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Mobile social networking, presented June 22 2010 at Social Media Club Kansas City event

Mobile social networking, presented June 22 2010 at Social Media Club Kansas City event



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Mobile Social Networking Mobile Social Networking Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile Social Networks Social Media Club Kansas City June 22, 2010 1
  • DEFINITIONS Mobile social networking is social networking where one or more individuals of similar interests or commonalities, conversing and connecting with one another using the mobile phone. 2
  • AREAS OF FOCUS • Web based social networks extended to mobile Facebook, Yelp • Native mobile social networks Location-based services (LBS), augmented reality (AR): Foursquare, Layar Lines are being blurred 3
  • USER POLL How many people: 1. Have a smart phone: iPhone BlackBerry Android 2. Browse the mobile web 3. Use applications 4
  • USAGE As of March 2010 (comScore): 30% browse the mobile web 20% of interacted with social networks via mobile device Social networking users are showing the highest gains with 80% YoY growth 5
  • ADVERTISING VS. MARKETING Marketing: delivering requested promotional messages directly to potential customers who have opted in to receive them. Primarily used by marketers as retention tool. Advertising: delivering text or images attached to desired content on mobile web pages or in applications where user views ads in exchange for free/subsidized content. Used by marketers to acquire new customers. 6
  • LOCATION TECHNOLOGIES • GPS (foreground: iPhone; background: BlackBerry, Android, Palm, iPhone 4) • Triangulation (active, passive) • User designated (check-in, zip code) • IP address reverse lookup • Wi-Fi Note: companies such as AirSage offer predictive algorithms based on movement and speed. 7
  • LBA VS LBM  No opt-in  Opt-in The GAP has your  Viewed w/  Requested perfect summer requested content look! Call content 415-501-9757. We’ll grab your size in  Text  Graphical content the newest styles at 183 Mill Plz, content Walnut Creek.  SMS delivery;  Mobile Web/ may include App Delivery mobile web Advertising growing from Marketing growing from $600M in 2009 to $5B in 2013 $6.4B in 2009 to $14.2B in 2012 8
  • Apps Social Networks (Check-in) M C A O R Local Augmented N K Location- based Discovery Reality SMS S E U T M E E Networks R R S S White-Label Navigation 9
  • ENGAGEMENT MODELS • Direct / white label vs. platform • Media buy vs. rewards / incentives / coupons • Brands interact with users who check-in vs. managing locations within platform 10
  • CHECK IN SERVICES • Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt Star, Whrrl, Brightkite, MyTown Mashable:Which App Does Checkins Best? 11
  • 12
  • USAGE • Foursquare: approaching 2 million global • Gowalla: 250,000? (150,000 in March) • Brightkite: 2 million global • Whrrl: 300,000 13
  • FOURSQUARE • Can check in to location through “around me” search or venues can be added with address or just lat/long • Venue tagging (but no rating) • Minimal website functionality • Growing user generated venue database 14
  • YELP • 32 million unique website visitors in May 2010 Top 100 website • 1.4 million unique iPhone users 27% of all Yelp searches come from the iPhone app 500,000 phone calls 1 million point-to-point directions 15
  • YELP DETAILS • Users & businesses can build profiles • Rewards, leader board, incentives • Social sharing & integration • Sales team to support • Declined $500 million Google buyout • Augmented reality functionality (Monocle) • Analytics 16
  • INTEGRATION Friends can be invited through Twitter integration (friend search), Facebook integration, email address book integration, basic email invite Check-ins can be private, shared within the network or sent to other networks (Twitter, Facebook) 17
  • 18
  • BUT ALSO 19
  • GETTING STARTED • Research competition & trends • Install mobile applications • Claim venue: add / validate Twitter handle, location address, phone number, categories and tags • Test specials, tips, trips & rewards 20
  • PICK A NUMBER 1. Who has been on Twitter the longest? 21
  • SPECIALS • Mayor: user who has checked in the most • Check-in: unlocked when a user checks in to your venue a certain number of times • Frequency-based: unlocked every X check ins • Wildcard: always unlocked but store staff has to verify some extra conditions before awarding 22
  • 23
  • WEREWARD • Mobile incentive platform that pays consumers for actions • Sharing experiences through Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare • Sponsored CheckinTM • Purchase • Pictures 25
  • CHALLENGES • Fragmentation • Many small, disjointed players deploying different technologies • Challenges to scale • Still very tech-focused • Many startups lack the resources to work effectively with brands & advertisers • Only about 18% of mobile subscribers across all devices and carriers download apps (comScore, Dec. 2009) 26
  • SAMPLE CAMPAIGNS • Brands, small & large are testing 27
  • TASTI D-LITE Point based loyalty By automatically sharing your Tasti experience with friends and followers through Twitter & Foursquare, you can earn extra rewards toward free Tasti You earn a point every time you make a purchase for each social network connection you setup When you accumulate 50 points, you are eligible to receive a free medium Tasti cup or cone. 28
  • CONTACT Dustin Jacobsen Director of Social Media & Technology, Barkley Email: Phone: (816) 423-6063 Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – Blog – Website – 30