curriculum and Instruction • Admin Assistant—Language Assessment Center • English Language Development Resource Teacher • Instructional Aide—Computer Lab (two part-time positions) • Librarian (two part-time positions) • Executive Assistant, Business Services
  5. 5. Revenue Initiatives• Joint-use agreements• Rental/lease of district facilities• Selling surplus equipment and vehicles• Potential ballot initiatives in November 2012• Unfortunate reality is that we can not yet “count” on these dollars
  6. 6. Expenditure Reduction Process• Governing Board action on October 12th placed eighteen different expenditure categories into one of three groups: • Strong potential for reduction • Moderate potential for reduction • Low potential for reduction
  7. 7. Expenditure Reduction Groupings Consideration for Reduction Expenditure Category Group 1: Strong Sage Creek Delay Reduce/Eliminate Admin/Management Reduce/Eliminate Stipends Employee Compensation Reductions Reduce/Eliminate Travel & Conference Reduce/Eliminate Site and Department Accounts Reduce Special Ed Reduce Textbook Expenses Group 2: Moderate Closing School(s) Reduce/Eliminate Classified Positions Reduce/Eliminate Athletics Reduce/Eliminate Contractual Reduce/Eliminate Programs Reduce Instructional Days Group 3: Low Increase Class Size—Elementary Increase Class Size—Middle Increase Class Size—High School Reduce/Eliminate Guidance
  8. 8. Analysis Teams• Convened to focus on expenditure categories in “Strong” or “Moderate” potential for reduction groups• Reviewed spending trends, current reality, and projections• Brainstormed ways to reduce expenses• Identified potential impact and additional considerations• Summary of Analysis Team input provided in Board Packet
  9. 9. Survey• Online survey launched on October 19, 2011• 538 responses • 404 of the respondents were parents• Mixed feedback • Sage Creek Delayed Opening: • 56 respondents not in favor of any delay • 55 respondents were in support of delay• Strong support for reductions in travel/conference and admin/management• Unsolicited feedback regarding class size was prevalent with strong opposition to higher numbers
  10. 10. Proposed Expenditure Reductions Recommendation Item Description Projected Savings Total 8 Reduce Textbook Expenses $0Take no action at this time 12 Reduce/Eliminate Contractual $0 N/A $289,576 per day in 14 Reduce Instructional Days employee costs 2 Eliminate 3 or more admin positions in 2012-13 $450,000 3 Reduce Middle School Village Leader stipends $15,702Strong Recommendation for 5 Eliminate Travel and Conference $60,000 $1,529,702 Reductions 6 Reduce Site and Department Accounts $454,000 7 Reduce Special Education $530,000 11 Reduce Athletic Budget $20,000 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d Sage Creek Delay $200,000 to $493,822 9 Closing schools $800,000 10a, 10b, 10c, Eliminate Classified Positions $952,221Moderate Recommendation 10d, 10e $2,532,445 to for Reductions 13a, 13b, 13c, $2,826,267 13d, 13e, 13f, Eliminate Programs $580,224 13g, 13h, 13i, 13j, 13k, 13l $4,062,147 to Total $4,355,969
  11. 11. Take No Action• Reducing Textbook Expenses • Already cut to $20 per student • Significant complications due to Williams Settlement compliance • Potential possibilities in future with adoptions and new school openings• Reducing/Eliminating Contractual • Procedural changes may result in some savings• Reducing Instructional Days • Workyear must be negotiated through collective bargaining
  12. 12. Strong Recommendation forReduction• Eliminate 3 or more administration positions.• Reduce number of Middle School Village Leader stipends.• Sweep travel and conference budgets and reduce allocations in 2012-13.• Reduce special education budget due to savings in Non-Public School (NPS) and Non-Public Agency (NPA) costs.• Reduce athletics budget by using less charter bussing, fewer substitutes and a reduced budget for playoff stipends.
  13. 13. Moderate Recommendationfor Reduction• Review Sage Creek options• Closing Schools• Elimination of Classified Positions• Elimination of Programs
  14. 14. Sage Creek Options• 1a: Reduce start-up budget in 2012-13 and still open as scheduled in 2013-14 • Potential Savings in 2012-13: $200,000• 1b: Delay opening until 2014-15 which shifts start-up costs to 2013-14 • Potential Savings in 2012-13: $493,822• 1c: Move Calavera Hills Middle School to Sage Creek campus and use available space to balance elementary school enrollment • Potential Savings Unknown• 1d: Open Sage Creek at 6th-12th grade “school of choice” • Potential Savings Unknown
  15. 15. Closing School(s)• Recommend convening districtwide committee to determine best method to identify and implement closure of two schools and relocation of district office with intent to rent/lease as a strategy to generate revenue.• Committee would bring specific proposal for Board Approval in February 2012. School closures would be implemented in 2012-13.• Approximate savings of $400,000 per school closure.
  16. 16. Eliminating Classified Positions• 10a: Eliminate Instructional Assistant-Computer Lab and add one Computer Technician• 10b: Eliminate Guidance Technicians• 10c: Eliminate School Administrative Assistant—Assistant Principal (Valley)• 10d: Eliminate Accompanist (Valley)• 10e: Eliminate 4 district office positions TBD
  17. 17. Reduce/Eliminate Programs• 13a: Cal-Safe Program• 13b: School Resource Officers• 13c: Kontraband (drug sniffing dogs)• 13d: Add Up drug intervention program• 13e: Eliminate 1.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Campus Safety Assistant• 13f: Reduce Student Services Support Specialist from 1.0 FTE to .5 FTE• 13g: Reduce GATE Testing Expenses• 13h: Reduce Articulation and Curriculum Meetings• 13i: Reduce Schoolwise Press (School Accountability Report Cards)• 13j: Reduce Middle School Independent Study PE expenses• 13k: Provide for flexibility with Independent Study PE in grades 9-12 which would result in elimination of 1.0 FTE PE Teacher• 13l: Eliminate 1.0 FTE certificated librarian
  18. 18. Recommendation• Recognizing that the balance of any remaining projected fiscal deficit will need to be resolved through reductions in employee total compensation through the collective bargaining process, we recommend the following:• Taking no action on expenditure reduction items 8, 12, and 14. • Textbook expenses • Contractual services • Instructional days• Strong recommendation to approve expenditure reductions 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11. • Administration positions • Middle School stipends • Travel and Conference • Site and department accounts • Special education budget • Athletic budget• Recommend discussion and selective actions on “Moderate Recommendation” items 1, 9, 10, and 13. • Sage Creek • School Closures • Classified Positions • Programs