101 of Mobile Marketing - Droidcon Paris
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101 of Mobile Marketing - Droidcon Paris

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The presentation I gave on June 17th at Droidcon Paris on how app developers (Android & iOS) can do marketing & PR on a limited budget.

The presentation I gave on June 17th at Droidcon Paris on how app developers (Android & iOS) can do marketing & PR on a limited budget.

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  • 1. Dvir Reznik@dvirreznikdvirreznik.com
  • 2.  B2B2C marketing B2C
  • 3.  What problem does your product solve? Who are you selling it to? Are they aware of the problem? Will they be willing to pay for it?
  • 4. Sometimes, it‟s about creating a solution for a„problem‟ people didn‟t know existed
  • 5. Thin slicingThick slicing
  • 6. Source: Adapted from Nir Eyal, nirandfar.com
  • 7. Is it a Painkiller or a Vitamin?• Obvious need• Quantifiable market• Monetizable• Emotional need• „I feel good‟• Market unknown
  • 8. ChannelsUserAcquisitionApp StoreOptimizationMessaging Product AnalyticsWorking withthe MediaCommunity Online
  • 9. Google AnalyticsFiverroDesk / eLanceOneHourTranslationDropbox/CopyHARO (Help A Reporter Out)Twitter listsDistimo MonitorGoogle Keywords ToolUnbounceMailChimpAsanaSurveyMonkeyTestFairyAppCodes.esLinkedIn GroupsFacebook pagesCampus London EDUPAUGOptimizely
  • 10. What did I do yesterday andhow it performed?What I‟m doing todayWhat am I doing tomorrow?
  • 11. Source: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • 12. Google Play of courseDedicated App Stores (Samsung‟s, T-Mobile‟s, Amazon‟s, etc)Pre-loads („holy grail‟)Optimize your SEOPR and bloggersAd networksHigh volumeHigh conversionLow cost
  • 13.  Acquisition: users download from various channels Activation: users enjoy 1st visit, a happy experience Retention: users come back, open app multiple times Referral: users like our app enough to refer others Revenue: users conduct some monetization behaviorSource: Dave McClure
  • 14.  Notifications Invites Rate Us Badge icons Emails App Store Optimization Website Optimization
  • 15.  CPC, CPD, CPA Lots of mobile ad networks Test first, campaign later Facebook App Center & App Install Twitter Ads
  • 16. 1. Paid app2. Subscription based3. Free app with in-app purchase4. Free app with ads5. 3rd-party SDK: Mobario, Mobilda, others
  • 17.  Name App icon Category Screenshots Description Rating Reviews Be Creative A/B test everything
  • 18. ProductTimingStory
  • 19.  Know the narrative(s) Find your customer‟s internal trigger (asopposed to external trigger) „Every time the user [trigger], they [myproduct]‟“Every time the user feelslonely, they open Facebook”
  • 20.  Serendip & Whitney Houston Twitter @ SXSW Onavo & AT&T Sync your calendars Ride on major events/themes
  • 21.  Features that improve conversion◦ 80% - optimize existing features◦ 20% - develop new features No right or wrong – A/B Test, a lot Measure Repeat
  • 22. Like The Web, But A Lot Harder- Sean Byrnes, Flurry CTO
  • 23.  Retention – month/month active users Engagement – increase active users Monetization – make money 
  • 24. “The people who signed up in the firstmonth: Are they still using it today?Often in social startups you‟ll seepeople sign up, use it for a couple ofmonths, and then never use it again.This weird effect where, because yoursign-up rate is so high, your activeusers seems to stay pretty much thesame. Like a revolving door.”
  • 25.  Funnel analysis Social sharing Demographic data Tracking time and location  context Optimize signup process Push notification Rate Us Update Version Email marketing
  • 26. The Fact That You Exist– Not News
  • 27.  Research your audience (aka the press) Don‟t spam Perfect your elevator pitch Twitter lists G+ for tech pundits and journalists Facebook – rally your troops
  • 28.  Start early (Soluto) Choose your markets (Waze) Be creative (Rovio) Give back (Google giveaways) Publicize your users (Onavo)
  • 29.  Time to first share length of sharing period k factor (how many new usersdoes each user bring in)  largerthan 1
  • 30.  Web to Mobile Downloads, not page views Engagement Cross-sale portfolio apps
  • 31. Dvir Reznik | @dvirreznik | dvirreznik.com
  • 32.  Marketing & PR dude for startups Past:◦ Onavo, Director of Marketing◦ Intlock, VP Sales & Marketing◦ IBM Software Online: dvirreznik (everywhere)