2009 10 26 Final Vap Keynote Summit


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RightNow Technologies User Summit 2009 Keynote

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  • Thank you Jason. Everyone, it is an absolute pleasure to be here for the third year in a row. The venue is world class, even with snow.For those of you who have been here before, you know the content is illuminating.And, the customer interaction is absolutely the best. I encourage everyone to take advantage of all the presentations the teams have prepared and also take advantage of interacting with the other organizations that are here. We have some of the best minds in the industry at this event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!Transition: Well, you can probably guess what I am here to talk to you about…..
  • RightNow CX is an absolute breakthrough in our thinking. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to see the changes that are occurring at RightNow based on supersizing the emphasis on Customer Experience and downsizing our focus on the traditional CRM pillars of Sales, Service, and Marketing. The changes are occurring not just from a solution perspective, but also from an overall business perspective. For example, let’s look at how my job has changed based on our commitment the Customer Experience Commitment.Last year I stood up here in a traditional Product Centric role. My job was to deliver world class product. This year, I have been given a new mandate by the organization. Of course, we still need a world class innovative product, but that isn’t enough anymore. I am now building out Centers of Excellence for each major grouping within CX. The Centers of Excellence will bring together cross functional teams tasked with these four major responsibilities:Deliver Innovative and Competitive Offering- Quarterly releases containing functionality that you care aboutHelp Customers understand the value you should receive from using the solution- Metrics to know if you are receiving the results you shouldImprove implementations- Best practices and cookbooksEnable customers to use the OfferingImproved formal training and continuous educationAnd, it isn’t just my job that has changed due to the CX focus, but almost every job in the company has a new and improved mandate. Exciting stuff.Transition Out:I have three topics I want to share with you this morning. First of all, I am going to cover the CX portfolio and talk for a moment about how our existing products and the products we brought to market in 2009 are classified within the CX framework.Second, we will show CX in action with a live demo that highlights both good and bad examples of the three primary experiences Greg reviewed.And the Third topic is sharing with you the primary investment themes we are focused on for CX in 2010.
  • The customer experience lifecycle is a powerful framework. I believe the different phases of the customer are fairly self explanatory. A customer goes from needing something to finding and buying to getting help to having loyalty built and, hopefully, getting more.The three experiences, however, deserve a little more explanation.We recognize there are other experiences that may impact your customer. For example, what about the experience I had when checking into the broadmoor? That certainly impacted my customer experience. Or what about the experience your six your old son has when using his new iPhone? That certainly impacts his customer experience.It isn’t that these other experiences do not matter. It is just that when working with all of you, we hear over and over that you are trying to improve the three key experiences that are part of RightNow CX.This makes sense. After all…..The Web Experience is what started the whole customer empowerment thing. Anyone can now look at any company anywhere in the world. People aren’t locked in due to geography or limited information.The Social Experience is changing every part of both our personal and professional interactions. I don’t personally know a person that owns a lexus, but I won’t have any problem finding 100 people to discuss the product’s pros and cons with.And finally, the Contact Center Experience. Not everything can be done online. At some point you will actually have to talk to a person to perform certain activities. When that does happen the interaction will be make or break for the customer’s perception of your company. The customer lifecycle and the three experiences provides a great framework for you to understand where you should look to improve your operation. You should look to deliver great experiences across every stage of your customer’s journey: Need/find, buy, get, use/support, build loyalty, buy more. If you don’t think about each part of the journey there find gaps in your customer’s experience. You will need to prioritize the gaps and initiate projects internally to close those gaps. RightNow can help you with this type of analysis.This framework is also the framework we are using to think about the products, services, and expertise we invest in. We use this framework to understand where we have solution gaps and look to either build or partner to close these gaps. Historically, we have focused highly in the Use/Support phase of the customer lifecycle, but you have seen us expand out and we will continue to do that. We are placing high emphasis on the early phases where the customer is looking to buy. Keep this framework in mind as you think about your own business and as you think about where we are taking RightNow CX.Transition Out:Now, lets go back to the solution view of RightNow CX and look at how our existing products fit into that framework.
  • This is how our current products map into the RightNow CX framework. Lets go through the five solution areas.The RightNow Web Experience provides applications that seamlessly integrate into your existing web infrastructure for a fully branded online customer experience.RightNow Social provides applications that integrates social media into your organization to promote your brand, address customer concerns and drive revenueRightNow Contact Center provides applications designed to deliver superior customer experiences and efficiencies across phone and multichannel interactions, including voice self-service. RightNow Engage provides applications which deliver deep customer insights and enable proactive, relevant customer communications which build loyalty and drive revenue. These capabilities, which span Web, Social, and Contact Center experiences include:* Marketing – for proactively engaging with your customers with personalized and relevant email communication*Feedback – for gathering the Voice of your Customers at every stage of the customer journey*Sales – for revenue generation*Analytics – for deep customer insights and actionable business intelligenceAs the name implies, this out-of-the-box functionality is modular, so you can deploy where your needs dictate, and gain rapid benefits. Underlying RightNow’s CX applications is the RightNow CX Platform, which provides a set of foundational elements that infuse knowledge across the entire suite and provide integration and mission critical services that support a superior customer experienceTransition Out: Lets look at what we added to the CX application areas in 2009.
  • As many of you know, we release a new update to our product four times a year. Actually, we have now done 12 consecutive quarterly releases and this development approach has allowed us to bring to market more innovation in this timeframe than probably any other company of our size. This is important because it allow you to continually refresh the technology you are using to support your customer experiences. Transition Out:With this rapid innovation I know it is hard for our customers to keep up with the functionality that is available to them, so I want to quickly review 2009 to make sure everyone is aware of the key capabilities that are available. Lets look at Feb ‘09
  • The theme of Feb ‘09 was the boomerang effect. B2B2C organizations are seeing customers that purchase products through the channel, boomerang back to the parent company for support. This direct customer interaction with the primary brand is both a new cost and huge opportunity for the organization. Product Registration is a new capability that was added to support the boomerang effect, and I’ll discuss that feature in a moment.Before I do that a couple of other features I would like to highlightExpanded Chat Analytics: chat is a real-time interaction and the analytics requirements around real-time interactions are complex. We added to our capabilities to monitor chat loads and insights in real time.Genesys CTI adaptor through our partner OpenMethodswho is here at the summit. These guys are real experts on all types of telephony integration and they have built a number of out of the box capabilities for integrating the RightNow agent desktop to telephony environments. Make sure you stop by to see them in the Partner pavilion.
  • The November release is being announced today. It will be generally available in just a couple weeks.This release is jam packed. All five of the application areas are being updated, with the Social Experience including the integrated and packaged social technology from the HiveLive acquisition.The Web Experience include a full new Customer Portal self service set of widgets and page templates. These templates continue to be refined based on the best practices we are seeing within our customer base. Also, we are pre-certifying the Web Experience template and the Contact Center client for accessibility. Although many of our customers are focused on providing an accessible web experience, this is a huge priority for our public sector customers. We have worked with the same consultant that the EEOC uses to help formulate our approach to both 508 and WCAG compliance.In Engage, we now allow you to dynamically merge any report into your outbound customer communications, allowing for more targeted and personalized customer outreach.In the CX Platofrm I would like to highlight two things. First is the ability to NOT have the email address as the unique identifier for a contact. This allows you to share email addresses and has been a highly requested capability. Secondly, we have been working to simplyfy language translation of knowledge base content through a plug in that leverages a partner’s technology, Language Weaver, to perform automated translations.Transition Out: Now, lets look at the new social ‘stuff’ in more detail.
  • 2009 10 26 Final Vap Keynote Summit

    1. 1. Solution Roadmap<br />David Vap<br />Chief Solutions Officer<br />
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Three Experiences REALLY Matter<br />
    4. 4. RightNow CX<br />Phone and Multi-Channel Interaction Management<br />Service Case Management<br />Voice Automation<br />Contact Center Experience Design<br /><ul><li>Desktop Workflow
    5. 5. Agent Scripting
    6. 6. Contextual Workspaces</li></ul>Support Communities<br />Innovation Communities<br />Cloud Monitoring<br />Social Experience Design<br />Customer Portal <br /><ul><li> Web Self-Service
    7. 7. Mobile</li></ul>Chat and Co-Browse<br />Email Management<br />Web Experience Design<br />Marketing<br />Voice of the Customer<br />Sales<br />Analytics<br />Knowledge Foundation<br />Integration<br />Mission Critical SaaS<br />
    8. 8. 2009 RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS<br />
    9. 9. February ’09 Theme: The Boomerang Effect<br />Product Registration<br />Expanded Chat Analytics<br />Genesys CTI - OpenMethods<br />Feedback Matrix Questions<br />Citrix XenApp Support<br />Knowledgebase Link Validation<br />
    10. 10. Product Registration<br />
    11. 11. May ’09Theme: Business Insight On Demand<br />CTI - Interactive Intelligence<br />Cloud Monitor<br />Enterprise Analytics<br />Cloud Links<br />Expanded Bounce Management<br />RightNow Government Cloud<br />Data Integration - Boomi<br />
    12. 12. Cloud Monitor<br />
    13. 13. Enterprise Analytics<br />
    14. 14. August ’09Theme: Dynamic Agent Desktop<br />Syndicated ProactiveChat Widget<br />Add’l Cloud Monitor Analytics<br />Add’l Cloud Links Analytics<br />Desktop Workflow<br />Address Lookup - TargusInfo<br />Ranked Matrix Questions<br />Unsubscribe Reporting<br />Add-in Framework Improvements<br />
    15. 15. Desktop Workflow<br />
    16. 16. November ’09Theme: Integrated Social Experience<br />Accessibility – Section 508/WCAG Level AA<br />Order Management - Sterling Commerce<br />Desktop Workflow: Relative Values<br />Social Experience Designer<br />Support Community<br />Innovation Community<br />Cloud Monitor Enhancements<br />Accessibility – Section 508/WCAG Level AA<br />Enhanced CP Template<br />Customizable Chat Consumer Interface<br />Dynamic Merge Reports<br />Householding: Email Address Sharing<br />PCI Service Provider Level I Certification<br />Government Cloud: FIPS Secure Password<br />Translation Services - Language Weaver<br />
    17. 17. RightNow Social Experience Design<br />Granular Permissions<br />Do-It-Yourself Configuration<br />Unmatched Flexibility<br />Unlimited Possibilities<br />
    18. 18. RightNow Support Community<br />Forums<br />Answers<br />Resources<br />
    19. 19. RightNow Innovation Community<br />Requests<br />Ideas<br />Concepts<br />
    20. 20. DEMO<br />
    21. 21. Web ExperienceBenefits of What You Saw<br />Interactive, Branded Online Experience<br />Customer Portal <br />Google Integration<br />Knowledge Where Your Customers Need It<br />Knowledge Syndication<br />Drive Revenue<br />Proactive Chat<br />Order Management Integration<br />PCI Compliance<br />
    22. 22. DEMO<br />
    23. 23. Social ExperienceBenefits of What You Saw<br />Monitor and participate in social web conversations<br />Cloud Monitor <br />Leverage your customers for support and product innovation<br />RightNow Communities <br />Create brand advocates <br />Social Experience Designer<br />
    24. 24. DEMO<br />
    25. 25. Contact Center ExperienceBenefits of What You Saw<br />Superior Customer Experience, Reduced Cost<br />RightNow Voice - Speech-driven interactions<br />Dynamic Agent Desktop - Right information, right time, right context<br />Proactive Engagement Drives Loyalty<br />Marketing, Feedback, Cloud Links<br />
    26. 26. 2010 FOCUS<br />
    27. 27. Mobile Access<br />Customer Portal Page and Widget Set<br />iPhone support and chat application<br />Android application<br />
    28. 28. Proactive Engagement<br />Selective Chat<br />Click to Call / Callback<br />Custom Chat Interface API<br />Customizable Co-Browse Interface<br />
    29. 29. Customer Empowerment<br />Social Infusion<br />Guided Assistance for Customer Portal<br />Voice Platform<br />
    30. 30. Extensibility<br />Object Designer<br />Web Services<br />Syndicated Widgets<br />
    31. 31. Invisible Updates<br />No business impact<br />No IT involvement<br />Version to version compatibility<br />
    32. 32. Product Quality Improvements<br />Regression test cycle time reduced by 50%<br />Testing coverage increased by 25%<br />Result<br />50% decrease in customer reported defects<br />Enabled more real-world customer scenario testing<br />
    33. 33. Best Practices<br />Implementation Cookbooks<br />Leveraging Syndication<br />Leveraging New Features<br />Community Building<br />Chat and Co-Browse<br />
    34. 34.
    35. 35. Results<br />Simple software updates<br />Quality software<br />Superior customer experiences that drive loyalty and revenue.<br />
    36. 36. I invite you to join us in our efforts to Rid the World of Bad Experiences<br />