Simplicity Rules! at Ignite Portland

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Adam DuVander's slides from his Ignite Portland talk

Adam DuVander's slides from his Ignite Portland talk

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  • 1. Simplicity Rules! Adam DuVander
  • 2. Simplicity Rules! 20 x :15
  • 3. Simplicity Rules! 1. Give their brain some white space
  • 4. Simplicity Rules! Do You Want More?
  • 5. Simplicity Rules!
  • 6. Simplicity Rules! “ Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
  • 7. Simplicity Rules!
  • 8. Simplicity Rules! Simplicity is so constraining! Kevin Collins POWER HOUR 7 Day Product 4 Day work week D.B. King David Orban
  • 9. Simplicity Rules! Nicky Pallas
  • 10. Simplicity Rules! Big companies systemize simplicity
  • 11. Simplicity Rules! “ I wasn't supposed to be working on recommendations. There were other, official projects that consumed my normal waking hours. This was something I did on the side. My twisted, geek idea of fun.” Greg Linden Early Amazon Employee
  • 12. Simplicity Rules!
  • 13. Simplicity Rules! Peter Merholz: “ The experience is the product”
  • 14. Simplicity Rules! “ How far you can get on a simple idea is amazing. I have a tendency to add more and more–the ideas always get too big to implement before they even get off the ground. Simplicity is powerful.” Evan Williams Blogger, Twitter Joi Ito
  • 15. Simplicity Rules! 2. Give your brain some white space
  • 16. Simplicity Rules! Keep your inbox clean 1. Answer right away 2. Delete it 3. Defer to real to-do list
  • 17. Simplicity Rules! Hide the unimportant stuff
  • 18. Simplicity Rules! Always clear your mind
  • 19. Simplicity Rules!
  • 20. Simplicity Rules! 15 seconds for questions ? slides, links, and contact at