10 tips for 10 years Google Adsense
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10 tips for 10 years Google Adsense



10 tips for 10 years Google Adsense

10 tips for 10 years Google Adsense



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10 tips for 10 years Google Adsense 10 tips for 10 years Google Adsense Presentation Transcript

  • For more success stories, visit:www.google.com/adsense/start/success-stories.html
  • Over the last 10 years our publishershave been discovering the bestways to increase revenue and attractvisitors – with great success. Now,to celebrate our 10th anniversary,we share this expertise with 10 triedand tested tips.Here’s to 10 more successfulyears for you – our publishers.10 tips for 10 years
  • Great content is tip number onefor a reason – after all, it’s whatwe’ve been supporting for 10 years.Genuinely useful, original contenthelps your site attract loyal readersthat will keep coming back for more.Create great content and all elsewill follow.1Create great contentDon’t forget…Keep your site fresh by adding new contentand refreshing old content regularly.Success story: askdavetaylor.comDave, from tech support site askdavetaylor.com,creates a new article every day to continuegrowing his site.
  • Don’t forget…If you’re not serving image ads then you’remissing out on revenue.If you’ve only got two minutes toyour preferences to ‘text and imageads’ rather than one or the other.It’s a quick and easy change –potentially with a big impact onrevenue. Image ads compete in thesame auction as text ads for yourad space, so choosing to showboth types increases the competitionand may help you earn more.2Mix it up with text adsand image adsSuccess story: funcheapSF.comfuncheapSF.com increased their revenueby 51% by opting into text and image ads.
  • Don’t forget…Make sure your mobile site provides a goodexperience. 57% of people wouldn’t recommenda business with a bad mobile site.Just using text and image ads onyour desktop website? You could bemissing a trick. Try diversifying withtailored ads for your online games,video content, mobile site and apps.Try adding a Google search box toyour desktop site too. Users cansearch without leaving your siteand you’ll earn revenue from adson the search results pages.3Think multi-channelSuccess story: sporcle.comTrivia site sporcle.com used AdSense tocreate a successful mobile business.
  • Don’t forget…Ad sizes 300x250, 336x280, 728x90 and 160x600are the most popular among advertisers.What works for you might beelse. The beauty of AdSense is thatif something doesn’t work you caneasily change it. Experiment with thecolour, placement and size of yourads (psst, wide ads generally performbetter) to see what combinationsgive you the highest revenue per1000 impressions (RPM).4Experiment, experiment,experimentSuccess story: concertboom.comconcertboom.com saw a 400% increase in revenueafter adding an additional 300x250 ad to their site.
  • Don’t forget…By linking your AdSense account with GoogleAnalytics you can run tests that compare onepage layout with another. You can even create aheatmap to see how people are using your site.Spend a bit of time learning how touse AdSense reports and you won’tregret it. You’ll be able to see howmuch you’re earning, what’s makingan ad successful or not and howchanges you’ve made have impactedrevenue. And who doesn’t like lookingat a good graph?5Track your successes –and have moreSuccess story: makeupalley.commakeupalley.com used Google Analytics CustomVariables to track and compare visitor activity –which led to a 50% uplift in their AdSense revenue.
  • Don’t forget…The Google Publisher Toolbar lets yousee your account information and blockads while browsing your site in Chrome.We want your ads to complementthe content on your site. No oneknows your site like you do, so wehand the editorial controls overto you. You can choose to block adsURLs they point to.6Control the ads thatappear on your siteSuccess story: sportonline.deSoccer website sportonline.de uses ad controlsto customise users’ experience.
  • Don’t forget…On average, publishers who implement these tipssee at least a 10% uplift in revenue. We’ve seen someincrease their revenue by up to 200%.General tips can only get you so far.That’s why we occasionally provideWhen we detect an improvement youcould make, you’ll see a message inyour AdSense account (and in yourinbox if you’ve opted to receive emails).Always give these suggestions a tryand don’t be scared to play around withideas to make them work best for you.7Don’t miss yourpersonalised tipsSuccess story: teachingideas.co.ukEducational resource site teachingideas.co.ukboosted revenue using personalised tips sentby the AdSense team.
  • Don’t forget…Link from your Google+ page to your site and vicewhich means you could appear on the right sideof relevant Google search results.Imagine having all your readers ina room, what would you ask them?What would you like them to talk aboutor tell their friends about? Give yourselfa social media presence with a Google+page. Not only will it help you builda relationship with your customers,it’ll give them an easy way to share youryour site.8Connect with your audienceSuccess story: estadao.br540% – thanks to their Google+ page. In turn, thisgenerated an uplift of 18% in page views per visit.
  • Don’t forget…We frequently host Hangouts from theAdSense +page. Tune in for live discussions withthe AdSense team and community members.Become part of our active communityof AdSense publishers. Join the‘Learn with Google for Publishers’Community on Google+ and don’tmiss our workshops (both onlineand in-person). That way you’ll keepup to date with all the latest newsand be able to share tips and ideaswith other publishers.9…and connect withother publishersSuccess story: cutoutandkeep.netCrafting site cutoutandkeep.net saw their revenuequadruple after implementing tips suggested at aLearn with Google for Publishers workshop.
  • We want you to have a long andsuccessful partnership with AdSense.Here are just a few reminders butit’s a good idea to regularly check thepolicies you agreed to when you setup your account.• Avoid implementations that maylead to accidental clicks• Keep your content family-safe• Make sure you have the rights toany content you monetise10Make sure your sitecomplies with our policiesSuccess story: youAll our partners make up a family-safe community.Take care that your site also complies with ourpolicies, so we can thrive together for years to come.
  • For more success stories, visit:www.google.com/adsense/start/success-stories.html