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Social Media Training Jon Worth PART 2 14 Jan 2011
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Social Media Training Jon Worth PART 2 14 Jan 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Engagement Pyramid Advocates Supporters Reactors Visitors
  • 2.  
  • 3.  
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  • 5.  
  • 6. Facebook basics
      • Profiles (visible to friends)
      • Status updates (“what’s on your mind”)
      • News feed (what’s new in your networks)
      • Wall (friends post messages for you to see)
      • Photos (display and tag pictures and albums)
      • Groups ( NEW: collaborative space)
      • Networks (college or workplace)
      • Messages (mail system)
      • Notes (akin to blogs)
      • Chat (instant messaging)
      • Applications (incl. games)
      • Pages (‘Like’ a brand)
      • “ Like” (signal approval)
      • Events (watch %)
      • Ads (highly targeted)
  • 7. Thanks to @rose22joh and @LDN on Twitter
  • 8. What about Twitter?
    • You ‘follow’ people and they ‘follow’ you; note vocabulary
    • Super quick interactions , share information, links
    • Helpful approach of users, professional usage
    • Integration with mobile devices, desktop clients
    Facebook is for the people you know, Twitter is for the people you would like to know “
  • 9.
  • 10. Blogs
    • A website used like a journal to publish a regular stream of “posts”
      • Posts can be insights, thoughts, commentary, articles and multimedia
      • Written from an individual perspective
      • Readers can comment on posts and subscribe to updates
      • Posts are organised, archived and searchable
      • Very easy to set up and use: 100m+ active blogs worldwide
      • Tend to be linked together into communities
      • Most serve niche audiences but are influential and credible
      • Three sets of tactics: writing , responding and pitching
  • 11. Writing blogs
    • Online visibility
    • Showcase individuals
    • Thought leadership
    • Establish expertise in field
    • Exhibit openness
    • Humanise the brand
    • Secondary influence on media
    • SEO (Google loves blogs)
    • Steady content flow
    • Many uses e.g. Rebuttal
    • Feed into other platforms
    • Time commitment
      • Creating content regularly Monitoring, training, etc
    • Confidentiality and control
      • Blog content may be inappropriate or “off-message”
    • Organisational culture
      • Must allow open, informal and interactive communication
    Benefits Considerations
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14. How the US Air Force Responds to Blogs
  • 15. Promoting to bloggers
    • Blogs are influential and credible sources for many stakeholders
    • Blogs influence journalists: many stories break first in the blogs.
    • SEO: inbound links from blogs raise your Google profile
    • Blog coverage can be easier to shape than mainstream media
      • Read the blog first
      • Pitch by email
      • Do not just send a Press Release
      • Make it personal
      • Be informal
      • Refer to past posts or tweets on the topic
      • Keep it short and simple
      • Include multimedia links
      • Offer something exclusive
    Why pitch to blogs? Pitching to bloggers
  • 16. LinkedIn and XING
    • Professional networks
    • It’s OK to add your boss as a contact
    • Professional aspects are strength and weakness
  • 17. Hope this doesn’t happen to you 9.8 million views
  • 18. Keep an eye on your ‘brand’
    • Google alerts,
    • Incoming links in stats
    • Get a RSS reader ( Google Reader , Netvibes ), filter using Yahoo Pipes
  • 19. Some shiny new tools
  • 20. @jonworth Jon Worth Jon Worth [email_address]