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B2B neuromarketing study online video l summary April 2013
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B2B neuromarketing study online video l summary April 2013


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Online video increasingly is used to reach, inform and seduce B2B audiences worldwide. YouTube already is the world's 2nd search engine. …

Online video increasingly is used to reach, inform and seduce B2B audiences worldwide. YouTube already is the world's 2nd search engine.

Considerable investment in online video production and distribution is made to ensure maximum conversion and success in the long run. That's why pretesting videos makes a lot of sense.

Conventional research methodologies often fail to assess people's real preferences as 'we often do not know or can express our own preferences that well. As people make up to 99% of their decisions subconsciously, we need to tap into the subconscious mind to properly assess online videos.

Neuromarketing is a promising new field combining neuroscience and marketing. US-based NeuroSpire and Netherlands-based DutchmarQ have joined forces to design, set-up and run the world's first neuromarketing survey into the effectiveness of B2B online video.

EEG data will be collected from ~20 right-handed Dutch male, professional respondents aged 30 to 49 using 14-channel EEG devices manufactured by Emotiv. These lab-grade headsets are used in university research labs around the world and are the most commonly used neuromarketing equipment.

Participants’ raw brain-wave responses will be decoded into metrics of Emotional Engagement (based on Richard Davidson’s framework of left-right asymmetry in the prefrontal cortex) and Attention Activation (based on measures of alpha desynchronization and steady-state visually evoked potentials).

Questions to be Investigated:

Question 1: What kind of video performs best?
B2B product videos take various forms. Animated versus live-action, personal story versus product demo, etc. We will investigate which kind of video (or video segment) is most successful at boosting emotional engagement and attention activation.
Question 2: Is language important?
Corporations operating in multiple markets face the choice of whether or not to offer videos in different languages. We will investigate if there is an advantage to providing videos tailored to an audience’s native language.
Question 3: What are the factors (scenes, dialogue, imagery) that most influence emotion and attention responses?
In order to optimize product videos, companies need to understand the impact of these smaller video elements. We will investigate what elements are important, and which can be left on the cutting room floor.
Question 4: How does viewer data relate to neuromarketing metrics?
If a video drives strong emotional engagement and/or high attention in audiences, how does that translate to in-market performance? We will investigate the relationship between our metrics and traditional indicators of video performance, such as views, conversion rates, etc.

Key findings will be published by DutchmarQ, NeuroSpire, our business partners and in the book Br@inbound Marketing, to be published by Van Duuren Management.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. in collaboration withSmarter InboundBrief, 2013
  • 2. In  collaboration  with  ContentsKey challenges in B2B marketingWhat is neuromarketing?Neuromarketing examplesDutchmarQ/ Neurospire ambitionWhy B2B online video?ApproachContact
  • 3. In  collaboration  with  Key challenges in B2B marketingB2B CMOs face declining budgets with (often) similarcommercial targetsCustomers and prospects are increasingly e-lusiveResearch (HubSpot et al) shows that up to 70% of the buying process,prospects do not want to be interrupted by sales/account managerPaid media gets less attention, and is less trustedOwned media and earned media need to be leveragedB2B companies will shift their mix towards inbound marketing95%+ of our decisions: made by our subconscious mindYet most marketing communications fails to convert and is wastedHow can we bridge the gap with the elusive customer?by combining inbound marketing with neuromarketing
  • 4. In  collaboration  with  What is Neuromarketing?Neuromarketing is a relatively new discipline, combining neuroscience & marketing95%+ of all our decisions are made subconsciously (yet we currently often do not know ourpreferences)The amount of waste in marketing is significantThe  largest  part  of  all  communications  fails  to  convert  (95%  of  new  products,  98%  of  mail  offers,  98%  of  direct  emails.  20%  of  ad  campaigns  have  no  brand  impact)    Inbound  marketing  better  leverages  own  &  earned  media.  Conversion  rates  can  further  improve  with  better  insights  in  what  makes  us  tick  Examples of neuromarketing include surveys based on eg fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking, facialcoding (see examples next slide)Neuromarketing  premise  is  to  further  improve  the  business  value  marketing  brings,  boosting  ROI  and  further  enabling  closed  loop  reporting  Storyboards  can  be  tested,  neuromarketing  can  be  applied  to  early  designs/copies  Online videos become are becoming more importantB2B  online  videos  including  HubSpot  vs  wil  be  in-­‐scope  of  Q1  2013  neurosurvey      The  outcomes  will  provide  great  input  in  rich  content  combining  best  practices  in  online  video  with  the  latest  neuromarketing  insights  
  • 5. In  collaboration  with  What is neuromarketing? (cont)
  • 6. In  collaboration  with  Neuromarketing examplesfMRI: Functional Magnetic Resonance ImagingHighly expensiveSpatial accuracy high, time accuracy needs to be improvedEye-trackingUsability of eg website & conversion of landing pagesEEG: Electroencephalographybrainwave measurementMore affordableHighly precise in terms of timely resolution/accuracy
  • 7. In  collaboration  with  Neuromarketing thru EEGPls
  • 8. In  collaboration  with  Why B2B online videoB2B online video was earmarked as key marketingcomms toassess as part of this survey due to:Video being strongly tied to emotions and ill-understoodValue and penetration of Video is rapidly increasing in B2B tooVideo is visual and lends itself to a deeper dive into whatelements (broken down in milliseconds) make what difference
  • 9. In  collaboration  with  ApproachPrepare   Invite   Run    20  to  40  respondents    in  DutchmarQ  office  or  on  site    Report  Q1                Apr  2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Summer  2013                          
  • 10. in collaboration / @dutchmarq+31 34 34 209 31P.O. Box 263940 AA Doorn | The NetherlandsSitiopark 133941 PP Doorn | The NetherlandsContact