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Accessto primarycareineriecounty

  1. 1. In partnership with Erie County Department of Health Northwest PA Area Health Education Center John Snow, Inc. (consultant)
  2. 2. Access to care is “the timely use ofpersonal health services to achieve thebest possible health outcome”—Instituteof Medicine
  3. 3. Population of Erie County in 2006 is 280,8432008 Federal Poverty Level is $10,400 for the first family member,$3,600 for each additionalMore than 32,000 people (11%) live below the federal povertylevel (FPL)Almost 45,000 (16%)live at or below 200% of the FPL55,298 enrolled in public insurance programs;51,792 (18%) are Medical Assistance eligible, but not enrolled,19,448 (7%) are uninsured;3680 children are enrolled in the CHIP program in Erie County*3506 are CHIP-eligible, but not enrolled in the program**as of 9/1/2006
  4. 4. Community Health NetHospital ClinicsHospital Emergency RoomsMHEDSSt Paul’s Free ClinicPrivate Physician Offices
  5. 5. General dentistry & oral surgery greatestneed (only 50% of those surveyed visiteda dentist in the past year)49% of the county’s population utilizedservices of the “safety net”56% of people living below 200% of FPLare served by the “safety net”
  6. 6. 88% have a regular doctor or otherhealth care provider72% had a “checkup” in the past year35% go to the ER for primary care59% had medical assistance insuranceand 17% had none (of the peoplesurveyed)22% needed to see a doctor/providerbut didn’t because of the cost
  7. 7. Lack of health insuranceCostCulture/languageHealth literacy (knowing when & whereyou should go)Transportation—especially in rural ErieCounty
  8. 8. 1. Implement community-wide initiatives to improve quality and health outcomes2. Increase understanding of who is not currently receiving appropriate primary care services and frame a strategy for reaching remaining underserved groups3. Increase primary care access throughout the County, leveraging federal and other resources to reach as many low-income, underserved residents as possible
  9. 9. Implement community wide initiatives to improve quality and health outcomes
  10. 10. Expand community efforts to increaseenrollment in public insurance programs› Currently nearly 50% of people who are eligible for public insurance (including Medicaid, CHIP) are not enrolled. Since lack of insurance is directly related to both appropriate access and health outcomes, increasing enrollment is an essential first step in improving access and quality
  11. 11. Expand the concept andimplementation of providing a primaryMedical Home for all Erie CountyResidentsUtilize the collaborative approach acrossproviders and apply the chronic caremodel to improve care managementand outcomes for people with chronicillness;
  12. 12. Transform practices to provide morepatient-centered and evidence-basedcare
  13. 13. Increase understanding of who is notcurrently receiving appropriate primarycare services, identify needed servicesand frame a strategy for reachingremaining underserved groups
  14. 14. Increase understanding of who is notcurrently receiving appropriate primarycare services, identify needed servicesand frame a strategy for reachingremaining underserved groups.
  15. 15. Identify people who are not currently in care or who do not have appropriate access to primary care.These are likely to be some of the hardest to serve and most in need populations such as those who are homeless, culturally and linguistically isolated, chronically uninsured, or suffering with co-morbidity such as diabetes and mental illness.
  16. 16. Increase primary care accessthroughout the County, leveragingfederal and other resources to reach asmany low-income, underserved residentsas possible
  17. 17. Take advantage of 330 funding, FQHCLook-alike, or RHC status within thecontext of a rational service deliveryplan for the County.› Could include: Expanding CHN sites and services Converting existing primary care sites (e.g. some hospital sites that serve a significant low- income population) into FQHCs either independent or as part of CHN
  18. 18. Working with other safety-net providers(hospitals, MHEDS, St Paul’s Free Clinic) todetermine their role in the service deliverysystem and maximizing their ability to provideservices; andDeveloping new sites where these otheroptions are not appropriate
  19. 19. In order to maximize the County’soptions for expanding FQHC and RHCsites, continue to explore and follow-upon opportunities for federal HPSA andMUA/MUP designations
  20. 20. Dental› Applied for funding to open a new dental clinic. CHN to receive awards of: $210,000 from the Highmark Foundation $80,000 from the Erie Community Foundation $50,000 from the Hamot Health Foundation› Plan opening soon at the Bayfront Nato Martin Luther King Junior Center
  21. 21. Thank You!