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Spring globe2012

  1. 1. A publication ofThe ESL Globe the ESL institute University of Tennessee at Spring 2012 Chattanooga Over 30 ESL field trippers spent a day at CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta. Here they are posing at the iconic CNN sign.ESL Makes News at CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta Fun Field Trip to Atlanta by Eun Kim | On April 5, 2012, all students and teachers of ESL came down to Atlanta, Georgia. The CNN global headquarters was located adjacent to the Georgia World Congress Center and Centennial Olympic Park. It was easy to find the huge CNN logo. I was so surprised that the CNN building was neat with lots to see and places to eat. It was such as an amusement park. At first, we took an escalator to go up. The first step was inside there, with a souvenir photo opportunity at a news desk. The first informational exhibit was to see a duplicate of the control screen viewed by the directors. It makes let us to know how small windows labeled ‘RTR’ and ‘RT’ are ‘routers’ with content to be switched to the main feed. Furthermore, we could see anchors what they are doing when the anchors arent onscreen. (drinking coffee, writing on their notes, and doing Facebook things. After this interesting experience, we entered a demo studio where the guide explains the green screen. We got the chance to be invited to try reading the news before the green screen of weather forecast! It was really impressive and exciting! And also we visited the working studios and newsrooms of CNN and HLN. We all enjoyed everything at CNN and were given a great opportunity to see what happens behinds the scenes. The important thing is that we already have known the power of the media. In that regard, this CNN trip represented much to our experience! This CNN trip was very different and more valuable than any other typical tour. We all are very thankful to get opportunity for CNN trip! I feel so lucky that I have many great teachers and friends at ESL! In this Newsletter In the New House Double Decker Bus Holidays Maggiano’s Restaurant Student Writing
  2. 2. ActivitiesMaggiano’s Restaurant Thoughts on the New House The thing I like most about the house is my students--great class! Suzanne After teaching in the Metro basement for five years, I am so happy to be in this beautiful old house!! It is a far cry from a small, windowless classroom. My new classroom has two tall windows and a high ceiling. I am glad that the ESL Institute hasMore meatballs here please! found a new home in an old one.Before we got to CNN, we stopped by for lunch at Maggiano’s Italian LindaRestaurant. There was a wide variety of foods from appetizer to deliciousmain courses --and deserts. We all so much enjoyed that food! Finally, we have a home…literally, we are having classes in a house. The historical aura of the old house makes me feel like I’m in an Agatha Christie novel. Carolyn I love being in our new house with the fresh paint, big windows, movie nights, and treats from Jane. This is a great atmosphere for our new students and for the teachers.A grand restaurant for grand appetites. Candace We are all so thrilled to be in our new house. It is so beautiful and fresh with its high ceilings and big windows. We have all been energized for our teaching by our new house. We are very excited about our new atmosphere that inspires us and our students. Anne Im so glad we have this wonderful house! Having a good environment to learn and teach in is wonderful. Yay for our ESL House!! Khiah I love the new house! Its beautiful. The architecture is fascinating. Its nice to see the students in a "home" setting. I know the students appreciate having class in such a lovely building. Were also lucky to have Jane so closeThe Menu. now that her office is here. Nancy I really like the new house. It’s very comfortable and accommodating. It has everything we need in a very attractive package. Wade Page 2 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  3. 3. Big NewsESL is in the House!“A dream come true.” By Muhannad Saleh |Jane Womack is a mother,a teacher, and the director of the ESL Institute at UTC. First,she has a few children that she has raised all while stillworking. She started out working at a bank, and thenmoved to work at UTC working in the registration officeand learned about the Masters’ program that the schooloffers. She volunteered at her church working with an ESLprogram. She started working at teaching Compositionclasses during her lunch break. In the community shestarted teaching ESL students. In 1994 she took a summeroff to go to the University of Texas to get certified to teachESL. When she returned she started working in the EnglishDepartment. While in Texas she talked to the ESL directorand got the idea to start something similar at the Director of the ESL Institute, Jane Womack.University in Chattanooga. She started it in 1995 and was Now that she has the house, she wants to expand the use of it andable to hire another teacher to help her in her new ESL have more activities for the students in her program. She plans a lotprogram. She taught English to Americans regularly and of trips for her students to help them expand their knowledge ofadded 20 hours of teaching to ESL students. After a while, the country.she learned she needed levels for the students and fromthere the program progressed and turned into what we One student that really stands out to her is a student whose homehave today. she got to go and visit. He is from Lebanon and still lives in the All these dreams being reached, she still had a Chattanooga area and has an engineering degree. She got to meetdream to have a home for the ESL students. After hearing all his family and received flowers. His family took in her family andabout a student from India who went a week without welcomed them and fed them and they asked her and her family toeating she realized that the ESL program needed a house come back. One thing about Ms. Jane is that you can tell she reallyfor the ESL students to come and learn how things work in cares about all her students and prides herself in the closeness theyAmerica. After years of looking for a house and a lot of ups all have, like a family.and downs, a house was found. Jack Lupton donated 25million dollars to the University and $500,000 was given for On top of all the amazing things she does for the ESL students, shethe International House. Even though things became more takes a jazzercise class four times a week. She used to go five timesdifficult she kept trying to get what she wanted for the ESL a week, but decided she needed to be home one night a week withstudents. The dreams she had for the ESL house aren’t her family. This has kept her healthy and in good shape. She plansexactly what she planned, but what she is doing with what to continue to go as long as she can. One day she had her teachershe has is still helpful for the ESL students. from years ago come in and do the class with her ESL students. This shows that with her daily life she still thinks of her ESL students, and has a great care for them and a passion for what she does. A new rule that is implied is that if you pass the TOEFL test with a 500 then you can start your major at the University. “A dream come true.” That is how Jane describes her feelings about the program she has created. One thing she wants to say to the students is that she loves them and you can tell that she really means it. She describes her students as bringing the world to her because they come from all over and participate in the classes and show and tell her about all kinds of different cultures.Mo interviews Jane. Page 3 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  4. 4. StudentsLevel 1 through Level 5 Grammar ClassesCandace and her Level 1 Class: Jessica Menghua Zhuang, OK Soon Park, Cigdem Savas Sunal, and Ricardo Arellano. Ca Carolyn with her group of Level 2 Students: Linda in her Level 3 classroom.Linda’s students are Hussam and Nasser. Anne and Ahmed and Haitham Muhannad Will Carolina Eun ElenaWendy, Steve, Kwan, Fathima, Shane, and Braulio. Page 4 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  5. 5. StudentsOther Classes Conversation: Khiah’s conversation The Newsletter class includes class: Kwan, Haithem, Hussam, Steve, Braulio, Will, Nasser, and Shane. Fathima, Of course Mo is Wendy, Eun, missing. Carolina, and Ahmed. THE House Suzanne and her public speaking class: Muhannad, Haitham, Carolina, Braulio, Ahmed, and Eun. stCandace and Carolyn attended the TESOL Convention in Philadelphia March 28-31 where they were enlightened about the field ofESL. The theme for the conference was A Declaration of Excellence: TESOL International Convention and Language Expo. Theybrought back some excellence in ESL to share with their colleagues and, most importantly, with their students. Page 5 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  6. 6. ActivitiesDouble Decker Bus Tour th By Shane Ha | On February 17 the ESL studentshad a wonderful time traveling around downtown andamidst the historical scenes in Chattanooga. Eventhough the day was a bit chilly, students enjoyedstudying lots of interesting things relating toChattanooga. Around 12:00 a red antique Double Decker Busarrived in front of Lansing Court. As soon as studentsboarded the opened top upper deck, the red vehiclepulled off smoothly and the guide started his energeticspeech. We looked around many places for two hours.There was UTC, Chattanooga’s Market Street Bridge, All aboard for the Double Decker bus tour.the Original Coca-Cola business, The ChattanoogaTimes, the Chattanooga Choo choo, and Civil Warhistorical sites. We realized that Chattanooga has lots of amazingstories and places. Who knows the fact that the Coca-Cola had started their business in this city? Who isaware that the big New York Times is related to TheChattanooga Times?That was a wonderful trip. Crossing bridges. Eleanor is a 1960 AEC Routemaster who was born at Park Royal Vehicles in West London, England before migrating to Canada and then eventually Los Angeles, California. She has been Americanized with an International Diesel Engine and Allison Transmission as well as having her top taken off in order to appease the many sightseeing tourists. The Chattanooga Choochoo. Hi Mom! I’m on the Chattanooga Double Decker Bus Tour! The Houston Art Gallery. Page 6 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  7. 7. EventsHolidays Student WritingValentine’s Day A Dream in My Heart by Braulio Ferrando | For me this by Jessica Zhuang | By Jessica Zhuang When I just a little girl, I hopedlast Valentine’s Day was a little different I would marry a good man. I thought when he appears, everything will be romantic.from others because my girlfriend and I were My father is a responsible person, so I hope that my future husband will beseparated by a long distance. We weren’t responsible like my father. He will take care of the family. He might be strict to ourtogether; therefore, it was impossible to children, but I know he loves them. I want him to be faithful and gentle to all people,have our day, but we managed to get our because this is very appealing to me. I have a dream that one day when we bothown Valentine’s Day. She had to go to Boston grow old, we will walk along the street, and look back at our time together whilethrough Atlanta to attend an event about UN enjoying the sunshine in the winter. We will buy some flowers for our house. This is(United Nations), and I was here in the beautiful dream in my heart. I really hope that one day this good man will appear,Chattanooga, so we thought, “Let’s see each and this dream will come true.other that day.” My Husband by Kyeong Sook Park | When I was 20 years old, I met my husband. He was very neat,but I did not like him. I was not interested in the man. Then we started dating and we fell in love with each other. He was a very smart and honest man. He was also very handsome. When I was 24 years old,we got married. Then.we had two girls and a boy. We came to America in 2005 because my husband found a nice job. That was the happiest time my life, but one day he had an accident. He died and he was just 40 years old. He has been dead for 8 months. I am 40 years old and I miss him all the time. Everyone who knew him misses him. Sometimes, my youngest daughter has a hard time and misses him terribly. I promised my husband that I willIt was February 11th when we saw each raise our children well.other at the Atlanta airport. We had a goodtime together. After a while chatting and My Future Wifelaughing we realized that it was ourValentine’s Day even though it wasn’tFebruary 14th. by Ricardo Arellano | One day I will get married and I will have a perfectAfter that day, both my girlfriend and I will wife. My perfect wife first will be honest because that is the most important thing fornever see Valentine’s Day as only one day me. I think the honest person always is a perfect person. Second, I want an intelligentbut as an every day celebration of our love girl because I don’t like empty girls. I think empty girls don’t have anything in theirthat we learned to appreciate every day. heads. Myfuture wife also will be responsible and funny. I don’t like boring people because I am a funny guy, and when people are boring, I prefer to stay in my home and sleep. I love funny girls but they need to be responsible with their time and with their studies. A Wonderful Man by Maricela Zarate Magallon | I think my husband is the best husband in the world because he has wonderful qualities in his soul. He is very self-confident in everything, like a superman. I feel safe with him. He has another quality that is beautiful and magnificent, he is intelligent. I look at him and I see a man that is smart and dedicated to things. It is like watching the sky and touching it. My husband is an honest man too. He is confident with me and I like that. He always tells the truth, but sometimes it is difficult to believe him. But I try every day because I love him a lot. This is the reason I got married to him, but the most important thing between my husband and me is being faithful. This thing is the most important in our life. I think his life and my life are wonderful because I have a wonderful man. Page 7 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  8. 8. EventsChinese New Year Saint Patrick’s Day by Shane Ha | Many people celebrated St. Patricks Day on March 17th 2012. His religious feast day and the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years.Fun with fireworks. On St. Patricks Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and by Steve Zhiming Li | | Lunar New Year always is celebrate in the afternoon.the biggest festival in Asia. Theres one common theme that Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waivedtakes centre stage for all Asian New Year celebrations: and people would dance, drink and feast—on the traditional meal offamily. But in different parts of Asia, New Year celebrations Irish bacon and cabbage.take on a different and richly diverse flavour.In China, everybody returns home for the New Years Evefamily feast. There are several kinds of food the Chinesepeople eat for New Year celebration, but the famous one isdumplings. They wear new clothes which are usually red inthis period. Anne’s Spring BreakKoreans tend to celebrate the lunar New Year, or Sol, with a by Anne Rittenbery | My spring break was fabulous. Mywhole less pomp than other Asian groups. Just like in a husband and I went to London for three days and Ireland for five days.quiet way, no firecrackers, ornate dragon heads or beauty We went with another couple, our friends the McKennas. We sawpageants, to celebrate their important festival. And it is many wonderful places like Westminster Abbey and the Tower ofnecessary that they have sticky rice cake soup in their feast. London. In the last part of the trip, Mike McKenna drove us in a van around Ireland. We visited Monahan, Galway, Cork, and Dublin. WeThe Vietnamese ring in Tet Nguyen Dan(New Year’s Day) kissed the Blarney Stone and toured the Rock of Cashel. We saw awith plenty of food, fun and more importantly, a positive huge parade on Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin. This is Ireland’s biggestattitude – or else. Speaking of food, popular Tet dishes holiday. We had fun seeing great sights with good friends. Plus, weinclude banh chung, a square shaped, sweet rice cake loved the good food all along the way.stuffed with mung beans and pork. It is a really happy time in Asian that people celebrateLunar New Year, no matter what the country, religion orrace, New Years Day is a time for family reunions andgatherings. And it is unique and will never be replaced. Jane’s Spring Break by Jane Womack | My husband nd I took a wonderful trip to Ireland on spring break. With a group of 46 people from the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa, we visited Dublin, Waterford, Kilarney, Limerick, and Galway and got to see the Waterford Crystal Company, Trinity College and Book of Kells, the Irish National Stud Farm, the Blarney Stone, and the Cliffs of Moher. Everything was beautiful and fun! I especially loved listening to Irish music in the Year of the Dragon! pubs. This was our first trip to Ireland, and we hope to go again someday. Page 8 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  9. 9. EventsWill’s Spring Break Student Writing Funny or Scary? You Choose by Cigdem Savas Sunal | When I was fifteen years old, I had this experience in Bartin, which is my hometown in Turkey. It was very funny for my friends , but not for me.One summer night, my friends and I went to a movie. We chose a horror film about sharks. We were very scared. Before we went home, we decided to go to the beach the next day. We met early in the morning. While we were walking to the beach, we talked about the movie we had seen. We arrived and started to swim. I was bored so I wanted to go far away from the beach. The water was deep and I was tired. I wanted to rest. Suddenly, something jumped from Island juices inside the sea. It was very huge, grey and it was close to me. I said to myself "Oh, my God. Its a shark! It will bite me! I will pass away, because by Will Choung | I went to Bahamas in the of it!"spring break. My two younger cousins and my aunt’s Afterwards, I tried to swim to the beach. People ran to see. I didntfamily went with me. March 11, 2012 we drove to understand. I stopped and looked back. The shark was jumping in the seaOrlando. Orlando was so far from Chattanooga, so we and then I understood. It wasnt a shark, it was a dolphin.drove and drove for 9 hours. Finally, we arrived at I came to the beach. I was shocked. My friends were laughing at meOrlando. It was hot. We were tired, so we slept at a while I was crying. I should have remembered that there arent sharks inmotel. the black sea in Turkey. I hate sharks anyway!Next day, finally we arrived at the port and we wereboarding on the cruise that was named Monarch of theSeas. The ship is so huge and amazing. I can’t believethat I stand on the cruise. So I want to revive that sceneof the movie ‘Titanic’. But I don’t have a girlfriend……this fact made me depressed. Anyway, Thecruise departed from the port. Our first destination wasCoco Cay. Expected time of arrival was tomorrowmorning, so I looked around the ship which had variousfacilities. For example, there was a fitness center, a spa,a swimming pool, a casino, a rock climbing wall, a Success Will Followconcert hall, bar, dance club…etc. March 13, 2012, wearrived at Coco Cay. This island is so beautiful. by Ahmed Ali Al Swail | Who am I ? Nobody will answer thisEspecially, the ocean color seems like the color of an question better than I can. My name is Ahmed Ali Al Swail, and I am fromemerald. I had never seen this sea color in my life, and Saudi Arabia. I was born on October 15th 1986, in a city named Onaizah,the sand was like flour. I swam in the sea and made a which is like three hours from my city Riyadh. One intersting thing aboutsand castle. I felt the peace of heaven. Next day, we me is that I like trying new things even if they are dangerous . I am fromarrived a the last destination which was the capital of the capital city Riyadh and I live with my lovely, family, My lovely fatherthe Bahamas. Nassau, which had been a colony of Ali is 53 yrs old; my Queen mom, NAWAL , 47 yrs old. My three princessesEngland, still has vestiges of war. Last day, we came are ATHEER, 21 yrs old, ETHARE, 18 yrs old, and ELAF (MY FAVORITE ONE)back to Orlando. I spent a wonderful spring break that I 13yrs old . I know it is a lot, but I have two more brothers , SWAIL , 17 yrswill never forget. old and NAWAF, 8yrs old. My education includes high school. I finished in 2006 , and I didnt continue because I like to work better. Who let me start my business? For sure it was lovely father. He gave me like $ 10,000 , and he said, " Look , this money is for you. If you want to have fun and be a loser, go ahead son, or be a man and try to make more money and start to live a good life.” After that, I started a business of selling cars. I started thinking about visting the United States to complete my education. I first came to Washington, D.C. ,and Baltimore. Then I studied at ELS in Charlotte, NC. I . came here to Chattanooga to get a change of scenery. My hobbies are my space and three other things .The first one and my favorite is MUSCLE cars . Then I like taking pictures of everything, looking different and beautiful at the same time, and I like trying new things like DRIFTING and Muscle cars. In Conclusion I want to say I am a simple man enjoying his life as he can. I came here to continue my life and education between good teachers like you, MRS. ANNE, and other teachers. As my father told me, "MAY SUCCESS BE YOUR SHADOW." Page 9 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  10. 10. StudentsStudent WritingEvery Day is Different and So Am I by Elena Hoeger | A Siberian city called Tomsk is the place where I was born. My maiden name is Samoylova. In my opinion, itsounds like “some of love.” Our family was small but we always stayed close despite any circumstances. My daddy had a common Russianname, Ivan. My mom’s name is Nina. I have an older sister, Warvara. That is the Russian name for Barbara, in English. My parents had agreat contribution to whom I am today. They raised me to love everything around me, including nature, knowledge, and music. I am acomplete and versatile person because of my parents.My country influenced me significantly. I am from Russia, a country which contains one of the biggest prisons in the world. Siberia used tobe one of the main land prisons. My grandparents were sent to Siberia many many years ago. My grandfather used to own lots ofdomestic animals and to have “golden hands” because of his many talents. The government did not like anyone to have anything ofproperty, hence my grandparents were forced to move to Siberia.In Siberia no one cares what nationality a person is, speaking Russian and loving our country is enough to be a Russian. And that’s who Iam. I am a dentist by trade and practiced dentistry for ten years in Russia. Then my husband and I moved to China because of his work. InShanghai I went to school to study Acuuncture, Tuina, and took classes of Tai Chi, where I was awarded with a Certificate of Merit in a TaiChi Talent competition.I believe the skills and knowledge that I received in Chinese medicine are very beneficial to people. My love to help people was seeded inme by my parents when I was a little child. today it means to take care for my family. neverless, I strive for my main goal, to help people byusing my knowledge of Chinese medicine to treat themselves and to keep them healthy without any medication. In conclusion, everythingI know in my life was fifficult to achieve, but that made it interesting, exciting, and comparable to the famous game called RussianRoulette. But unlike roulette, I now where to go in life and how to survive.One Way Of Being by Carolina Cuellar | My name is Carolina Cuellar. I am from Colombia, but since 11 years ago I have been living in Spain. I am 25years old and I am a criminal lawyer. I have lived half of my life in Europe, which has made me a mixture of two different cultures.Although both countries speak Spanish, the cultures are so different. So, the result of this mixture is me.My parents got married on May 26 of 1974 and I was born in Bogota, after 12 years of marriage into a conservative, Catholic family whowere strict in their idea of right and wrong. I have two brothers, Paulo and Fabian. My parents always have tried to give us the besteducation, not just for the knowledge but also to make us better persons. Our education in Colombia was attached to Catholicism in thatwe always studied in a nuns’ or friars’ school.My parents are a perfect reflection of Colombian culture. My father is the hardest worker that I have never met. He always teaches us allthat all we want we will get with effort. He has never given up on us and has never let us say “I can’t” because he knows all the mostimportant things are difficult to achieve. My mother is a hard worker too, but she is characterized by her lovely and humane character. Sheis always worried about someone, members of the family, persons without money, even animals. She raised us that way too. That is why Ihave a determined and humane character. I like to help and worry about everyone.When I was 14 years old, my parents decided to move to Spain. When they told me, I didn’t like the idea. I didn’t want to change my city orleave my family and friends. Finally on June 6 of 2001 I arrived in Madrid with my Mom and brothers; my Dad was waiting for us. That daywas so hot. I noticed that there were a lot of bars in each street and these bars were crowded.In September of 2001, I began to study at Mirabal School, a private school but not associated with any kind of religion. This was sodifferent because it left Catholicism behind as a basis of my education. Now the important thing was the acquisition of academicknowledge. I was eager to meet my new classmates. The students and teachers were amazing persons; they tried to make everythingeasier for me to adapt quickly. In 2004, I started to study Law and Political Science and Public Administration at the Universidad Carlos IIIde Madrid. I graduated on September 19 of 2009, and since then I have worked hard as a criminal lawyer.My academic education has allowed my mind to be opened. As a result, I open my life to persons who have a different culture and mindfrom mine. When I settled in Madrid, I was a conservative girl with strict morals, but the Spanish people are less conservative and moreliberal. So at the beginning I had a clash of cultures that gave me a feeling of bewilderment. However I managed to combine both cultures,and that has made me the person I am today.I have an open mind. I can understand any kind of situation, but also I am a person with a strict moral belief that distinguishes betweenright and wrong, although this is something subjective. I am an ambitious person in that I am not satisfied because I always want toimprove in my life, in my career, in my relationships, etc.My way of being makes me want to be one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain. Also with my profession, I can help many people who arewithout economic resources. My two cultures have made me who I am today. Page 10 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
  11. 11. Students Student WritingHappiness Is Itself A Kind Of Gratitude by Eunchong Kim | My name is Eunchong Kim. I am from Seoul, S. Korea. I really like to smile and laugh. All friends ofmine always tell me ‘Your laughing voice is so weird, but we like your laughter!’ I try to take a positive view of life every singlemoment. I always feel gratitude about everything that I have and had. There are three in my family, including my parents andme. Before I was born, my parents were working their own jobs. And actually I was alone in my house, but I really did not liketo be alone in my house. That is why I have liked to make many friends from at that time until now. Although they were sobusy with their work, my parents always tried to give me their love and affection as other parents do. I am thankful to myparents.My parents have been the strongest influence in my life. They have taught me so much. Since I was a little cute baby, myparents told me that it is very important to be polite and respect others. Especially seniors. It is part of my education from myparents. My parents wanted me to have diverse experiences. They gave me many valuable opportunities to learn many sportsand musical instruments such as Tae Pyung So. Furthermore, one of my most valuable educations I had is traveling. I traveledaround a lot when I was small. I have traveled with my mother to foreign countries since I was 11 years old. Sometimes myparents let me travel alone. At one moment, I realized that my experience abroad provides a wider perspective on someproblems.S. Korea was invaded by foreign countries. Especially Japan’s colonization of Korea arose out of the ambition to invade thecontinent. They used the Korean Peninsula as a bridgehead for an invasion of China. This made Koreans want to develop onour own, even after our independence from Japan. Naturally, that national character and culture has influenced me. I havealways taken the line that if I am given a job or position of work to do, I do it to the best of my ability, and enjoy myself.I chose my university where my father had been a student because I admire my father. For reference, the current president ofS. Korea is from my university too. I have lots of hobbies. Especially, I enjoy playing tennis, bowling and climbing mountains. Inaddition, I like to play traditional instruments of Korea and write traditional poems of Korea sometimes.Presently, I have two possible goals. One of them is to be a reporter in broadcasting. The other goal is to be a publicist at aministry or public enterprise.There are two special things about me. The first of them is volunteering. In the world, there is no special person and people.We are the same people. We are not more special than handicapped people. The second of them is that ‘respect old people’,because they gave their lives for their country. They deserve respect from young people. We will be seniors too one day. If wetreat old people with respect, it goes without saying that we will be respected from young people in the future.I am a very easygoing person who can get along with any kind of person very easily. Even at this moment, I am very thankfulfor my parents, my country, my opportunities, everything, everyone and myself. These are the best things in our lives. Family,friends, smiles, laughter, and love. I am a very happy person who has all the best things in life!!International Students Organization Dinner by Nasser Alharbi | The international student origination is here at UTC for the internationals and for Americans too , to have fun and grow relationships between the students. In February there was a buffet for free ...and there was a birthday for one of the international students.. At first all the students took cards and wrote down their names. Then they started to eat dinner. After dinner they started to talk to each other. And there was a competition for fun. it was a game with some questions and who finishes it all first gets candy. After that they brought birthday cake for an Indian student named Arafath Buvvaji . After the birthday celebration, the students left , but the dinner was very helpful for students to know each other . Page 11 ● Spring 2012 ● Volume 3, Issue 2 ● ESL Globe ● UTC ESL Institute ● http://www.utc.edu/Academic/ESL/
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