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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • – 212 degrees video
  • Integrated Digital Strategies team is made up of former media company executives and managers how have over 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing for local, regional, national and international advertisers. IDS understands the needs of media sales professionals and how to transform them into multi-media sales experts by evolving your sales organization into a full service digital marketing agency for businesses in your market.   IDS will develop digital revenue and grow market share while keeping your advertising dollars under one roof! We are your partner and work hand and hand with your business.  
  • How do become a trusted advisor? Ask a lot of questions What is important to them How do you like to be communicated to Anything they ask for, you deliver in a timely way.
  • You say: Does this guy look familiar? Many business owners may seem tough to interact with…especially during those first few minutes. But, put yourself in their shoes…how many sales people do you think call on this guy every week? What % of sales reps do you think are successful at going from the left side, over the dotted blue-line, to right side to be able to uncover, identify and establish what this guy ’ s specific needs and objectives are for his business? Why do you think so many sales reps have difficulty with this…let ’ s take a look at the next slide.
  • You say: In the first few minutes of most sales interactions, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), where are most business owner ’ s guard ’ s? And where are most sales rep ’ s credibility (especially if they have never met this business owner before)? Next slide.
  • You say: So how do you approach potential clients in this situation: Note: Click through each point one at a time. The main point that you want to make here is that if you make it about the client first and can “ speak their language ” you will dramatically improve the chances of dropping the business owner ’ s guard…and raising your credibility…which will help you to have a much better sales interaction.
  • You say: Go in with more questions than answers! These are questions that were developed by the sales rep before the sales interaction that are specific and significant about their business and industry. Note: Let the group know that you will explain how to do this in more detail a little later on during the training. Ask them: Does this approach make sense? If you were a business owner, how would you react to this type of approach vs. someone who came in with solutions immediately (without knowing what the business owner is trying to accomplish).
  • Talk about everyday consumer products that we all use: Beepers to I-Phones Tube TV to thin flat screens Etc.
  • What are types of OA that you are familiar with? Have has anyone heard of video scanning? * Japan research.
  • Ardene – Just under 150 Central Marketing Tool For All Online Advertising That A Customer Can Do with us or with others. This a tangible product, they own it and have complete control
  • Insert Restaurants
  • Will go live with sample sites
  • - play this video
  • Over 40% click on the 1 st listing
  • Our Technology reads your site the same way that Google reads it. It says “Ok here’s what you have, and here’s what you need…” And it divides that work into the right proportions so that your site gets the perfect mix that the search engines are looking for. - At that point the work is divided and place into queues where real people here in the states begin to do real work.
  • Refers to # of visitors to website Good keyword research ensure most relevant high traffic and is relevant to your products and services
  • Main block of readable text, most prominent part
  • 1 st step in Local SEO and we have partnered with all 3 leading listing management companies, full transparent
  • – play this video
  • – play this video
  • Tools for engagement and retention, we can manage for you as well
  • Get clients to continue to buy from you, tools
  • Why would your customer need SEM Gas Station in desert analogy, roads to it
  • Okay so we have created our account, our campaigns, our ad groups and our ads – no how do we get to the top?? Again for Google it is all about relevance. Google has applied relevance to its sponsored listings as well. Now adword campaigns have a quality score. Your quality score is based on how well the ad is written, how relevant and specific the landing page is. When searcher types in the keyword that you choose to advertise on, it will show your ad in a higher position and at a lower cost per click (CPC)
  • “ Even though so much money is spent on search, only 4% of a users time is spent there!” Explore the idea that the internet isn’t one channel of advertising, but is instead made up of many different channels. Do not read all of these bullets! Transition with, “Display retargeting can reach THE REST OF THE INTERNET. But before we talk about how much opportunity there is in this space, let’s cover the basics of retargeting.”
  • in fact, mr advertiser, there are three reasons I vetted out this strategy and decided to bring it to you.
  • You own a furniture store. Which of these groups would you prefer to get your ads in front of?
  • QUESTION FOR TEAM: do we want to cover keyword contextual in INITIAL sales training? move keyword contextual retargeting to part 2 training?
  • Your potential customer has already heard about you from Pay-Per-Click or Facebook or a Referral or Past Experience or maybe they’ve Clicked on an ad. So they find their way to your website and look around. swap out images for logos.
  • QUESTION FOR TEAM: do we want to cover keyword contextual in INITIAL sales training? move keyword contextual retargeting to part 2 training?
  • Search retargeting gets your ad in front of people who are searching for your products and services. This mom is searching for information about getting her kids to floss. Wouldn’t it make sense for a pediatric dentist advertise to her – even when she’s not searching for flossers? 6 seconds. 1-2% average ctr, meaning you’re missing 98% of the people who are searching for what you want.
  • QUESTION FOR TEAM: do we want to cover keyword contextual in INITIAL sales training? move keyword contextual retargeting to part 2 training?
  • introduce keyword contextual. talk about how old technology targeted pages by category. If I’m a kids dentist, I might target a site for parents, or even a health site. But they are so broad that I’m likely to waste a lot of my advertising on users who have no interest in a pediatric dentist.
  • The third kind of retargeting is keyword contextual. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. we target the ads to appear where there are relevant KEYWORDS in the CONTEXT of the page.
  • Simplifi has crawlers that crawl websites specifically for this purpose, so just like search engines, we can see what a page is about, not just what “category” it fits into. Surely WebMD is considered part of the MEDICAL category. You may even be able to get as granular as DENTAL, but we take it a step further and read the content of the page, so no matter how niche, we can serve relevant ads.
  • you’re in the right place at the right time. this is the right solution for so many of your advertisers. touch on how display isn’t predicted to take away from search budgets
  • Ask Group… how do videos compliment our other products?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital Marketing Sales Training 2013 Sept 9th -10th , 2013
    • 2. Your Trainers & Facilitators • Steven Galligan – Chief Executive Officer • Joe Mohay – Chief Digital Officer • Brent Taylor – Chief Operating Officer • Maryalice (Mak) Peterson – Account Manager
    • 3. Who Is Integrated Digital Strategies? • Veterans of Digital Marketing & Traditional Media – Over 30 years of combined experience – Successfully built and managed digital sales and fulfillment operations for Newspapers, Yellow Pages publishers • Full Service Account Management – Online and Offline • Proven Success In Local Internet Marketing Strategies – Boston, Orlando, Miami, and U.S. • Best in class digital marketing team: – Web Designers & Developers – SEO & Local SEO Marketers – Paid Search & Targeted Display Ad Strategists – Social Media Marketing Managers, Videographers – Content Writers & Bloggers, Local – Email Marketing Specialists, Sales Coach & Field Trainers
    • 4. Why Our Team?  We understand needs of media sales professionals  We understand needs of local businesses today  Highly Experienced Team Working With You Every Step of the Way! We Provide A Turnkey Cohesive Platform: • Digital Product Sales • Marketing Support • Sales & Fulfillment Operations • Customer Service • Client Relationship Management • Initial Sales Training • On-Going Field Sales Coaching
    • 5. Agenda  Introductions  Trends In Digital and Marketing  Why Digital Marketing for Businesses?  Who Is Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS)  Why Sell Digital Marketing To Your Advertisers?  Basics Of Local Internet Marketing Overview  Premium Websites  Mobile Sites  Search Engine Optimization  Local Search  Reputation Management & Social Media Tools  Social Media Marketing  Search Engine Marketing  Targeted Display Advertising  Email Marketing  Inbound Content Marketing  Analytics Reporting  Results and Success Stories
    • 6.  Put your customer’s needs and objectives 1st  Ask the right questions  Learn what’s most important to them  Recommend the right solution  Honest and Clear Communication  Anything they ask for, deliver it right away!
    • 7. From Sales Representatives …. To Multi-Media Consultant • With so many tools at their disposal, small businesses need direction and guidance on where to spend their marketing dollars as consumer behaviors are changing • To maximize our business advertisers reach, we need to provide them an integrated approach that targets the widest number of customers possible. • One-stop shop marketing agency that brings more potential customers to your advertisers
    • 8. Do you recognize this guy… he’s your customer!! In any given week he may have over 25 sales reps calling on him…and as far as he’s concerned, they only have one thing in common… they All Want His Money $$$$ !! He also has specific business goals, problems, concerns, issues, needs and objectives. The question is this…what % of sales reps ever get to right side of this dotted line to understand what he is truly trying to accomplish for his business?
    • 9. To give yourself a better chance, think of your next sales call this way-- in the first few minutes of the call, on a scale of 1 to 10, where is… Their Guard Your Credibility Whatever you do in those first few minutes of the sales interaction will have a significant impact on how the rest of the conversation goes!!! 10 10
    • 10. So how do you approach potential clients in this situation? • Make it about them first…not about you! • Find out about them and be able to speak “their language” - Find out what they sell? - Who they sell to (target groups)? - What their potential customers “Care About”? - Why they would be the best choice?
    • 11. Go in with more questions than answers! • Note: You already know how your products and potential solutions work • Seek first to understand what they are trying to accomplish • Your opportunity to succeed will dramatically increase if you can start out by asking questions that are specific to their business. If they know that you understand their business and can “speak their language” your credibility will immediately increase • Next, take a deeper dive to establish specific goals, needs and objectives • Finally, match the right solution to help them achieve their needs and present in a “customized” way…not a one size fits all!
    • 12. Why Sell Digital To Your Advertisers • Trusted Brand with Trusted Relationships – They like you, they trust you • Solve The Marketing Puzzle For Them • Grow Account Value & Market Share – Increase their overall marketing program – Find new and different advertiser base • On-Stop-Shop Marketing – Print, Digital, Full Service Internet Marketing
    • 13. • Competition is knocking on your customers door every day • If you don’t offer digital marketing solutions to them, someone else will. • They will pull dollars from print to move to digital • You need to control the dialogue to retain and capture the market Why Sell Digital To Your Advertisers
    • 14. Why Do Businesses Do Digital Marketing? • Drive Sales • Increase Brand Awareness • Reach New Customer Segments • Drive Customer Engagement • Identify usable customer insights • Save money / improve productivity Why Businesses Are Adopting Digital Marketing Aug 2013 According To Inc. Survey This Year: •23% of all small business now spend more than 75% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing today! According To Inc. Survey This Year: •23% of all small business now spend more than 75% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing today!
    • 15. What Do Businesses Care About Most? • Increased Sales – 71% • Generating Leads – 59% • Higher Search Ranking – 33% • Publicity / Social Following – 32% • Employee Recruitment – 9% • Event Attendance – 5% • Retention Rates – 4% Keep The Conversation Around Getting More CustomersKeep The Conversation Around Getting More Customers According To 2013 Survey
    • 16. Social Revolution
    • 17. 17 Online Advertising Options Digital Services • Display • SEM Search Engine Marketing * • SEO Search Engine Optimization * • Email Marketing • Newsletters • Video • Viral Marketing (Word of Mouth) * • Classifieds • Affiliate Marketing * • Desktop or Software • Product Placement • Pop Ups or Pop Unders • Landing Pages • Lead Gen •* Not really sold by Publishers Technologies •Behavior Targeting •Contextual Targeting •IP or Geo Targeting •Rich Media •Rich Internet Applications (AJAX) •Keyword Targeting / Adwords •Video Scanning •Social Media Targeting / Influencers Display 24% Search 41% Classifieds 16% Other 9% Rich 10% Display Search Classifieds Other Rich / Video Est. Spending By CategoryEst. Spending By Category
    • 18. • Integrating all marketing and communication into one overriding strategy. • Incorporating local, social, mobile, search, email, display, video, • Creating a consistent Storyline Look and Feel with your marketing message • Break through the clutter and fragmentation – Mobile, Tablets, Search, Social Media, etc.
    • 19. What Is Integrated DigitalWhat Is Integrated Digital Marketing…Marketing…
    • 20. Products Overview
    • 21. Custom Websites Custom Websites
    • 22. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization
    • 23. Digital Marketing Toolkit Digital Marketing Toolkit
    • 24. Reputation Management Reputation Management
    • 25. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing
    • 26. Content Marketing Content Marketing
    • 27. Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing
    • 28. Targeted Display Advertising Targeted Display Advertising
    • 29. Video Production Services Video Production Services
    • 30. Premium Web Design
    • 31. Key Products Part 1: Websites WEBSITES: The Brochure for Your Business
    • 32. 1. Online Brochure Of Your Business, Open 24 / 7 / 365 and is the Best Salesperson You Can Have! 2. Extension Of Your Business and Builds Credibility and Trust Before They Walk In Your Store or Use Your Service 3. You Are In Control of Your Content and Most Important Marketing Tool. 4. Wired For Google and the major search engines so that you can be found and chosen by those looking for your products, services, company. 5. Having a hub – Your marketing should have several spokes that all connect back to your central hub, your website 5 Reasons Business Must Have A Website
    • 33. Get Found, Get Chosen.Get Found, Get Chosen. 33 Why? What? Contact / More Info? When? How?
    • 34. Let’s Critique A Few Websites Let’s See What Is Wrong With A Few Of These  Example 1:  Example 2:  Example 3:  Example 4:  Example 5:  Example 6:  Example 7:  Example 8:
    • 35. Use The Ads From Your Publication Look at their message and compare to what you see on the website’s content? Does it match the brand, content compelling, get you to take action?
    • 36. Sample Sites Phone Numbers, Call To Action, Tagline, Contact Forms, Multi- Image Sliders, etc. Phone Numbers, Call To Action, Tagline, Contact Forms, Multi- Image Sliders, etc.
    • 37. Affordable, Attractive & Effective Websites Search Engine and Consumer-Friendly Design Call-To-Action Focused Header and Logo Placement On-Site SEO Best Practices SEO Content Writing (Avail) Content Management System Built-in-Blog Mobile & Tablet Optimized Google Analytics Installation Secured Hosting, Domain and Email Set Up Unlimited Updates, Text & Image Changes Customer Service Support (Phone & Email) Product OverviewProduct Overview
    • 38. Mobile Sites
    • 39. Why Mobile Sites To Boost Performance: • 51% more likely to purchase from retailers • 85% increased engagement To Keep Customers • 40% would visit a competitor’s site instead because of a disappointing mobile experience Source: Compuware, “Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-Users”. March 2011
    • 40. Why Mobile Sites
    • 41. Mobile Site Product Mobile Optimized Websites Compatible with over 5,000 devices IOS, Android, Blackberries Optimal User Interface Click To Call, Form Builder, Store Locator Google Tools Integration Google Analytics Google Maps Installation Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Secured Mobile Hosting Platform Updates, Text & Image Changes Customer Service Support (Phone & Email) Product OverviewProduct Overview
    • 42. Search Engine Optimization
    • 43. Key Products Part 2: SEO Search Engine Optimzation: Get Found, Get Chosen
    • 44. Why Search Engines? - play this video
    • 45. How People Search? Brands Keywords Products and Services
    • 46. Paid Listings
    • 47. Organic Listings
    • 48. Get Found, Get Chosen
    • 49. Why Search Engines
    • 50. #1 listing gets almost 50% of traffic
    • 51. Why SEO For Your Website? SEO Turns Your Website into a Long-Term Asset Customers are looking for you online, if you’re not there now, Google is directing them to your competitors Owning a high search engine rank is like having Google become your word of mouth.
    • 52. 52 SEO is not PPC Rankings depend on: Relevancy Trust SEO is the work that builds: Relevancy Trust Google introduces customerss to your business based on your: Relevancy Trust Search Engine Optimization Basics
    • 53. Search Engine Optimization Basics on site: Relevance o Keywords (Content, Title, Descriptions, Images, H1 tags) o Do titles match the content? o Are Keywords mentioned frequently? o Fresh Unique Content off site: Trust o Google see links as recommendations o Words in links also matter o Popularity/variety of linking sites matter 53
    • 54. 54 Off-Site SEO
    • 55. Benefits Of Working IDS’ Team of SEO Experts  We will provide you with an itemized SEO task list based on the package you purchase.  Guarantee to do 100% of the work & provide full reporting to substantiate it.  Full transparency into your ranking, links to blogs and articles we create will be displayed.  Our platform automates the research/analysis, campaign set up & work flow  Builds your authority/ranking in relation to specific search terms  Perform edits to your content and other important elements directly on your website.  Dedicated SEO expert identifies target keywords & closely monitors your progress  Our SEO is technology enabled but people driven.  Real people doing real optimization work. And prove it in our fully transparent reporting.
    • 56. 100% Transparency, Proving Value.. “I Need Proof That SEO is Working For Me.” “I Need Proof That SEO is Working For Me.”
    • 57. SEO Process 57 Analyze The Site Divide Up The Work DirectoriesDirectories Social Bookmark Social Bookmark Blogs & Articles Blogs & Articles OnsiteOnsite Business Profiles Business Profiles LinkbuildingLinkbuilding
    • 58. How Do You Get Google To Be Your Word Of Mouth?
    • 59. Good Keywords = Traffic
    • 60. Keywords
    • 61. Title Tag
    • 62. Header Tags, H1 Tags
    • 63. Body Text / Copy
    • 64.
    • 65. Local Search & Local SEO
    • 66. Why Local SEO? 30% of all searches are Local Intent
    • 67. Local SEO Evolution
    • 68. LOCAL SEARCH ECOSYSTEM •Fully Automated Distribution •150+ Directories •Efficient Processing •Completion Reports Provided •Accessible By End User
    • 69. Google+ Local Business Profile
    • 70. Google+ Local Business Profile
    • 71. Top Ranking Factors We Focus On
    • 72. Local Map Rankings
    • 73. Look at their Title Tags – Home Page and Top Service / Category Pages • Look for pages with lots of keywords (more than 2-3) • Does it turn off human visitors (AKA potential customers). NAP Info (Name Address Phone): – No name / address / phone info on the site. – Every page should have the basic business info, resembling the following: – Your business name – 123 Main St. – City, state, ZIP – (000) 867-5309 Inconsistent business info on citations – Short of having your listing removed by Google, this is the #1 rankings-killer – This is especially a problem on the sites that are a little trickier to manage, like, CitySearch, even Yelp. How to assess local seo gaps.
    • 74. Not having a page on the site for each specific service offered. – This is probably the best way to snag some extra visibility in the organic rankings (the ones for local businesses). Not having a page on the site for each specific service offered. – This is probably the best way to snag some extra visibility in the organic rankings (the ones for local businesses). Not having separate pages for each business location – if there is more than one location. – Even when there are separate location pages, they're usually over- optimized and are more likely to earn "Penguin" penalties from Google than rankings.) No or few reviews from customers – Plan to acquire online reviews in some way
    • 75. Not "hiding" their address from showing up on their Google listing, – if they're a service-area business (i.e. traveling TO their customers, rather than the other way around). – Google loves whacking businesses for not doing this. Non-compliant "business categories" on the Google Places/Plus listing. Over-optimizing the site. – Having 10 links on the same page that all read the same, having every link contain your main keyword and your city, having 15 different pages that "target" different cities but are basically clones of each get the idea. – If it looks weird to humans, it probably looks weird to search engines. Lean citations. – In other words, not having an in-depth description on Yelp, or not bothering to have more than one category on MapQuest, or not specifying "keywords" on SuperPages.
    • 76. Perfect Prep
    • 77.  10 Min Prep Look for 1-2 Pain Points  Make Call To Uncover Pain  Get Web Assessment Report
    • 78. Quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Check What are the 5 SEO Checkpoints That You Look For? Title Tags – Are They Keyword Rich, Focus Areas of Biz Content – Is it Unique and describes the business, products, and service Address and Contact – Is it located on every page Unique Pages / Domain Name Structure – Must change on every page.
    • 79. Reputation & Social Media Management
    • 80. Reputation & Social Media Console • Monitor and manage local listings on key relevant online directories • Monitor Reviews from top consumer sites where your dealership or brand is mentioned • Alert and Respond tools that allows for immediate response to review to win back customers
    • 81. Concierge Services To Manage It All! • Engage negative reviews and convert disgruntled reviewers into fans. • Share your success stories and positive review through your social media channels • Regular social media posts to your fans and followers • Comprehensive reporting and phone / email support.
    • 82. Concierge Services: Sample Report
    • 83. Premium Social Media Marketing
    • 84. Social Media Marketing  Manage all your Facebook Twitter, G+, LinkedIn  Self Guided Platform, what to do and how often  Your report card shows you the results  Hand-Selected Industry posts,  news articles, websites to share  One click to post on all accounts  Social Media Support and Knowledge Base
    • 85. Concierge Social Media Marketing • Social Media Expert Doing It For You! • Graphic Design Including: Creative Timeline & Profile Graphics Done For You • Five original engaging posts per week – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ • Fan Acquisition strategies through – Community Engagement – Facebook Ad Campaign Management – Lead Generation via Facebook • Reporting Dashboard
    • 86. Email Marketing
    • 87. Email Marketing + Social Sharing Reach your contacts effectively and create impactful emails from over 300 templates: • Suggested content for events • Newsletters & Promotions • Emails go to LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. • Transparent Dashboard • Customer Support Included
    • 88. Email Marketing Console
    • 89. Search Engine Marketing & Targeted Display
    • 90. Key Products # 4: Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing: Getting Potential Customers To You Now Get leads, calls, emails now! SOCIAL
    • 91. Why SEM / PPC?Why SEM / PPC? • Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is an auction. • You decide how much you are willing to pay to appear when a keyword is searched on and which ad you want to appear when that happens. • Your ad only appears to searchers looking for relevant products and services. • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop – Google Enhanced Campaigns start at end of June for all advertisers • You only pay when a searcher clicks on your ad. • Originally the person who was willing to pay the most got the best position on the page. – Now Quality Score determines that..
    • 92. Why Search Engine Marketing?  Drives Potential Customers to Your Business  Gets Your Business Found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing  Only pay for interested prospects  You Can Measure the results (ROI)  Your in control of who you are marketing to throughout the year  Flexibility and local targeting  Real Time Reporting  Expand Marketing Reach  Keeps you competitive and visible (1st page)  Your business is being seen on Google more often
    • 93. - Google How do Ads Rank?How do Ads Rank?
    • 94. SEM attracts qualified customersSEM attracts qualified customers Each Ad Group = Ideal Customer You Are Looking To Attract Each Ad Group = Ideal Customer You Are Looking To Attract
    • 95. Search Engine Marketing Recap – SEO and PPCSearch Engine Marketing Recap – SEO and PPC These are 2 very different methods of achieving search engine success that should be run in parallel so that the results of each can be used to improve the other. The key differences are outlined below: SEO PPC Pro’s  “Free” (you don’t pay for every single click)  Work done impacts on all search engines  Some consumers prefer it  Very versatile  Very scientific  Great Control  Quick turnaround (results in days)  You can bid on any keyword you like and as many as you like  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad Con’s  Less control  Less scientific  More difficult to analyze  Have to focus on limited keywords  Usually 3-12 months before impact is seen  Optimization and campaign management are resource intensive & can be quite complex  You have to manage each search engine separately
    • 96. The Internet matures • Only 4% of a users time is spent on search. • While every minute of every day… – YouTube users upload 48 hours of new video. – Wordpress users publish 347 new blog posts. – 571 new websites are created. – Brands and organizations on Facebook receive 34,722 “likes”. – Twitter users send over 100,000 tweets. – Consumers spend $272,070 on web shopping. – Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content. • A typical user is served over 1700 display ads per month.** * ** comscore Why Targeted DisplayWhy Targeted Display
    • 97. • Three reasons to be excited about Retargeting – Greater Reach – More Transparency – Better Targeting Strategies for SellingWhy Targeted Display AdvertisingWhy Targeted Display Advertising
    • 98. Would you rather target… All visitors of (Site Based) People who make over $100,000? (Demo Based) People who have … Searched for “furniture dealers in NYC”? Searched for “most comfortable sofas”? Been reading home improvement blogs? Have been reading online furniture reviews?
    • 99. Three Kinds of Retargeting • Site Retargeting – Marketing to those who are familiar with you. Site RetargetingSite Retargeting
    • 100. Site RetargetingSite RetargetingSite Retargeting
    • 101. Three Kinds of Retargeting • Site Retargeting – Marketing to those who are familiar with you. • Search Retargeting – Marketing to those who are looking for you. Search RetargetingSearch Retargeting
    • 102. Search RetargetingSearch RetargetingSearch Retargeting
    • 103. And by the way… • 36% of all impressions are served with the first hour of a search. And By The WayAnd By The Way
    • 104. Three Kinds of Retargeting • Site Retargeting – Marketing to those who are familiar with you. • Search Retargeting – Marketing to those who are looking for you. • Keyword Contextual Retargeting – Marketing to those who are interested in your products and services. Keyword Contextual RetargetingKeyword Contextual Retargeting
    • 105. Keyword Contextual Retargeting • The old technology targets broadly. Keyword Contextual RetargetingKeyword Contextual Retargeting
    • 106. Keyword Contextual Retargeting • New technology targets by exact phrase. Keyword Contextual RetargetingKeyword Contextual Retargeting
    • 107. Keyword Contextual Retargeting • New technology targets by exact phrase. Keyword Contextual RetargetingKeyword Contextual Retargeting
    • 108. Display will Rival Search by 2015 • Display spend is expected to exceed search spend by 2015. • Note: Search spend is not expected to decrease. Source: eMarketer June 2011 Note: eMarketer benchmarks its US online ad spending projections against the IAB/PwC data, for which the last full year measured was 2010; “Display” includes banner ads, rich media, sponsorship and video. “Search” includes contextual text links, paid inclusion, paid listings and SEO. Display Will Rival Search By 2015Display Will Rival Search By 2015
    • 109. Key Products Part 5: Online Videos Online Videos: Connecting With Your Customers
    • 110. Why Online Videos  More personal interaction with your client  See and hear your business in action  Set your self apart from the others  Opportunity to reach a wider-audience.  Put It On Your Website and Raise Your Rank Is this a better potential customer?
    • 111. Why Videos On Your Website • The biggest element of video is that it's high-engagement. • Google's going to look for it both within the Google search results page and on the web pages that it's indexing."
    • 112. Performance Dashboard
    • 113. Performance Dashboard
    • 114. Search Engine Marketing Reporting
    • 115. Real Time Lead Reporting
    • 116. Google Analytics Traffic, Top Keywords
    • 117. Reputation & Social Mentions
    • 118. SEO Keyword Rankings & Tasks
    • 119. Questions?