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8 1/2 Things To Consider When Upgrading To Notes Domino 8.5
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8 1/2 Things To Consider When Upgrading To Notes Domino 8.5


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Domino Policies – FAQ ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /domino-policies- faq Infocenter: Policies http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .help.domino.admin85.doc/H_USING_POLICIES_881_OVER.html Publish Widgets/Live Text, disclaimers, notes.ini variables, Notes UI, etc.
  • Infocenter: Policies http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .help.domino.admin85.doc/H_USING_POLICIES_881_OVER.html Activities -- Use activities policy settings to define a user's activities server and assigned port, and whether the user names, passwords, and activities data are to be encrypted with SSL. Archive -- Use archive policy settings to control mail archiving. Archive settings control where archiving is performed and specify archive criteria. Note  In previous releases, the Archive policy settings document was named the Mail archive policy settings document. Desktop -- Use desktop policy settings to update the user's desktop environment and to assign the settings that are applied only once, during user setup. You can use the desktop policy settings document to establish desktop policy settings and setup policy settings. Desktop policy settings control the user's workspace and are enforced the first time a user logs in to Notes and runs setup. After the initial setup, you can use them to update the user's desktop settings. These settings control availability of functions such as Widgets and Live Text, the composite applications editor, calendar and scheduling, and many others. Mail -- Use mail policy settings to set and enforce client settings and preferences for mail and for Calendaring and Scheduling. Lotus Traveler -- Use the Lotus Traveler policy settings document to define preferences for synchronizing Lotus Domino users' mail database data with their mobile handheld devices. You can synchronize Email, Calendar, To-Do, Address Book and Journal data. Lotus Symphony -- Use the Symphony (previously named Productivity Tools) policy settings document to define whether users can use IBM ®  Lotus ® Symphony ™  editors and to designate which files and templates they can use. Registration -- If a policy including registration policy settings is in place before you register Notes users, these settings set default user registration values including user password, Internet address format, Domino roaming user designation, and mail. Roaming -- Use the Roaming policy settings document to configure file server roaming for registered Notes standard configuration users. Security -- Use security settings to set up administration ECLs and define password-management options, including the synchronization of Internet and Notes passwords. Setup -- All of the settings available in the setup policy settings document are now also included in the desktop policy settings document. We strongly suggest you use the new, updated desktop policy settings document to define both your desktop policy settings and your setup policy settings. If a policy including setup policy settings is in place before you set up a new Notes client, these settings are used during the initial Notes client setup to populate the user's Location document. Setup settings include Internet browser and proxy settings, applet security settings, and desktop and user preferences.
  • Comparing transaction logging styles There are three logging styles to choose from -- circular, linear, and archived. The logging style you choose is also dependent on your disk size and backup strategy. With circular logging, Domino reuses a fixed amount of disk space (up to 4GB) for transaction logs. After the disk space is used up, Domino starts overwriting old transactions, starting with the oldest. When the space fills up, perform a backup on the databases. You may need to do daily backups to capture database changes before they are overwritten, depending on the server activity level. Use circular logging if the size of the log needed between full database backup intervals is less than 4GB. Linear logging is like circular logging, except it allows more than 4GB. Use linear logging if the size of the log needed between full database backup intervals is greater than 4GB, and you are not using archive media. Archived logging creates log files as needed. It simplifies backup and restoration, and provides online and partial backups. The log files are not overwritten until you archive them. With archived logging, you must have a backup utility to back up the filled log extents so that they are ready if needed. If you do not have a backup utility, the server continues to create log extents, fills up the disk space, and then panics. http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .help.domino.admin85.doc/H_SETTING_UP_TRANSACTION_LOGGING_5997.html
  • What’s new in Widgets and Live Text in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx / whats -new-in-widgets-and-live-text-in-lotus-notes-8.5.1 Using Live Text and Widgets to improve productivity of daily work ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /09032009125637AMWEB7TF. htm Building composite applications with Notes widgets in IBM Lotus Notes 8.0.1 http://www. ibm .com/ developerworks /lotus/library/notes8-widgets/index.html
  • Widget Catalog options and access http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm wid _feature_overview_c.html
  • Overview http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .help.lnt85.doc/Nokia_S60_device_support.html IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5 performance http://www. ibm .com/ developerworks /lotus/library/notes85-traveler/index.html
  • What's new in Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5 http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .help.lnt85.doc/Nokia_S60_device_support.html What's new in Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .help.lnt85.doc/Nokia_S60_device_support.html
  • ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /DCT_ wiki _v1. pdf /$file/DCT_ wiki _v1. pdf DCT looks at settings in the Domino Server documents, the NOTES.INI file, and advanced database properties. Configuration settings are flagged when their values are known to cause problems based on prior customer experience. Out-of-range and unexpected values are reported so that undefined behavior can be prevented. Suggested adjustments help you achieve known server performance improvements.
  • Wiki: Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /domino-configuration-tuner/
  • Lotus Domino Designer XPages User Guide http:// publib .boulder. ibm .com/ infocenter / domhelp /v8r0/index. jsp ?topic=/com. ibm .designer.domino. xpages _ ug .doc/ wpd _copyright.html http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /XPages Knowledge Collection: XPages http://www-01. ibm .com/support/ docview . wss ? rs =899& uid =swg27014929 JavaServer Faces http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki / JavaServer _Faces Dojo Toolkit http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /Dojo_Toolkit
  • ID vault logging for 8.5 FAQ ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /id-vault-logging-for-8.5- faq DEMO: Notes ID vault deployment at Renovations ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /demo- idvault -renovations
  • Achieving ultimate storage and server cost savings with DAOS in IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino 8.5 http://www. ibm .com/ developerworks /lotus/library/notes85- daos /index.html IBM Lotus Domino going green: The new Lotus Domino attachment and object service http://www. ibm .com/ developerworks /lotus/library/domino-green/index.html Download the Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator Tool version 1.4 http://www-01. ibm .com/support/ docview . wss ? rs =463& uid =swg24021920
  • Announcing Notes/Domino 8.5.1 part 2: Changing the client access model for Domino http://www. edbrill .com/ ebrill / edbrill . nsf / dx /announcing- notesdomino -8.5.1-part-2-changing-the-client-access-model-for-domino More on the free distribution of Domino Designer http://www. edbrill .com/ ebrill / edbrill . nsf / dx /more-on-the-free-distribution-of-domino-designer Notes/Domino 8.5.1 useful URLs http://www. edbrill .com/ ebrill / edbrill . nsf / dx / notesdomino -8.5.1-useful- urls Notes Domino Licensing Agreement http://www-03. ibm .com/software/ sla / sladb . nsf / lilookup /5A627DBA859D41AB8525764D0045D5A4? opendocument & li _select=2CC9F9FDC7E88B938525764D0045D57D
  • Lotus Protector for Mail Security ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /lotus-protector-for-mail-security Demo: Learning Plug-In for IBM Lotus Notes - New and improved installation! ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /learning-plug-in-for- ibm -lotus-notes Deploying the Learning Plug-In for IBM Lotus Notes using a Widgets Catalog and policy documents ldd / dominowiki . nsf / dx /deploying-the-learning-plug-in-for- ibm -lotus-notes-using-a-widgets-catalog-and-policy-documents
  • Transcript

    • 1. SoCal User Groups David Stephens Technical Sales Evangelist WorkFlow Studios Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 2. Communication
      • Twitter: PSWLUG
      • LinkedIn
      • MyDeveloperWorks
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 3. 8 ½ Things to Consider when Upgrading to ND 8.5 David Stephens Technical Sales Evangelist WorkFlow Studios Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 4. Agenda
      • Policies
      • Transaction Logging
      • Widgets and Live Text
      • Lotus Traveler
      • Domino Configuration Tuner
      • XPages
      • ID Vault
      • DAOS
      • … and a half
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 5. Policies
      • Allow Administrators to control many user settings at once
      • Explicit policy > dynamic group policy > organizational policy
      • Tools:
        • Policy Viewers (by Settings and by Hierarchy);
        • Policy Synopsis
      • New: Dynamic Group Policies
        • If a person is removed from a group, they will no longer have that policy assigned to them
      • Read more about precedence
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 6. Policy Types
      • Activities
      • Archive
      • Desktop
      • Mail
      • Lotus Traveler
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
      • Lotus Symphony
      • Registration
      • Roaming
      • Security
      • Setup
    • 7. Transaction Logging
      • Available since Domino 5
      • Captures all the changes made to a db and writes them to a transaction log
      • Each server can have a transaction log
      • Transaction Log should be on a separate disk
        • Use a dedicated, mirrored device, such as RAID level 1 with a dedicated controller for optimal performance and data integrity.
      • Plan to archive the transaction logs daily using incremental backups. Schedule weekly full database backups.
      • Select a backup utility that is compatible with IBM® Lotus® Domino®
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 8. Why Use Transaction Logging?
      • Backups based on transaction logs are faster
      • Recovery from media failure is faster
        • Restore from tape
        • Use logs to add the data not written to disk
      • System Crash Recovery is faster
        • During restart server applies writes from logs
        • Logged dbs don’t require consistency check
      • View rebuilds are faster
      • Required for DAOS
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 9. Widgets and Live Text
      • A widget is a tool that can consist of one or more components and actions
      • Live Text enables Notes to recognize pre-defined text patterns
      • Easy to distribute: email, drag/drop, widget catalog, wiring
      • Can display in sidebar or pop-up
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 10. Widgets Catalog
      • Use a widget catalog to store and manage widgets
      • The widget catalog was introduced in Domino 8.0.1
      • Expanded in 8.5 to cover widgets and plug-ins
      • Use the widget catalog template
      • Public widget catalog: http://download. turtleweb .com/
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 11. Lotus Traveler
      • FREE – Provided with Domino
      • Provides two-way, over-the-air synchronization to some devices
      • Synchronizes e-mail, calendar, to-do, address book and journal data in real time
      • Runs as a server task
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 12. What’s New in Lotus Traveler
      • In 8.5
        • Mobile device security policies
        • Remote wipe
        • Improved web server configuration support
        • Device management
      • In 8.5.1
        • ActiveSync support for Apple iPod and iPhone
        • ID Vault support for encrypted mail
        • Improved Home Page
        • Add external calendars to your Notes calendar
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 13. Domino Configuration Tuner
      • Evaluates server settings according to a growing catalog of best practices
      • Identifies key configuration issues across a domain
      • Provides base-line assessment
      • Reports contain a detailed explanation and supporting documentation for all captured issues
      • FREE – ships with ND 8.5
        • Provided as a template
        • Evaluates Dom 7 and above
        • Requires Notes 8 client
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 14.  
    • 15. XPages
      • XPages provide the ability to easily create Web 2.0 user experiences
      • In ND 8.5.1, XPages were extended to run in a web browser and Notes client
      • XPages use Java Server Faces ( JSF ) and the  Dojo toolkit  on the server
      • See XPages projects at
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 16. XPages Resources
      • The XPages Blog: http:// xpagesblog .com/
      • Andrew Pollack’s Domino Designer's New XPages The Most Important New Feature You Never Knew You Needed
      • http://www. thenorth .com/northern. nsf /html/ XpagesArticle
      • Taking Notes podcast: XPages and Yellow Water
      • http://www. notesability .com/ takingnotes /TakingNotesEpisode83.mp3
      • Tutorial: Harness the power of XPages in Lotus Domino Designer
      • http://www. ibm .com/ developerworks / edu / ls - dw - ls - ddxpages .html
      • Learning XPages by Declan Lynch http://www. qtzar .com/ blogs / qtzar . nsf / htdocs / LearningXPages . htm
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 17. ID Vault
      • Holds protected copies of Notes users IDs
      • Assigned through policies
      • Allows for authorized people to reset passwords w/o direct access to the file
      • Supports custom apps to reset password
      • Easy recovery of lost or damaged ID
      • Synchronization of multiple IDs
      • No user involvement during ID renames and key rollover
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 18. DAOS
      • Saves significant space at the file level
      • Shares data identified as identical between dbs on the same server
      • Server saves a reference of each attached file
      • Fewer bytes written to disk
      • Fewer I/O disk operations
      • Attachments can use lower-cost storage
      • Improvements of backup, storage and administration
      • Requires Transaction Logging
      • Download the DAOS Estimator Tool
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 19.  
    • 20. … and a half - Licensing
      • Domino Designer is now FREE
        • Designer is free to use and develop with, but once you use it for production, there is a charge
      • Two CALs for Domino
        • Messaging CAL – can use Notes, iNotes, Traveler plus entitlements for Symphony, Quickr Entry and Sametime Entry
        • Enterprise CAL – adds Designer and Mobile Connect entitlement
      • Existing Notes and iNotes licenses will be converted to the new CAL model in 02/10
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 21. A few other things
      • Lotus Protector
      • Integration with other Lotus Products in the sidebar
      • Learning Plug-In for Lotus Notes
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios
    • 22. Contact Me
      • David Stephens
      • [email_address]
      • Twitter: workflowstudios
      • Twitter: dvdstphns
      • Twitter: pswlug
      • LinkedIn: http://www. linkedin .com/in/ dvdstphns
      Follow us on Twitter: @workflowstudios