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E g innovations


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Published in: Technology

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  • Ripple effect – ‘Traditional management tools fail to address today’s VDI performance challenges: too complex, too slow, too costly, too fragmented, too manual.”
  • Transcript

    • 1. How To Deliver MaximumDesktop Virtualisation Performance& User SatisfactionPresentersKeith Girt – Regional Sales ManagerStuart Kennedy – Senior Consultant
    • 2. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comCustomer Examples
    • 3. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe User PerspectiveUserUserPerspective“I start my device,log on, andexpect the sameexperience I hadwith my physicaldesktopenvironment.”
    • 4. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comAre You Feeling Desktop Virtualisation Pain?• High cost of downtime• Slow applications• Poor user experienceUser Frustration& Low Productivity• Manual, complexand lengthy diagnosis• Requires many domain expertsRisingIT SupportCost & Complexity• Throwing hardware at problems• Oversized & inefficient environmentRisingInfrastructure Cost• Delayed deployment & rollout• Failed projects & initiativesDelays, CostOverruns, MissedObjectives
    • 5. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comWhat is Causing the Pain?VirtualizationPerformanceChallengesRising ITSupport CostRisingInfrastructureCostDelays,Cost Overruns& MissedObjectivesUser Frustration& Low ProductivityTraditional tools fail to address today’s performance challenges:too complex, too slow, too fragmented, too manual.
    • 6. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comRequirements For Delivering aHigh Quality Service (and Numbing the Pain) Rapid response when a user has a problem Reduce the time from problem to fix Minimise unplanned service outages Optimise current infrastructure usage Know when/where to add more capacity
    • 7. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comRapid Response To User ProblemsWhen The User Calls The Help Desk, eG helps thesupport team by showing: Where’s the user session– which virtual desktop?– Which XenApp server? What applications is the user running? Is the problem persistent/spike/recurring?
    • 8. Thin/VDI Clients option to find the userKevin is user name being searched and we immediatelyget the details of the server the user had logged onSCREENSHOT – Simple username search to find which virtual desktop or XenApp server issupporting the user session(s)
    • 9. Click on themagnifyingglass whichgives thedetailedinformation asin the belowscreenKevin is using java application which is consuminghigh CPUSCREENSHOT – Administrator can now easily see what applications the user is accessingwith just a single click
    • 10. Graph givesinformationabout theresourcesused by Kevinand timeperiodSCREENSHOT – Administrator can also immediately see some recent history for the issueand compare this with other metrics over variable time periods
    • 11. Click on theServer whichtakes you tothe layeredview of theCitrix XenAppserver.SCREENSHOT – Administrator can also access full performance details of the XenAppserver (or VDI host) to check if other users are also affected.
    • 12. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comReduce Time From Problem Report To FixeG Eliminates Bridge Calls & Finger Pointing By Showing the full service performance end-to-end Correlating performance events and automatingproblem root-cause analysis Prioritising alarms to separate cause from effect Showing what’s changed in the infrastructure?
    • 13. SCREENSHOT – eG shows complete end-to-end service view with real-time status of allcomponents and prioritised alarm status.
    • 14. Orders Tablespace has no free spaceSCREENSHOT – Drill down from Oracle DBS in service view shows what’s causing theproblem.
    • 15. Oracle DBis in criticalstateFrom the alarms we can see thatthere is some configuration changedone recently on this database serverSCREENSHOT – eG’s Alarm Window has also indicated that there has been a recentconfiguration change on the Oracle DBS
    • 16. From the above screen it is very clear that the ORDERStablespace size has been reducedSCREENSHOT – eG has not only identified the cause of the problem but has identified whyit occurred so that the fix is now obvious.
    • 17. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comMinimise Unplanned Service Outages(Prevention Is Better Than Cure)eG Proactively Warns Administrators BEFOREUsers Are Affected By: Applying flexible alarm policies Self-learning of normal infrastructure behaviour Identifying recurring minor issues
    • 18. SCREENSHOT – Administrator can see details of the tests being used for any metric
    • 19. SCREENSHOT – This shows what type of threshold (fixed or relative) is used, whatgenerates minor/major/critical alarms and the Policy itself
    • 20. SCREENSHOT – For metrics that normally vary by time/day, eG learns normal behaviourand uses relative thresholds for alarms
    • 21. SCREENSHOT – Administrator can check if this has been an isolated event or has beenoccurring on a regular basis
    • 22. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comOptimise Current Infrastructure The workload presented by user sessions &session patterns Distribution of user workload across serviceinfrastructure Resource usage and performancecomparisons across service componentseG Collects More Than Just Component PerformanceMetrics. It Shows:
    • 23. SCREENSHOT – Detailed workload reports available for all user sessions (XenApp or VDI)showing resource consumption
    • 24. SCREENSHOT – Reports show if the load is balanced equally across the infrastructure
    • 25. SCREENSHOT – Detail to provided to understand if loadings are as expected
    • 26. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comKnow When/Where To Add CapacityCritical to Satisfy All StakeholderseG ensures you get the balance right - Too little investment = unhappy users Too much investment = unhappy CFO In the wrong place = unhappy users & CFO
    • 27. SCREENSHOT – Report shows what additional load the VM Cluster can support, comparingCPU and Memory
    • 28. SCREENSHOT – eG Forecast Reports will use historic trend data to project what resourceswill be needed in the future.
    • 29. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comRequirements For Delivering aHigh Quality Service (and Numbing the Pain)Rapid response when a user has a problemReduce the time from problem to fixMinimise unplanned service outagesOptimise current infrastructure usageKnow when/where to add more capacity
    • 30. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe ROI of Performance AssuranceWith eG Enterprise•Reduce downtime•Increase application availability•Boost user experienceBoostUser Satisfaction& Productivity•Simplify, automate & acceleratediagnosis & troubleshooting•Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEXReduceIT SupportCost & Complexity•Increase hardware utilization•Leverage investment in software•Right-size & optimize environmentReduceInfrastructure Cost& Avoid CostOverruns•Accelerate deployments & rollout•Reduce risk, deliver successful projects &peace of mindDeliveron Time, on Budget,on Target
    • 31. © eG Innovations, Inc |
    • 32. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNext Steps: Try eG EnterpriseFreeContact Us To DiscussYour Requirementsinfo@eginnovations.comPhone: +44 207 935 6721Total performance visibility to proactively discover, instantlydiagnose, and rapidly resolve service performance issues.