The            ESL Globe                                    Fall 2012         A publication of the ESL Institute     Unive...
Field Trip to Shaker Village, Fruit & Berry Farm, and                     Kentucky Horse Park                             ...
ABOUT SHAKERS                                               By Colleen Sauser                     The Shakers are a religi...
FRUIT & BERRY FARM                                                          By Will Jeong              On October 3, we as...
MOVIE NIGHT                                      By Braulio Ferrando                  thSeptember the 14 2012 was the movi...
And Never Give Up by Cigdem Savas SunalMy name is Cigdem Savas Sunal. I am from Izmit in Turkey. I like to watch movies ab...
TRICK OR TREAT                                                          By Wei ChenIt is very obvious to know what it is a...
HALLOWEEN!Jongwoo and his prize-winning jack olantern.          Festive ESLers.Three friends and a pumpkin.               ...
NEW TEACHER: JARED BREWER                   I began my first semester at the ESL Institute with a great deal of optimism  ...
Students, Old and New                                            THAIS MARCONDESMy name is Thais, and I’m from Brazil. I w...
CLAUDIA MELISSA MAS                     My name is Claudia. I’m from Peru and I’m going to writing, in this page, about me...
CALL ME AND TEXT MEAlhathlool, Abdalhameed                            Ha, Shane                        Rea, Pablo Humberto...
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The esl globe 111 final3


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The newsletter of the ESL Institute at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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The esl globe 111 final3

  1. 1. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 A publication of the ESL Institute University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaThe Fruit & Berry FarmOn a recent field trip to Kentucky, the ESL students stopped in at the Fruit & Berry Farm inKnoxville, Tennessee, where they were greeted by the owner of the farm. It’s a seasonal farmwhere each season you get to pick your own fruits that are growing at the time. Afterspending a wonderful time there for about 30 minutes, looking at pumpkin fields and grabbingsome apples to eat, we continued our trip to Shaker Village. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 1
  2. 2. Field Trip to Shaker Village, Fruit & Berry Farm, and Kentucky Horse Park By Rasha Almubark On the morning of October 3, 2012, the ESL Institute went on a field trip to visit Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. At 7.30 am, when everyone had boarded the bus, the bus departed from the University Center on our small voyage. We first stopped for about 15 minutes at McDonalds at around 8.30 am to have our breakfast before we continued our trip to Shaker Village. We made a quick stop at the Fruit & Berry Farm where we were greeted by the owner of the farm. It’s aseasonal farm where each season you get to pick your own fruits that are growing at the time. After by Rashaspending a wonderful time there for about 30 minutes, looking at pumpkin fields and grabbing someapples to eat, we continued our trip to Shaker Village.We reached shaker village at around 5 pm; we were paired up for our sleeping arrangements. Ataround 6 pm, after settling in our rooms, we went to the restaurant for our dinner. We had an allorganic dinner which was simply delicious. After our dinner, at 7 pm, we sat around a bonfire wherewe heard interesting tales and storytelling from a fascinating character. She was an old lady with astick that I believed she named "Twig". She started telling us these stories. One was about how thestars positions came to be, and another was about a fox and a rabbit, and a few others.The next day we woke up to eat breakfast at 8 am, then at around 10 am we left Shaker Village tohead to Kentucky Horse Park. We had a wonderful time there where we had a chance to ride horses,meet famous horses and see the different types of horses and where they originally came from.In conclusion, I’ve truly benefited from my trip in more than one way. I was able to practice Englishwith my friends after school hours. I was informed of how Shaker Village came to be. I was amazedby the stories told around the bonfire, and I believe I have strengthened some friendships with myclassmates. Hopefully we can go on a similar trip in the future. On the grounds of the Shaker Village. Teachers enjoy storytelling too. Khiah relaxes on the porch. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 2
  3. 3. ABOUT SHAKERS By Colleen Sauser The Shakers are a religious sect also known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. The group was based on the teachings of a woman named Ann Lee. Initially the group was called the “Shaking Quakers” due to the ecstatic nature of their worship services, but under Ann Lee it developed into the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming. The “Shakers” were well known for their unorthodox views of Christianity, especially in their denial of marriage. Shakers felt that celibacy was preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven.They acquired new members through conversion, and adopting and fostering children. When thechildren reached the age of adulthood, they were free to leave or stay with the Shakers. Womenwere also treated equally in Shaker society, allowing them to even preach—a role at the timeexclusively for men. The Shaker church was a hierarchy and men and women equally shared authority,symbolizing that God was both male and female. Shakers believed that Jesus was the malemanifestation of Christ and that Ann Lee was the female manifestation of Christ, and their churchwas the second Christian Church.The Shakers were a disciplined, hard-working people. They lived frugally and everything they madehad a purpose. There was no vanity in their work or possessions. They specialized in strong, functionalfurniture that would last a very long time. They felt that doing a good job was an act of prayer toGod. We can thank the Shakers for inventions such as the circular saw, the flat broom, and thewheel-driven washing machine. Shakers found value in hard work, and their inventions, style offurniture, and architecture is still present today. Simple Gifts by Joseph Brackett (1797- 1882) Shaker Dancing SongTis the gift to be loved and that love to return, Tis the gift to have friends and a true friend to be,Tis the gift to be taught and a richer gift to learn, Tis the gift to think of others not to only think of "me",And when we expect of others what we try to live each day, And when we hear what others really think and really feel,Then well all live together and well all learn to say, Then well all live together with a love that is real. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 3
  4. 4. FRUIT & BERRY FARM By Will Jeong On October 3, we assembled on Lansing Court at 7:00AM for our field trip. Actually wedeparted at 7:30AM. e moved for one hour then we arrived at “The Fruit and Berry Patch” which isthe farm in Knoxville. We took pictures behind many pumpkins.I walked around that farm and took some pictures. There are many pumpkins and lots of corn. I couldfeel that fall is coming and everything is mature. Sunshine wasperfect for vegetables and I took pictures. I walked to a farplace. Suddenly, the sun was hidden by the trees. There wasa tunnel that was made of trees. That tunnel was very scary.Because Those trees had no leaves. But I liked that tunnelbecause that tunnel was similar to my heart.I was walking back to the starting point. It was very calmand peaceful. If I had the money, I would buy a house andlive there. There is a market which sells jams, fruits, juiceand bread at the starting point. Those products are fresh and gorgeous. I regretted that I didn’t buysome products. That was wonderful visit in America in this fall. THE KENTUCKY HORSE PARK by Shane Ha Riding a horse is wonderful. About fifteen ESL students took a trip together and for 25 dollars per each of us, werode horses. The trip took forty-five minutes to walk around the Horse Park’s outside ranch on horseback. That wasso peaceful that I almost fell asleep in not long after starting our trip: beautiful ranch field, white fences, amazinghorses roaming on the green grass. That was the moment my dream came true. I really wanted to run faster: gallop,the fastest pace a horse can make.But that was another dream because we were the only group of tourists from a long distance city. The one funnything is my horse. I don’t remember his name, but he was male. His body was so not beautiful that all studentswished that they would not take him. The guide gave him to me. “Oh my god! Why me?” But there was no choice.The more fun was his mask. He was wearing a funny mask. On the face of the mask were drawn two big smilingcross-eyes. Because of it, every student laugheded at me. How funny! Even though my dream was a bit hurt, I washappy. Why? No matter what, I love horses. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 4
  5. 5. MOVIE NIGHT By Braulio Ferrando thSeptember the 14 2012 was the movie night at the ESL House. I had a great time that night notonly because I love to watch movies but also because I talked with some of my old friends from theESL program. That night I realized that even when everybody around us was from other countries,other cultures, we all had some things in common. Everybody was watching the movie, which is calledInvictus, and eating popcorn. For just a moment it seemed that all of us in that parking lot were fromthe same culture doing exactly the like to do that again and I totally recommend attending next time. ESL Students Watch Invictus by Jongwoo Suh About 20 people came to the movie night and we all had a good time.The movie we saw was “Invictus” which is a Latin word meaning “Never defeated”. The theme of the movie involves the history of Nelson Mandela’s desire to unite South Africa with help of the national rugby team. The movie’s main actors are Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. In themovie, these two famous actors were very good. Their acting was very impressive. The film tells theinspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africas rugbyteam to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains raciallyand economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together throughthe universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africas rugby team as they make theirhistoric run to the 1995 Rugby World Cup Championship match. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is a SouthAfrican politician who served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first ever to beelected in a fully representative democratic election.Before being elected president, Mandela was a militant anti-apartheid activist, and the leader and co-founder of Umkhontowe Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC). In 1962 hewas arrested and convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to life imprisonment.Mandela went on to serve 27 years in prison, spending many of these years on Robben Island.Following his release from prison on 11 February 1990, Mandela led his party in the negotiations thatled to the establishment of democracy in 1994. As president, he frequently gave priority toreconciliation, while introducing policies aimed at combating poverty and inequality in South Africa.Mandela has received more than 250 awards over four decades, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 5
  6. 6. And Never Give Up by Cigdem Savas SunalMy name is Cigdem Savas Sunal. I am from Izmit in Turkey. I like to watch movies about the life lived, becausethose tell us true stories. When I watch these kinds of movies, I remember how strong humans are. There is a movie that I have never forgotten since I watched it. It is called“Lorenzos Oil" about the survival of a boy named Lorenzo. One day, Lorenzo family learnsthat their son has a very dangerous illness that is ADL. Doctors said that their sonwould live two or three more years. Neither his mom nor his dad had taken medicaleducation. Nevertheless, they decide to treat their child for this illness. His father studiesall night to learn about this illness until mornings, every day. He figures out something abouthow to treat this illness. He plans to meet with the doctors who are experts on ADL. Thedoctors were shocked when Lorenzos father shared his findings. Even though they were the doctors, theyhadnt figured out this treatment, but Lorenzo’s father did. The doctors support him so that Lorenzos familytreats their son less than one year. Lorenzo lives 20 more years than the doctors said. “Lorenzo’s Oil " was an amazing story. When I wrote about it, I wanted to watch it again. The lesson ofthis movie is if you want to do something, you can do what you want. Firstly, you decide, and be determined, andnever give up.Keeping a Good Mood by Jessica ZhuangI am Jessica Zhuang of China. I am a person who knows how to relax and enjoy life. In my mind, I think peopleshould not only know how to study and work in their life, but also should learn how to relax and enjoy life. Wecan enjoy life with our family, love, the lure of materialism and food---all the things that make you relax underpressure.My parents love to enjoy life. When I was a child, every weekend we went to eat Dim Sum, and then played inthe park all day. However they let me choose my favorite McDonald’s for dinner. I often recall those moments.I learned to ease the pressure by loosening. In my opinion, I think people should know how to work, relax andenjoy their life. This kind of person is a lovely person.My country has more than five thousand years of culture. The ancient folk handed down many happy things tous. Like our holidays. In my country, I have two of the largest traditional festivals. One is the Spring Festival.All of the family got together to make dumplings, worship, set off firecrackers to celebrate the New Year. Theother one is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Basically, the family came to the park to enjoy the full moon at night. Weate moon cakes and chatted. These two traditional festivals are in order for us to enjoy with the familytogether with happiness.My teacher told me that a good student is not only hard working and focused on grades. They should have all-round development. In my education, I used half of my time to study and the other half of my time to know me:To know who I am, what I like and what I like to do. I think this is a kind of enjoyment of education. Aneducation is not only knowledge, not a book, not a number and words. In a person’s life, we should learn how torecognize ourselves. This kind of education’s source is our parents. Next our school is the source.In conclusion, I think people like to relax in their heart, because it can make us keep a good mood. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 6
  7. 7. TRICK OR TREAT By Wei ChenIt is very obvious to know what it is about if youve just read the title. Shortly before Halloween, the specificatmosphere is already haunting everywhere. No matter where you are, you will see the decorated supermarkets,restaurants, and houses with pumpkins, skulls, and standing or lying dummies with very terrible faces. Aforeigner who doesnt know about any of the backgrounds and origins of this festival will be really terrified,when he just sees any of the above mentioned stuff at first sight.After looking up some information, I gathered some knowledge about Halloween.Halloween originally was a Christian festival in Europe, also known as "All Hallows Eve" that yearly took place on31 Oct. In the old saying, on this day, the death gods were coming back in the human world to find a scapegoat.The people on the earth were wearing very fearsome clothes and makeup in order to scare the death gods awayand survive the disaster.Nowadays Halloween becomes an amusing costume party, especially for the children. The Christian meaning hasvanished day by day. On this day, children will be wearing very different cute costumes and carrying a JackO’lantern that is mostly made of pumpkin. They come to the neighbors houses and knock on the door to askthem for "Trick or Treat" which means that they want to be treated by candies or they will do something bad,like put garbage on the door.Most of the festivals in the world have a folktale or a mysterious story behind them. So does Halloween. Itmakes the festivals more interesting and meaningful. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 7
  8. 8. HALLOWEEN!Jongwoo and his prize-winning jack olantern. Festive ESLers.Three friends and a pumpkin. A creepy crew.Weird sisters. Devilish fun. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 8
  9. 9. NEW TEACHER: JARED BREWER I began my first semester at the ESL Institute with a great deal of optimism even though it would be my first experience teaching a writing course designed exclusively for ESL learners. Part of this optimism and eagerness was due to my experience tutoring ESL students and also having them included in the population of my traditional composition and literature courses. Over the course of thesemester, I found that my excitement in September was completely justified. I have enjoyed workingat the ESL Institute immensely.However, in the interest of transparency, I must confess that the majority of my experiences aredue to the engagement and intellectual curiosity of my students. Indeed, the openness my writingstudents express during their academic journey is both inspiring and encouraging. Often, I feltchallenged to find new ways of knowing the subject matter and processes of writing in order tobetter deliver that instruction. For that, I would like to end the fall semester by thanking mystudents and the ESL Institute for allowing me to explore and develop with them. HOW TO USE CHOPSTICKSIf you’re not of Oriental origin, the thought of using chopsticks to eat an entire meal can be verydaunting! However, rest assured that it actually isn’t very difficult at all, once the technique isdissected into the following steps.HOW TO USE A PAIR OF CHOPSTICKS:Step 1. Hold the chopsticks between your thumb and index finger in balance.Step 2. Use your index and middle finger to clamp one of the chopsticks; meanwhile use the top ofyour thumb to hold it.Let the other stick lean on your ring finger naturally, and use the base of your thumb to hold it in thepart of your hand between the thumb and index finger.Step 3. Try to use the chopsticks as a clamp. Remember you only move the stick which you hold in thethree fingers.The other one is not moved.Step 4. If you give up, use a fork. NOW PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN! The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 9
  10. 10. Students, Old and New THAIS MARCONDESMy name is Thais, and I’m from Brazil. I was a civil lawyer, but now I’m a mother and a student of Englishand American culture. I grew up in a traditional family which included my father, who was a swimmingteacher, and my mother, a sociology, philosophy and theology teacher, both at university. I have one sister,who is four years younger than I. We are a family with high moral values and these values form mycharacter. I was born in a small city near São Paulo, where everybody helps each other and family is very important because we can stay together all the time, like eating every Sunday with our parents, who can visit frequently and support one another. Because of this I like to do things with my own family here in my new life. As I said earlier, I’m a lawyer by profession I started school at five years old then I graduated from high school and then I went to the university for four years. Law hastaught me how to be persistent, and not to be naive. My communication developed and my writing skillsimproved, and also my appreciation for the law. My hobbies today are put aside for motherhood, but whatI like is dancing, and creating hand-made jewelry.I came to America for the opportunity to improve my and all my family’s English, and so I can use thiswhen I go back to Brazil and can use that new language in my profession.I consider myself a happy, luck person because I have my family and I am at peace with myself.The way I’m living in a new culture and improving my English has made me more confident and given memore knowledge about life. After writing about myself, I can conclude I’m doing what I want to do, and mylife is the way I choose for it to be. Welcome to the World, Alison! by Kwan ESL has had a lot of good news in the fall semester. One of them is the first ESL’s baby girl, Wendy’s baby. Her English name is Alison and Her Chinese name is Cai Chenlin. We had a wonderful party for the first ESL’s baby on October 2, 2012 at the ESL house. At 9.48 pm. October 11, 2012, an adorable girl came into the world! Congratulations on Wendy’s new little princess!Jane and Robin Lee, our former student from SouthKorea who made his dream of studying for a Mastersin Counseling at UTC come true. We are so proud ofRobins success! “Do all the good you can by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” –John Wesley The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 10
  11. 11. CLAUDIA MELISSA MAS My name is Claudia. I’m from Peru and I’m going to writing, in this page, about me. How I can describe me? I think I’m an active person who likes to move every day. This is my personality because all my life I have been in many activities since I was a child. I remember that my dad always said that a child should be active to avoid staying in front of the TV. For that reason, when I was a child my dad made me take many lessons in swimming, math, exercise and, painting. Those lessons were for shortperiods but this kept me busy. When I had free time, I used to play in the park, in front of my house withother children.Peru has had a stronger influence on me because all of my life I have lived in the capital of my country,Lima. There are a lot of people, a lot of cars and many things to do. If you don’t have anything to do, youcan walk around the city because it’s not necessary that you have a car. I’m used to seeing people on thestreet at all times.My education has influenced my personality too. I studied engineering and this was a strong career. Iremember we had difficult course and test. All the time I was very busy for these duties. When I startedto work and continued studying, my free time was less. That period was very tiring; however, I liked itbecause I could learn from my career and my internship.One of my hobbies is walking. I love to see people on the street. When I lived in my country, I usually wentout to walk for many hours with my best friend. When I started to work, I couldn’t go to walk because Ihadn’t time. Now I miss this activity because for me this was very relaxing. My other hobbies are traveland going out with my friends. When I had vacations I usually planned a small trip with my friends or smallmeetings in my house. I think most of my friends are like me. They always try to do many activities.My goals, have kept me busy. When I finished school my next goal was to go to the university, and thiswasn’t too easy for all people in my country for different reasons, one of which is the money because youneed this to take preparation. Without preparation, you couldn’t go to the university, and this preparationrequires a long time. For me, going to university was a very hard goal. When I was studying my career mynext goal was finishing my career because in my country not all my classmates could finish the university. Iremember many of them left the university because of not having money or the difficulty of the courses.We were all the time with the courses and our internships. It was a very tiring period. When I finished mycareer my next goal was getting a good experience in a job. The first years were very exhausting I workeda lot in a good company and obtained good experience, but the most important part of this time was that Ienjoyed this. I loved my old job and I would like in the future to continue in the same business. This is oneof my next goals.My recent goal is doing my Masters. Actually this goal keeps me very busy because first I need to learnEnglish to take the Masters. Something special about me is my last goal which is very important for me. Itwas the reason to leave my country and move to the USA. All my life, one of my desires was to studyabroad. Actually I’m working in that but is very difficult because I miss my country and my life, but Ithink study in another country is a good experience to meet people, to grow and learn about othercultures. In other words, this is me, I’m an active person and my recent goals keep me busy, but the mostimportant point is that I enjoy the things I’m doing. The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 11
  12. 12. CALL ME AND TEXT MEAlhathlool, Abdalhameed Ha, Shane Rea, Pablo Humberto 615 481 6186 423 290 3846 423 464 2487 Abdullah, Rasha Jeong, Will Rittenberry, Anne 423 364 4720 1+82+102619 1904 423 886 5243 Alferjani, Fahd Ki, Daniel Rittenberry, Wade 423 999 1218 404 775 8857 423 825 6546 Alferjani, Feras Brewer, Jared Smith, Khiah 423 999 1039 423 488 7862 540 227 0557 Alharbi, Nasser Li, Steve Zhiming Suh, Jongwoo Alharbi.nasser.a@gmail.c om 423 653 2735 423) 653-1381 404 834 1999Almahmoud, Khaled Long, Candace Barger Sunal, Cigdem Savas t 202 644 0115 423 906 6556 423 715 3078 Carter, Suzanne Marcondes, Thais Voychehovski, Linda thaiscmarcondes@hotmail .com 423 622-7645 423 838 1443 423 314 3197Chen, Wei Mas, Claudia Woll, Frauke 423 584 5698 423 303 9830 423 991 9492 Cuellar, Carolina Nethin, Kwan Womack, Jane m m 423 305 8506 423 987 5898 423 842 6788 Endaisha, Mohamed Neff, Nancy Yung, Suting 423 999 1710 423 9875898 423 310 4256 Febres, Viviana Quintero, Bryan Zamora, Daniela Vivifebres0106@hotmail. es 423 255 5704 305 905 4708 423 244 4775 Goulart, Renan Randle, Carolyn Zhuang, Jessica 423 584 2977 423 280 0402 423 653 8319 The ESL Globe Fall 2012 Page 12