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Shaklee Reviews covers the positive and critical aspects surrounding the Shaklee opportunity.

Whether you are currently a distributor or considering joining the company, read this first in order to maximize your success!

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Shaklee reviews

  1. 1. What the Critics Neglect to Tell You Created by:
  2. 2.  These reviews often come from people who have never even given Shaklee a try. Based on past experiences or perceptions, they view MLM companies as a scam and simply never even attempt to achieve their dreams. Another source of negative reviews comes from people who have failed in network marketing. Whether it was with another company or Shaklee, itself, when a person fails to achieve the success they desire, they simply quit and then try to help keep others from making the same mistake.
  3. 3.  Due to low start-up costs, they neglect to treat it like a BUSINESS and don’t put in the required time and effort But one of the absolute major reasons some fails is because they lack the marketing skills to build a large customer and distributor base Skip to this slide to learn about the marketing system that allows the top Shaklee leaders to recruit 2-3 reps per week
  4. 4.  Shaklee is a thriving multi-level marketing company that has been around for over 10 years They have thousands of distributors around the world They have top-of-the-line products It is a legitimate network marketing opportunity with a low start-up cost and high income potential
  5. 5.  Founded in 1956 with headquarters in Pleasanton, California Recognized as an industry pioneer in health and wellness Values: health, harmony, passing the word, what’s right, opportunity, dreams, shared success, and a better world Distributed in six international markets, including US, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and China
  6. 6.  Shaklee has products in four main categories ◦ Nutrition ◦ Weight ◦ Home ◦ Beauty Their product philosophy is always safe, always works, always green
  7. 7.  The Shaklee Dream Life plan allows for great income potential
  8. 8.  Before joining any network marketing company, it is always best to decide what you really want There is NO perfect network marketing company, but when you find the one that best suits your passions and lifestyle, magic can happen Don’t join a company based purely on a compensation plan or the hype surrounding an opportunity Do join because you love the company, the products, the people, and culture You will find that when you choose an opportunity based on your passions,
  9. 9.  As noted the key to success in any MLM company is the proper marketing tools and skills To build a large customer and distributor base as the top leaders do, you will need to market to more than just your friends and family By using this system, you will learn and apply the skills that will take your business from a hobby to a fully thriving success storyClick Here to Gain Instant Access to a Free Presentationon how all the Top Shaklee Leaders Are Using A Simple System To Sponsor 2-3 New Reps Per Week